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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Just got an offer of 7 mill and kaka for messi. What is everyones opinion? All help is appreciated.
  2. Fifa 09 has got a new feature where you can create your own team with up to 50 people and play 10 v 10 league matches online:) If you want to be part of the team post your forum login name your gamertag and preffered position "FIFA 09 Clubs - Create your own club or simply join an existing club and compete in an organised league when playing 10 v 10 Online Team Play. FIFA 09 Clubs will determine the best virtual team in the world with up-to 50 players able to join a club. Club Managers select the team and can recruit players for their squad. Compete with friends across 15 divisions to be the best club in the world." http://www.fifa09.ea.com/uk/page/dynpid/9517
  3. Just been offered 12.5 mill and Ruud Van Nistelrooy for Samuel Eto'o. I'm in 2 minds of about whether to accept or not because i like van nistelrooy as a player but samuel eto'o is only 27 and rated the same as ruud at 96. Whats likley to happen to both of their ratings in the next rating changes and what would you do in my situation. As it stands i have messi , ibrahimovich and bojan as my other strikers. All help is appreciated. Rep will be given:)
  4. Re: Liverpool99's Graphics thread thats quality m8 ;)will do lol karma for u
  5. Re: Profile Pics Requests you made the cov pic yet m8?
  6. Re: duo's and trios nice thread m8;) keep up the good work:) ill defo be using some of your advice
  7. Re: Profile Pics Requests good man;) I dnt mind waiting. Just give me a pm or something when it's done:)
  8. Re: Profile Pics Requests The sigs you have made are quality m8;) Any chance of making a Coventry one with Gunnarsson or Eastwood on and my name Lewis Downey on it somewhere:) ... as you can see from my sig i'm still pretty amateur at making them:p
  9. Re: International Setup Idea ill be sweden then?
  10. Re: International Setup Idea ill be france if there not taken?
  11. Re: Custom Setup -- Please Read Kevin KURANYI is available for part deals;)
  12. Re: Custom Setup -- Please Read can you buy from teams not in the setup?
  13. Re: Custom Setup -- Please Read schalke still available? if they are ill have them:)
  14. Re: World Championship 3000 Thread Considering i sold you Bruno Alves will you sell me Mario Balotelli?
  15. Re: Bruno Alves for Stankovic? just put an offer in;) still need a second opinion on stankovic and whether his rating will decrease or stay the same before i accept the original offer lol
  16. Re: Bruno Alves for Stankovic? i have found a new left mid;) so your 1st offer still stand?
  17. Re: Bruno Alves for Stankovic? i have only got 1 lm (rodriguez) any other players you would swap for?
  18. Re: Bruno Alves for Stankovic? u would say that:) i need an unbiased opinion lol
  19. Re: Bruno Alves for Stankovic? i can't swap for another defender because i have a shortage lol:eek: but i could swap for Raul Meireles a cm rated 91 and aged 25?
  20. Re: Bruno Alves for Stankovic? if i make a deal for heitinga i will have cover:) thanks for the advice about stankovic;) does anyone else think Stankovic will get playing time and stay at 93 if he does and i get cover then i will probably accept:)
  21. Re: The pazzini dilemma Miralem Sulejmani could be a good signing for you mate;) he's aged 19 and rated 88 and has just signed a 5 year deal with Ajax. He has a lot of potential and would be a good signing if you could get him. Hope this helps.
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