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  1. Re: Gold Championship 81 Finished fourth with Fulham. Won a cup too. Overall not a bad season and have brang in some decent players in the form of Nani, Magallon and Lemoine. Open to offers on any player in my squad as I look to imrpove it for europe next season. Particularly on the lookout for a striker.
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Chiellini for Higuain? Who would be getting the best deal.
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Check the gc100 newspaper
  4. Re: most promising goalkeeper Westwood. Serious.
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Sell all your squad, buy 10k players then do quality cash offers for a few big players?
  6. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Gc 100 The deal involving AS Monaco and Darren FLETCHER of Manchester United has been rejected. Manchester United do not want to sell the player to their rivals. Rivals to man u.
  7. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Wouldn't do it tbh.
  8. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Anyone else getting problems in gc100? When I go on club list it's only showing unmanaged clubs and my schedule is full of numbers instead of team names.
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Would you swap Alonso and Coutadeur of Monaco in a 2 for 2 deal for the Kombarov brothers? I'm monaco and I suggested the deal and the other managed agreed but I'm having doubts. Edit: Just recieved this as well. Fulham have made an offer to AS Monaco for Ânderson NENE of £0 plus Bjørn Helge RIISE and Bobby ZAMORA
  10. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread 8th prestige and over 7000 posts? Doesn't look like you can pass judgement on the real world tbf.
  11. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Had Schalke in my basket then when I tried to pay by phone it said sending text reply now but I didn't get a message. I've paid by phone before on the same number so don't know what the problem was. Also failed attempts at paying for Bolton or Nice after with the same method which has stressed me out no end. Don't think I'll bother with this GC or any more in the future.
  12. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Now? How do you know?
  13. Re: Gold Championship 81 Fulham win the English Shield. Fulham win their 1st honour of the new era after beating Bolton 2-0 in front of 85,000 at Wembley. The fans and players are said to be ecstatic however the manager is urging them to keep their feet on the ground as there is still a long season ahead and the main objective is to finish in an Smfa place.
  14. Re: River Plate squad opinion! I love it when my players evolve as well. Charizard is the don.
  15. Re: Football Manager 2010 Don't know if this has been done before but I've started playing football manager again and was thinking about setting up a team full of forumers with the data editor Then seeing how far I can get them in the English leagues. Still playing on fm09 because i didn't get round to buying fm10 but that shouldn't matter. If anyones interested just let me know. edit: Just saw there was one so doesn't matter
  16. Re: Juan Manuel Iturbe- the next Cristiano Ronaldo? Subbed thread for next update.
  17. Re: Argentinian Analysis Great thread. Subbed.
  18. Re: Gold Championship 95 Coventry bring in some great players for the start of the season. Patricio Rodriguez The young talented Argentine has joined the sky blues on a 5 year deal for a bargain price of just under a mil. Felix Kroos The younger brother of German starlet Toni has also joined to add more depth to the city strike force. Samuel Inkoom After impressing at the recent African Nations Cup the young Ghanaian was snapped up by the Coventry manager. At today's press conference the manager had this to say:
  19. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread Yeah, have 2 or 3 important players not match fit so it's not looking hopeful for tomorrow's game.
  20. Re: Robert Gucher Rose to 78 today as well as getting a move to a bigger club. He is now part of the Genoa squad as part of a co ownership deal I think.
  21. Re: definate risers!! You should add Lewis Downey to that list. I hear that kid is a great talent and could be one of the greatest strikers in Europe within the next 6 months. (srs)
  22. Re: Gold Championship 81 Through to the final of the English shield after a 3-1 win over Arsenal. Also sitting 3rd in the league after 15 games. Great season so far for Fulham. Still looking for some depth in defence as well as a marquee signing up front. Looks like the Arsenal manager has quit as well.
  23. Re: Stankovic for Lass Diarra? You're getting a great deal there mate. Diarra will be 92 within the next week or so and could get 93+ in the future.
  24. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... The deal involving Real Madrid and Juventus regarding Ribas DIEGO has collapsed as the SMFA has blocked the deal. Pfft
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