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  1. Since Henry? How about Van Persie? Grief. Wenger neglecting positions isn't new. DM was neglected for years. It's only now with Xhaka, Coquelin and El Neny we have reasonable options. You have to hark back to Gilberto to find another proper DM. Left back wit Clichy, Santos, Traore and Gibbs. Embarrassing. Goalkeepers with Almunia and Fabianski, centre backs with Vermaelen, Silvestre, Djourou and Senderso. The list endless. He should have been sacked years ago. It's only now people have cottoned on to that,
  2. Our midfield's rubbish. Anyone that doesn't think Ramsey or Coquelin can't be upgraded is an idiot. They're terrible.
  3. In Wenger's own words, that ain't an issue now. What is an issue is injuries, keep losing to Chelsea, Stoke away, Southampton and Swansea, can't even score against Chelsea, tippy tappy football and a dreadful forward line.
  4. You sir, are a moron. They were sold 3 years BEFORE the plans were made for the stadium.
  5. Pre-Emirates, we had the best team in the world. We were told that the move would help us compete even further. It hasn't. We've gone drastically backwards. We've had 4 or 5 opportunities to win the league and we've flopped terribly. We're not entitled but we should be doing a hell of a lot better. That is a fact.
  6. It won't make it anything. Arsenal's season was dreadful, period. Until that self righteous nonce is gone, we won't do anything major.
  7. Sanchez is fine as is Ozil. Welbeck out for 9 months reduces chances of Ox's sale but there is interest from up north, Heard Pep likes him too. Giroud back to France as well.
  8. Infernito rumour mill. Xhaka done. Waiting for Borussia Mumanddadsback to sign a replacement. Wenger gambling on Sturridge. Walcott to sign for West Ham Oxlade Chamberlain to Liverpool.
  9. I see you're still as thick as a plank of wood. I highlighted our problem in the first bit.
  10. Arsenal, outside the top 4, you're having a laugh. It's what Wenger does to justify his 8 million a year, despite us being hard up apparently. The senile old goat. Hate him now. Always knew he was a fraud and this year's proved it. As for you lot, embarrassing garbage really. I heard the first suicide clinic in England will be at Old Trafford.
  11. I hate Chelsea more than anyone. Clubs like them and City are everything that's wrong with football. But Top 4 doesn't mean anything more than a few decent nights and a bit of extra money. Trophies is what you want. It was there for Spurs this year.
  12. Oh dear. Of course it was ruined. Chelsea, albeit through dodgy, shady, communist means, have actually achieved stuff in recent times. Spurs have achieved nothing, zilch, squat, zip. That's why their players played in such brutal fashion. As a club, they haven't won the league for yonks and if they didn't do it this year, they won't do it at all. It's been a failure of a season for everyone bar Leicester and pretending otherwise is delusional.
  13. Well done to Chelsea for ruining Tottenham's season. You've regained some respect from me. Though it's not very much.
  14. I'd get rid of those you mentioned as well. Needs a fresh start. There are able players in the squad and some parts of the squad are better than others but we need new blood and a different mentality.
  15. ^You're not going to get anything. Squad Cech OUT Despite what some may think, I've been thoroughly unimpressed. Ospina OUT Bellerin KEEP Debuchy OUT GABRIEL OUT Would have given him a chance but that tackle on Deeney was beyond stupid. Mertesacker OUT Kos KEEP Monreal KEEP GIBBS OUT ARTETA GONE ROSICKY GONE FLAMINI GONE WILSHERE OUT CAZORLA KEEP EL NENY KEEP FOR NOW. LOOKS REASONABLE. CAN PASS BUT CAN'T SHOOT, SUITS US WELL. RAMSEY OUT OXLADE OUT WALLY OUT OZIL KEEP SANCHEZ KEEP GIROUD KEEP BUT ONLY AS SECOND CHOICE BEHIND ELITE STRIKER. WELBECK OUT I'd keep 7 players.
  16. This is all by the by anyway. A change of manager/board is the real priority.
  17. No, he's just criminal. We've already got Wally for the brainless, no control numpty role.
  18. Great teams have great attacks. We have Walcott, Welbeck and Giroud. Appalling options. Defence is fine. Mertesacker is upgradable but everyone else is fine. A powerful midfielder wouldn't go amiss.
  19. Striker the least of our worries? Stick to your own team. Our attack is scandalous.
  20. Get your arse in this set up before I hunt you down. Had managed Arsenal for 376 games a couple of years ago, now at Liverpool. Need some managers.
  21. I retract my retraction on Ramsey. The boy's a dreadful footballer. One half decent run in 5 years is appalling. As for Wenger, he'd have to murder a minority person to be sacked.
  22. Even by Wenger's pitiful standards, Sunday was embarrassing. Only two teams would have lost to that Nursery team and one of them is Aston Villa. I'll let you work out the other one.
  23. You could have just said I was in it without begging. I'm the only motivation people need.
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