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  1. Re: My Monster Team you cannot reduse wages,it depends only on how your players are rated. that's why they told you to sell some of them.
  2. Re: Advice please - which keeper to retain if you can afford it,keep karius as well. 1st option is scuffet ofcourse.
  3. Re: Team overload (io do reputation ) sorry my friend but if you have 250 players and you don't know how to manage them or if they deserve to keep them,the only sure thing is that you don't deserve to play a game like this one. Try sims or need for speed or pokemon or gormiti.....
  4. Re: Leon Goretzka I think that if you buy some wellknown youngsters it's sure you will have profit. For example midfielder sotiris ninis,is is supposed to be one of the greatest amc around europe,he got injured but he is still 87. i mean within 2 years (or less i can't remember very well) he raises +7 or +9.
  5. Re: Leon Goretzka I like him but he costs 5,5M is it a good price for his value,will he rise more? do you think that there are more options with much more potential with the same amount of money?
  6. Re: John Stones you are right about that,top league-good team-english player in his country-more votes from fans. i am a bit strickt(i don't now if i say it right,sorry) about my purchases. i get a team,sell everything and buy only affordable hot prospects. my average team's age is below 20. i really hope to get some "pogba" cases and built a squad within 2 seasons.
  7. Re: John Stones To be honest i don't really care about the nationality,but i do care about potential. He seems really prommising but will he get raise soon enough and what do you predict to be his limit? 90? 93? more? less?
  8. Re: John Stones Do you think its a good deal to sign him now or there is no problem to wait 1-2 months? any suggestions?
  9. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? he is a very talented player but his team almost never gives first team's chances to young players from youth team. it's a bet i think but the player really has great potential. i bought him already.
  10. Re: Youngsters defenders with great potential Yes i am greek and i thought it was really nothing to talk to our language,sorry for that but it was a nice surprise to me. to be on topic i already have HENDRIX, Jorrit-ILORI, Tiago-SÜLE, Niklas-GÜNTER, Koray-RISVANIS, Spyros-SARR, Marian-MERE, Jorge do you think i am ok? should i sell somebody?what's your opinion my (greeks and from other countries) friends?
  11. Re: 30-40 millions for youngsters it seems like you did some serious job there.thanks a lot for this. most of them are already in my squad because it's an active thread a couple of weeks,on the other hand some of these players are "brand new" for me. I will do my research and i will post again for some other information. ps.take a look at lagos-donis-risvanis-abeid-ntinas-karelis-klonaridis-adjagun of panathinakos(greece).great players with tons of potential
  12. Re: 30-40 millions for youngsters Thanks for your answer my friend but i think you are a bit out of budget. my question was "must have teens with great potential,total cost 30-40million for all of them" unfortunatelly noone wants a real talk here an more,some seasons ago this forum was really helpful,but not any more and that's a pity
  13. Re: Rising CB? something a bit cheaper? around 82-86?
  14. Re: ☆☆Young-Boy™☆☆ BIG RISERS Go for him. The most talented player of his age,best greece u-21 player and captain. also he has great stats with his team.at least +3 until next christmas. if he moves to a better league even more than that
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