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  1. Muller (Bayern) and Sanchez (M.United), high probability of losing ranking? 94 to 93?
  2. I need to reinforce the team with one of these players, which one to choose: Isco or Christian Eriksen ? What do you think? Thank you.
  3. Obviously it is not possible to make predictions at this time of the season. However, the statistics and good form of Lucas Moura at this early in the season is simply spectacular, which is already a good indicator!
  4. Do you think this could be Lucas Moura's year at Tottenham Hotspur? For now he is doing a very good start to the championship. Raise to 92? What do you think?
  5. What do you think about Jordan PICKFORD? Raise 1 point in the next review? Keep or Sell? He made a very good World Championship and his rating was not updated.
  6. Fabián RUIZ, 22y, 88, Napoli. Keep or sell ? Thank you.
  7. What do you think about these 2 players: # André ZAMBO ANGUISSA, 22y, 88, Fulham. It was purchased at the end of last season by 25M. He raised 2 pts in the last review. Raise in the next review? Keep or Sell? # Jonathan BAMBA, 22y, 87, Lille. He changed clubs in free transfer at the end of last season, his market value is 8M. He raised 2 pts in the last review. Same question. Raise in the next review? Keep or Sell? Thank you.
  8. I agree with you about this player. You're right in your comment. Very true.
  9. Carvajal deserves the 93 a long time ago! But review after review, for one reason or another, still do not rise to 93! In the Summer Review of 2017 could already have gone up to 93! In the review of December2017 / January2018 he came from injury, SM did not want to climb. A season that says less good but in which he won the third Champions League followed, how come he does not rise? In the NT of Spain, being physically fit is on the eleventh base! If he played in England he would have had the 93 a long time ago!
  10. What? Carvajal is one of the best right defenders! He had a complicated injury, which made him lose many games, but who are the great players who have no injuries throughout his career? He has so many trophies, but 3 Champions League in a row, I think it's a great business card for this player, not any player who has this track record at the service of a big club like Real Madrid. I have no doubt that Carvajal deserves the 93.
  11. Gareth Bale !!! How can he go down 1 point after making the end of the season? He practically decided a Champions League final in favor of Real Madrid. I do not understand these SM updates. Very bad!
  12. Very good question! We have not talked much about this. With the end of this season, will Bale be able to keep the 95? What´s your opinion?
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