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  1. Re: Connection worlds STOPED Second time ask!!! Connection Worlds i am participating stopped working. Is this a bug of specific worlds or a general bug?????
  2. Both connection worlds i am playing stoped proccessing league results three days ago. Am i the only one??
  3. The set up of the league is wrong. The teams must be 18 not 16. I send them a bug report but they rejected replying that there is no such a fault.!!!!!!!!!!!! what more can i do? Any suggestion?
  4. Re: Mousa DEMBÉLÉ I do not think is nicely manner of reply a question. Anyway, i believe he is overestimated player and definetly i am not his enemy. At the end, will you reply my question?
  5. .....GREEK SUPERLEAGUE...... Almost a year know, Real Life Greek Superleague consists of 18 teams. The setting up of this league at the game is with 16 clubs. I have already send a bug ticket but unfortunately they rejected because they did not found any wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, i am suggesting have a close look at Greek superleague correcting the setting up of the league.
  6. Re: SAMARAS rating of 87....... As a first team member of underperforming Celtic team, no any doubt he is also playing below his regulary standards. Although this, in my opinion 88/89 is totally unfair. Briefly, have a look....... 70 national appearances 18 champions league games 14 europa league matches 4 matches at Euro 2012(1 goal) 3 matches at World cup 2010 54 premier league 88 Eredivisie 164 Scottish Premiership Just only his international and league experience deserve a rating of 88/89. Adding his football qualities easily could be rating him 90/91. At the end, he is under performing at Celtic, he is not a bit of scrap, is it?
  7. Re: SAMARAS rating of 87....... All right, this is clear..... Allthough this.........somewhere in the handy guide writes................ ''unless they play international football'', somewhere else......... ''if a player has international caps underneath his belt, then it can have a dramatically positive effect on his rating change'', somewhere else..... ''if a player’s club is performing on the continental scene, whether it be in the UEFA Champions League, the UEFA Europa League, the Copa Libertadores or any other relative competition, then that too can have an impact on the player’s potential increase'' What do i missing??? As far as i understood, i was expecting for players like Samaras to overcome Leagues cap due to the above mentioned international experience.
  8. Re: Mousa DEMBÉLÉ Definitely not. I think he is a quality player and rating 90 is fair enough at the moment. After all, will you answer my question? You know, eventhough asked nicely, answering with question it is not such polite.
  9. Re: Mousa DEMBÉLÉ 91 ???? With just 6 games at champion league level(2 times substituted) and taking no part in any major tournament event with his national team i am trying to find a reason for 91 hitting. Are you his brother??? Rating of 90 is fair. Lets see him how will he perform at Brazil and then ask for a hitting 91.
  10. Re: Ronaldo 99? Yes...... Ronaldo ups 99 Messi drops 98 Ribery ups 97
  11. How many goals Mitroglou must score at the champion league level in order to proceed in rating change of 88 ????? Mitroglou deserves at least 90.
  12. ..........seems to be a rating joke!!!!!!. The player deserves at least 90
  13. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development In typical worlds, managers log in policy rules must be changed. Waiting a manager for a whole month it is totally unfair against the managers log in frequantly. Managers that do not log in during a week must be automatic fired for the club more over deducting a certain ammount of manager points as a penalty option. I hope for a serious consideration and iprovement of this UNFAIR task of the game.
  14. After the setting up of a new period all player statistics of the previous period has been disappeared. Seems like no one played at least a single match at that period. Any clue?
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