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  1. It was in the first half of the season; in the second half he has scored almost one goal per game
  2. Great performance by Barella, but my MOTM is Immobile. It's difficult to find a player who hasn't played well tonight for Italy ๐Ÿ˜
  3. I can't believe Bernardeschi is on the pitch while Politano is at home... P. S. Beautiful start from my Italy!
  4. Euro 2020 predictions... Winner: France 2nd place: Portugal Dark horse: Ukrain Top scorer: Harry Kane Best player: Antoine Griezmann Best U-21 player: Jadon Sancho Not very well known player to surprise: Berardi
  5. Papetti, Gvardiol, Vitinha, Filip Stevanovic or other similar players. Or on the other hand I can sell him to buy a other riser such as Tommaso Augello and reinvest money in August.
  6. Thanks for the mention mate! Sebastiano Esposito and his brother Salvatore are two very talented players; I think that Sebastiano could get important gametime in Serie A, but probabilly Inter won't give him a chance, so I hope he will play on loan in a team like Venezia or Salernitana; As regard as Frattesi, I believe that Sassuolo will give him a chance with the probable transfer of Locatelli to a big club; Empoli has always churned out talents, I watched several games of Bajrami, Ricci and Parisi and they are very very talented. Next year they can face a more competitive league and I believe that Samuele Ricci among the others is the most talented player and more likely to transfer to a big club soon. (I hope Napoli will buy him and Parisi, since we need a Left back and a central midfielder); Dany Mota has been spectacular for Portugal in Under 21's Euros and has had a great game time in Monza even if there was Competition from players like Boateng and Balotelli, so he is ready to Step up to a more competitive league; Bettella and Okoli were on loan from Atalanta and both had a great season. Considering that the defense of Atalanta isn't too solid, they can consider the idea of give them a chance (Bettella more likely because unfortunately in Italy young players Almost always start to play on high levels at 21/22 years old) Papetti is a great talent, I saw him play since 2019/2020 when Brescia was in Serie A; he's been linked with Fiorentina and I hope the next year will be the last for him in Serie B; Maleh is very talented and probabilly is very underrated, he has the potential to be a starter in Fiorentina next year, but I believe (and I hope for his game time) he will play another season on loan in Venice. I haven't seen much about the others so I can't judice them well at the moment, but all the players I mentioned before are very talented players who can get a chance in Serie A soon. I would also mention Gianluca Gaetano 78 -> 80/82 who is linked with Salernitana and who could get an important game time in Serie A next season and Marco Carnesecchi 82 ->83/84 who has a great future in my opinion
  7. Keep Lucas Tuta after his rise or sell him to buy better talents?
  8. He should rise to 90 in the next review
  9. I would have picked Politano, Pessina, Cragno and Mancini rather than Raspadori/Bernardeschi, Sensi, Sirigu and Toloi
  10. Yes, Gnabry is younger and has a higher rating
  11. Rensch, Goncalo Inacio, Augustin Alvarez Martinez
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