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  1. What happened to the option, thats the only way I am willing to pay for Gold Membership btw
  2. Re: What happened to pay by phone Gold Management? bump need help
  3. I would like to pay by phone but option not there?
  4. Re: Wc 40000 *** i wanted to join
  5. Re: Anyone find it harder playing against unmanged sides? If I'm honest I actually prefer playing against Unmanaged sides then managed sides
  6. Re: Is Soccermanager losing it's appeal just waiting for single manager mode
  7. I signed up in 2011, along with my brothers, and we were hooked, seriously we made around 15 accounts so we can manage 30 clubs, it was nice but then, but now I don't know, the appeal has gone, i used to spend ages on SM, but now I can't be bothered, I actually play FIFA 13 manager mode for my game play now-a-days, does anyone else feel like this? My brothers stopped all together now I'm lucky if I get to go on every 10 days etc.
  8. Re: What tv series are you into? Discovered Breaking Bad this half term, already on Season 3, one of the best series out there in my opinion, anyone know what Sky Channel it comes on?>
  9. Re: Would it be dickish to do this.. Got him back now.
  10. A few of my players aren't Match fit, so I want to recall back Morrison at Gateshead, unfortuantly he is there best player, he has 7 goals in 7 apps and 5 assists, I'd be a blow for them, and unless one of my NMF players recovers i have United on Monday
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Good deal, do it
  12. Diesel

    The Random Thread

    Re: The Random Thread What........
  13. Re: Riferimento: Help With Deal(s) Thread... There both great players, I'd have Hazard though
  14. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread We can all say the same for Nolan, he was getting a lot of stick to, the Chelsea game has given us a lot of momentem, that we are now carrying, Allardyce isn't bad, I never hated him, but I understand people frustation, especially after the Forrest and the City game. He's managed to pick himself up to be fair and he's doing well, hoping he can continue this form
  15. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread West Ham another win, sometimes we're not bad.
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