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  1. Busy in here today. This is the third post already.
  2. =Mentioning Merte before Flam, fail. Wenger's the idiot that insists on playing these gimpoids. His fault entirely.
  3. You didn't need to underline it, you ninny.
  4. Many were killed to death in a massive nuclear explosion. By which I mean, somebody at SM farted. The rest of us were turned into Mutant Zombies with 4 heads.
  5. Not sure why people are being so generous to Gibbs. The bloke's a walking disaster of a footballer. Interest in the kid from Leicester would tell me Wenger's ready to wash his hands on him. I always remember that argument with a certain Liverpool fan's whose name rhymes with Fay I had. Gibbs is better than Monreal he said. He's quicker and better going forward he said. No, he's not, I said. He's a pile of dog poo, I said. Now look. Lesson, never have an argument with me because In the long term, i'll prove you a fool.
  6. Yes, I heard the Dog and Duck are looking for a left back.
  7. Maybe we should start posting porn. That'll bring people back.
  8. Tis a shame. I want to post. It just seems so pointless.
  9. Welcome to the ghost town. This forum used to be full of life until a comet hit and most in it's path was destroyed. Only the strongest survived.
  10. Been in the set up less than ten minutes and somebody's already started an argument with me.
  11. In, QPR, now the fun can begin. Ta to Craig for the tip.
  12. A lot. He'll be the best right back in the world in a couple of years.
  13. Again, short sighted. In that time, the stadium was being built and financed. Meanwhile, you had teams cheating their way to the top. I'm not saying Wenger shouldn't have won more. He should have. We should have had at least 1 CL and more appearances in the semi finals. We should have won the league between 09-11. A couple of league cups too. But let's not pretend Mourinho didn't have a far easier job. Finances there whenever he needed. Yet he couldn't last more than 3 seasons. He never saw out a single difficult period. Says it all.
  14. I'm not Wenger's biggest fan, as you may have gathered, but that post is so short sighted, only a Chelsea fan could have made it.
  15. Are you actually going to be able to field a team on Wednesday?
  16. Call it as I see it, Al. If somebody's useless and plays for Arsenal i.e Gibbs, Arteta, Flamini, Welbeck, Giroud etc. I shall call them useless. Might come as a shock to some but I think Koscielny's had a very average season, by his standards. Not helped by playing with Per Mer instead of Gabbers or the absence of Coquelin, he's still made daft mistakes. He'll come good again but his form is something of a concern.
  17. Proved my worth in the set up with the club you're at now. Nearly won the league in season 1 before a late season collapse saw it all fall apart. As a result, a much worse manager won the league instead. I made this set up what it is.
  18. Shaw's fat with a bad attitude. Monners is intelligent, defensively solid and productive attacking. The fact he isn't the quickest shows how good he actually is.
  19. Beggars can't be choosers. I'll stir up interest whoever I manage. This forum needs it.
  20. Quiet, you. Every other left back in the league is crap.
  21. Helllllllllllllllllloooooooooooooooo, is anybody out therrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeee? Nacho Mon to sign a new deal. Wicked news. Best left back in the league by a mile.
  22. That's the first response I've had since posting. Perhaps I should make similar posts.
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