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  1. Hello sugar-plums. If any team becomes available, would one let me know as I'd like to get involved in a thread where there seems to be SOME activity. Thought I'd quit SM for good but as I paid for gm a while ago, I thought I'd at least come back and use that up. It would also allow me the opportunity to raise a bit of hell. Much obliged.
  2. What if I had never let you go, would you be the man I used know? What if I'd never walked away? Would I still love you more than I can say?
  3. fcv bgrvbdzc dswxdsxcwvfrgtghhygyfcswasx
  4. 15 warning points? For what? Honestly. Anyway, I'm back for a bit. See if we can jack some life back into this gravey-I mean forum.
  5. Don't hold thy breath. Forum's still a mess. I've merely stuck my head in through the window for a glorious bi-annual event which I shall explain through song. Tis the season to be jolly, tra la la la, la la la SwanseaJack is full of folly, tra la la la, la la la We're going to get a bloody sermon, tra la la la, la la la His team is absolute vermin, tra la la la, la la la I can't stand the sight of him, tra la la la, la la la So I'm back, for him it's grim, tra la la la, la la la Win or lose, I don't freakin' care, tra la la la, la la la As long as abuse he gets his share tralalalalalalllllllllllllllllllaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Excuse the Christmas theme but as Halloween is here we all know what's next.
  6. Do you know something, I feel in a devilish mood. I merely popped my head through the door as I wanted to find somewhere where I could avoid thinking about Cech. Now I'm here, I feel like abusing the SM people. Yes, yeeeeeeessssss, I think I'll stick around.
  7. All style, no substance makes jack a dull boy.
  8. Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrppppppp. Surprised there's people still using this forum. It's something akin to when the Russians blow up 98 per cent of the world's population. Only the oddest ones left.
  9. Word of advise, sonny boy. Fix the forum before setting up other things.
  10. Whoever come up with the concept of this new forum should be out of a job. It's rancid.
  11. They've murdered it with the ridiculous lay out. It's un-useable.
  12. You're better....at the moment. We've been run by absolute mugs. And certain, key individuals of the previous team proved total cowards. Make no mistake, you are distinctly beatable. Your spin is filth and there are very obvious holes in the batting line up. If we keep Smith quiet, we win. Simple as.
  13. Done deal. Excellent signing. Chelsea are selling us the league title, if you ask me.
  14. Here comes the Australian arrogance. Only reason you've had such a good year is everyone else has been a mess.
  15. Now the sensational one day series with New Zealand is over with and only one T-20 remaining, it's time to focus on the Ashes. I can't say I'm overly happy with yet another Ashes series coming up. This is the third since 2013. One too many. However, the convicts are here and there ain't nothing we can do about it. For those of you that don't know, the last Ashes tour didn't go well for England. They won 1 game in all three formats, losing all the others. They had players making up illnesses, players deciding they'd retire once the Urn was gone and, even worse, they made Mitchell Johnson look good. It was a woefully abject tour and one that deeply scarred the England set up. The year that followed was nearly as depressing losing to a crap Sri Lankan team at home, getting battered in one day series left, right and centre and then having possibly the worst world cup by one of the main 8 teams in it's history. Mercifully, things have changed for the better. The woeful Peter Moores is out on his arse. His even more inept and useless superiors and backers have also been given the chop and the team now looks much better, younger and fresher. The likeable cheekiness of Joe Root, the potential explosiveness of Ben Stokes, with bat and ball, the excitement of Jos Buttler provides some much needed vigour to the test set up. The excellent find of Mark Wood, who registered at 93.3MPH during the tests with NZ, will put it up the Australians back-bottoms. The major concern for England is spin with Moeen Ali failing to even get close to doing an adequate job. Adil Rashid could possibly find himself in the side for the test series after showing plenty of tricks with the ball, along with bottle and class with the bat. Australia start as favourites but I would certainly say they're not as clear favourites as they would have been if this series would have been played three months ago/
  16. Free, crap, injured, Diaby will end up at Liverpool.
  17. Let's call a spade a spade. Your signings are crap. Dreadful. Horrific. Horrendous. You can get all defensive and say I'm just trolling. But I was right last year and i'll be right again. Lambert, Balotelli, Milner, Ings, dear, oh dear. It's bloody awful. I remember when we signed Squllaci. People were saying, oh, he'd do a job. Same scenario. You should be fearful where your club is headed.
  18. Staggering result that from an English perspective. In isolation, you'd have to rank that as England's best ever one day performance.
  19. Well, it's not always good. I had one for the highest number of goals in a game, a game that I lost. I'd still rather not have it.
  20. I would like to make a suggestion. On match days, when results are in and I click on a certain team, it comes up with a new club record has been set. Sometimes more than once. This is rather irritating as it, more than likely means you know the result before you have the chance to watch it on the score centre, If that could be erased it would be good. It's not needed anyway, as you can view your records in the history page. I hope my suggestion is actually heeded this time. Yours most not sincerely Fern, XX
  21. I'm over the moon, trust me. Brilliant team performance. Best this season. Next season, everything's on, with the right 3 additions.
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