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  1. First off, I think the new match engine is a vast improvement on the old one. It finally attaches the right weight to player ratings, meaning that the highest-rated players actually perform consistently if used in the right way. I've been playing this game for nine years and this is definitely the best match engine I've seen. The new UI is quite positive too, but there are a couple of glitches which I haven't seen referenced over the last few pages at least: When switching from one formation to another mid-match, the player instructions can be completely messed up and don't reflect the instructions you've assigned. Also, the player instructions that are shown on the old UI and the new one differ - I have no idea which of the two is actually implemented in the match. In Game World >>> History, I can't view past seasons. I select a new season using the drop-down menu, but it doesn't load anything new. In Manger >>> History >>> Trophies, while there is a basic tally of each of the different honours won, this isn't anywhere near as in depth as the old UI, which gave a breakdown of what season and year each trophy came in. The presentation of past honours in my manager profile ("Trophies") sub-section on the manager screen isn't as good on the old UI. Likewise, the "Clubs" sub-section to the manager profile only lists a manager's clubs - in the old UI you can directly view managers' squads and honours through this.
  2. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions Ag├╝ero still a 94, incredible scenes. The only possible mitigating circumstance for this is the number of games he's prone to miss due to injury, but that's not reason enough to keep him down from a rise, given that he is definitely the best forward in the Prem. After these ratings, he's still below van Persie, even though he has played more games and scored more goals than the Dutchman both this season and last.
  3. Re: Bundesliga Ratings Discussion Not unless my bed transported me to an alternate dimension overnight, one where SM didn't grind to a halt on player ratings in around 2013 Anyone that didn't get a deserved rise this window will probably have to wait until 2016 for their next chance.
  4. Re: Player Transfer History Erased? Why? Well, this is no longer an issue, but SM's method of solving it seems to have been to revert to the previous glitch whereby the most recently completed season is basically shown as not having happened on stats screens. They closed my bug ticket saying it was being worked on - presumably at a glacial pace.
  5. Re: Player Transfer History Erased? Why? Setups which moved into new seasons since the start of 2014 didn't display player statistics or transfers made during the previous season. I reported this as a bug. They've seemingly fixed this, but in doing so have removed all stats from the period before the previous season. I'm guessing this is an unexpected side-effect, which they'll fix. I'm sure it happened about a year ago before being sorted.
  6. Re: No any players statistics of a whole period Yeah, this has happened in one of my setups, and I've checked others around it and it seems to be a widespread bug for ones that have recently moved into a new season. I've submitted a bug ticket to see if it can be fixed.
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