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  1. Zlatan (7 goals in 4 matches) and Ousmane Dembele (10 gols in 6 matches, he also scored 5 goals in a match among witch 4 goals from freeckicks hahaha), Sensi and Jonathan David
  2. Hi guys, does anyone know how does free agent players logic work? I'm in a GW where I can't make offers to unmanaged or external teams, so I am waiting till players like Osimhen or others who moved to managed teams will be free to buy them. How much time I have to wait for?
  3. It's difficult to predict relegated teams; I suppose they have finished with Spal and I didn't expect Tonali +1 since Brescia played very badly this year
  4. Sorry, in Italy we call it Lione and I forgot to translate it hahaha
  5. Does anyone know Piere Kalulu? 20 yo RB SM rated 73. Ha has just signed for Milan from Lione
  6. I have finally updated my predictions. I am not Rahul, but I tried to do my best and I want to share them with you
  7. Good evening everyone, can you advise me some young RBs? At the moment I have only Di Lorenzo and Lazzari, but I need someone in long term
  8. I think he deserves it, or at least +2, because he has played almost all matches after lockdown with good performances
  9. Some little changes in my predictions, like for example Rabiot, who will probabilly stay because he is now playing every match and his performances are slowly improving. Maybe he won't have a - 31 to 60
  10. Napoli hasn't really paid 81 millions for Osimhen. He signed for 40 millions+10 millions of bonus and Adam Ounas (valued 30 millions, and he's really overpriced)
  11. He definitely won't drop, he had great talent but he was very unlucky with his injuries, but he is still a good (not great) player
  12. Thank you mate. Tomorrow we'll see a great match between my Napoli and your Milan, come out fighting! Forza Napoli 💙
  13. He played little and badly in the first half of the season, but now (like all other Napoli players) he is doing well and he is playing regularly and rotating with Di Lorenzo. I think he will stay
  14. Hahaha I didn't expect a goal like that by Rabiot but despite the great goal he has played very badly almost all previus matches
  15. He also scored today! I think they will add him in the next days
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