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  1. hi folks, any idea to deal with cheaters in the game world? in my game world, there is a guy who have multiple accounts. reported him but no action taken.
  2. Re: World Championship 3890 Bayern München is available in the game world. Top players that are real life Bayern players: SCHWEINSTEIGER, Bastian LAHM, Philipp MÜLLER, Thomas
  3. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread PIZARRO, Claudio is on a 80k weekly salary in my club. I want to sell him away. Anyone want him?
  4. Re: Looking For a Team In WOrld Championship take a look at World Championship 3890
  5. Season 14 is going to start soon. Managers are needed to make the game world competitive again
  6. Re: World Championship 10000 Discussion thread I have just take over Rangers in the Div 4. The Rangers chairman has appointed Bernard Goh as the clubs new manager.
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