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  1. Re: Bruno Alves for Stankovic? haha:p i didn't want to put the setup number incase someone recognised the offer lol just started using forums so im not sure which managers in the setup use the forums lol ill have to see some other peoples opinions before i accept:)
  2. I have just been offered 5 mill plus Dejan Stankovic ( am/lm , rated 93, aged 29) for my Eduardo Bruno Alves (cb/rb , rated 92 , aged 26). I haven't got another cb to cover his position but could probably buy 1. Is this deal worth it and what are the chances of Stankovic's rating rising or staying the same? Any advice is welcome:) rep will be given:)
  3. Re: World Championship 3000 Thread manager of fc porto here:) willing to part deals for any of my players. if theres a player you want im sure we can negotiate;)
  4. Re: Wc 3000 been saving a club space for this setup for a while:) im fc porto btw good luck this season;)
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