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  1. Really losing interest in my teams because of these over the top uupdates. Not fond of the financial changes made to players and player wages, don't like the fact my 4-3-3 formation that I have been using for like ten years has been changed so few of my players are being said to be slightly out of position with the yellow. The transfer prices of players doesn't make sense anymore how are you pricing players now. I think it's a awful change that has happen I may just be playing with around four teams soon instead of the fourteen I have been.
  2. Im hoping some of you may know any players aged 21 and under who are rated 84 or below who is likely to rise some time soon? Lowest rating being 75. Any sugestions?
  3. Who should I choose between these two? With Juventus in the champions league Semis, should I base it on that Bonucci is a better choice and may rise too. I know Dortmund have not done as well as they could have this season and Subotic may move to Arsenal or Manchester United and probably will not rise for a maybe a few more years depending on how his career plans out. Very much would like to know a few other peoples opinions on this. Which one should I truly invest in???
  4. who has more potential in the next few seasons?
  5. Re: James Rodriguez Rating Poll 93 or Not ? James Rodriguez will more than likely get his 93 on an individual rating change some point this year depending on if he keeps up his consistency, his form, ability and if Real Madrid win the league or Champions League with him being in the team til the end. The same goes for Neymar to get to 95.
  6. Get rid of atletico madrid's Jorge Koke to bring in either Juventus' Arturo Vidal or Man United's Di Maria?? Opinions please bearing in mind I'm investing long term for the player with the best future ahead out of the 3 of them.
  7. Re: Aubameyang If: KAGAWA, GÜNDOĞAN, SCHMELZER, MKHITARYAN, BENDER and ŞAHIN are all 91s I see no reason why AUBAMEYANG cant be, would be a bit unfair on him if he doesnt.
  8. Center back and Defensive Midfielder for Sevilla rated 87. He won the Europa league with them last season and is consistently making it into their 1st team. Providing Sevilla keep up their good form should he not rise to at least 89 possibly a 90 at the end of this season? Would really like other peoples opinions on this please.
  9. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Mickey DEMETRIOU. 954 minutes for Shrewsbury Town this season. Played against Chelsea in the League Cup.
  10. Re: The Best Talent of 10k Marvin Diop from AC Ajaccio. 2 goals scored so far this season.
  11. Is he going to be a 93 in the next rating change?
  12. Surely both due a rise in the next rating change? Are they worth buying to make some profit once ratings are changed. Surely they are the future England strike force??
  13. Luke Shaw or Erik Durm Christoph Kramer or Adrien Rabiot Callum Chambers or Eric Dier????
  14. Re: what was the highest rating increase any1 has ever seen? Raheem Sterling got a +11 in 11 Feb 2013
  15. Re: laporte, mangala or zouma? Laporte deserves 89 absolutely. He will defo rise to 88 and I am pretty sure a big club will sign him as well!!
  16. Re: De Sciglio or Serge Aurier Arsene Wenger wants Aurier to replace Sagna at Arsenal next season, That doesnt mean that hes going to be better than De Sciglio, I agree I wouldnt sell him to buy Aurier! Dont Do it!!!
  17. Re: laporte, mangala or zouma? Laporte for Long term purposes. Wanted by Bayern Munich, Manchester United and Barcelona. Second in line to Hummels. So who ever doesnt get Hummels will surely go after Laporte! I dont see Zouma going up any time soon, Mangala may indeed get his 90 rating but Laporte has potential to hit 92-93 when he is a lot older, he is young and very very solid!! Although saying that, if you are looking short term Mangala would be the choice especially if he is 1st team center back for France in the world cup as I know Laporte wont make the squad as he is still under 21, not that that should stop him TBF.
  18. rated 92+... I would like to sign the next world class center back who will get a rating rise, by looking through them all Im guessing its Manchester City's Vincent Kompany. 93 to 94? After all he has played more minutes and scored more goals than Matt Hummels for Dortmund who I would have imo also make a 94 just because he is a class center back, 1 day but right now it must be Kompany? How many of you agree????? Any other suggestions???
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