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  1. Can you recommend me some rising CDs under 6 mil of value? Like for example Ibanez and Botman, who are unavailable atm
  2. Hi everyone! How much money will I earn winning 5th division in a rich economy GW? I would like to buy Lozano in my Spezia but I have got only 3 millions
  3. He's not performing well in Milan, while was sensational for Brescia; I think he did not deserve 89 yet for what he did this year, so I think we'll wait one year at least to see him reach 90
  4. Can you rank these players? 1) Lozano, Calvert-Lewin, Jota, Ferran Torres 2) Valverde, Kessie, Aouar, Locatelli, Pellegrini
  5. Hi everyone! I have a question for you: if a players takes over at 60th minute, is this considered as AN appearence in terms of concerns or does he need to play the full game?
  6. Griezmann hasn't played well and we know, but surely he isn't as strong as Dybala, they should have given him a - 1 too
  7. As a Napoli fan I can try to help you; In the foreword I think he will never get a chance in Napoli's first team, but I've heard that Lately Reggina's midfielder Crisetig has been injured and now Folorunsho is playing well in a new position; he's still young and if your GW is very competitive I wouldn't sell him, but it's very difficult that he will outstand and move to serie A soon
  8. Sorry but I can't remove replies. Hi everyone, can you recommend me the best English risers for profit around 4,5 millions?
  9. Or if you have Cuadrado in your team! The only ones who didn't played enough were injured, now I'm trying to exchange some of my concerned players though I'm fond of them; yes, I noticed that lots of players are concerned in my GW (including Haaland on level 4 through the others), so there could be a issue in it
  10. Yes, they have all 5 years contracts. How does that change concerns and what sould I do with them?
  11. I'm thinking to leave this game because of the completely non - sense concerns. It's unfair that my Goretzka and Sane are level 2 concern though they've played a lot (Goretzka has been injured for half a season and he has played 21 games of 37) and Zielinski is level 3 concern while he has played almost all games since he was level 1. Tonali was on loan for all the season, and he has been on the bench only for a game since he recently had +1 and now is level 1 concern. Locatelli became concerned about his loan in the Same day he became 90.
  12. How much possibilities of +1/2 for Moise Kean when Everton will be revalued?
  13. I believe that Dragowski's rise is well deserved because he's performing greatly
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