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  1. I have ten days left on my gold credits and was looking at adding some more but I've noticed that when you go to the page to pay with your card online the page is not secure which means the information sent is not encrypted making it very vulnerable to being seen by people who you don't want seeing it. Can Soccer Manager confirm if they are planning to make the payment system secure any time soon. Without a secure way of paying I am no longer going to be playing as a gold manager. I don't want to but I'm not prepared to take the risk. I remember the old days you could pay using a mobile phone. Would that option ever be likely to be making a return either or are we left with what we currently have - an insecure payment method?
  2. JayBilston

    Longest Unbeaten Run

    Re: Longest Unbeaten Run I'm currently 71 games unbeaten with Hyde in English Championship 26781. Season 2 my league record was PLD 46 WON 42 DRAW 4 LOST 0. I was wondering could this be a Soccer Manager all time record? http://twitpic.com/dpbbxc
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