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  1. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread...

    keep james for the time being. Clearly a special player and i am sure you can easily get a lot more for him once he rises to 92 after his phenomenal performances at the world cup.

    Aubameyang' date=' although has the potential to be a key player at dortumund, has lacked consistency in terms of output, which has cost him his +1 during the prevoius bundesliga review. It is likley he wont play the cf role either at bvb after the summer signings of ramos and immobile.

    Isco although he has phenonomal talent, has stalled slightly at real madrid. He hasnt really defined a particular role for himself in the real madrid first team, and has featured the majority from the bench.

    I would keep james for the time being. Will certainly reach 92-93 within the next 18 months and with a move to a bigger club can potentially go even higher.

    Isco and aubaymeng both have potential but how they careers will pan out is far from clear at the moment.

    Stick with james.[/quote']

    thanks you. Really appreciate it.

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