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  1. all you need to know is this needs uploading ASAP!
  2. was going to put up my case for this promising young striker but thought i would let him do the talking instead if not put on after that dont know when will. someone upload him ASAP!
  3. Re: urgent player upload thnx for the explanation and within the next few weeks i bet he will get up to that 500 min mark anyway
  4. Re: urgent player upload thats the point of this thread though wont somebody be able to push him through now?
  5. kieffer moore, i know keep nagging but one of best players not to be on database and starting to play regular CHAMPIONSIP football scored again at the weekend against quality opposition in Burnley needs uploading ASAP please reply if doing so
  6. Scored first pro goal yesterday just 21, loads in non-league anyone who has the means should upload this player onto the database asap Anyone whose seen him agree disagree?
  7. Re: Josip Basic Judging by this post you will have updated many a player on to the soccer wiki website and I was wondering if you or anyone else who reads this could upload one more in the shape of kieffer moore the yeovil town stricker. Very gratefull if could
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