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  1. Can someone explain me the sense of putting a friendly match the day before a playoff final? I was busy and I couldn't put the reserves on, now I my players are tired for tomorrow's final and I have to play with Singo and Nuno Mendes as RB and LB 😡
  2. This problem before only concerned clubs like Juventus u23 or Inter Miami. Now it concerns every team, even Arsenal will be indicated as null when Patino signs for my team (🤞🏼)
  3. Does anyone know about Joan Yull? He's a 16 years old Australian midfielder for which a bid war has started in one of my CGWs
  4. Goalkeeper ratings are completely random: In my teams my GKs are: Buffon 6.43 Mendy 6.15 Meret 6.38 Meslier 6.18 What you can understand is that the lower the overall of a goalkeeper, the higher his average will be 😁
  5. You're right, I was confused by kieran's serious answer 😂
  6. I don't understand if your are joking, but if not I think you have never seen a Napoli game, if ever he will get +1 when he returns from the injury next month
  7. He was added one or two weeks ago, good talent that reminds me a bit of Ounas, and still very cheap. I uploaded also an image for him on soccer wiki 😁
  8. Nkunku Gnabry, Manè, Chiesa, Coman, Ferran, Joao Felix I would accept Fati+Fofana
  9. Thorgan you're a great! I had planned to talk about him here, but you don't miss a talent 😁
  10. Today they have added Yaya Tourè to Colorado Rapids, but effectively this player was already in the database as Dantouma Tourè, now which of the two will be removed from the game?
  11. Mendy has more potential, I don't think De Gea will rise Again
  12. Nobody particularly important on the forum 😉
  13. Difficult to say, but if I have to choose 2 teams I would say: Salzburg for your own reason, its youngsters are sensational Bayern because among the top European teams it is the one that manages economic resources best, wastes less money on the market and always chooses players wisely, investing in young players and not afraid to launch them on the field
  14. Same for me, I knew he was good but I didn't expect such a debut, he started to train with Napoli only on this Wednesday..
  15. Quality player! Also because of the similarity in physical appearance, many compared him to Bakayoko, but he immediately seemed a much superior player to him
  16. Considering U23s: GKs: Roberto Sanchez Defenders: Eric Garcia, Pedro Porro, Alejandro Vranjes, Arnau Martinez, Juan Miranda, Oscar Mingueza, Miguel Gutierrez Midfielders: Alejandro Balde, Pablo Gavi, Pablo Torre, Pedri Attackers: Gil, Barrenetxea, Fati Other cheaper options are: Raul Moro, Nico Serrano, Nico Williams, Nico Gonzalez, Miguel Rodriguez, Enrique Herrero Garcia, Angel Jimenez, Angel Alarcòn, Fabian Luzzi , Akomach, Benat Turrientes
  17. I had thought of Meret too, but Meret has broken two vertebrae and will be out for at least a month 😢
  18. It depends on who are the other young players available He has a picture, but in some GWs he doesn't have one for a bug
  19. Napoli's youth team hardly churns out interesting talent, but Antonio Vergara (18) definitely seems to be one of them. The AM class of 2003 is inspired by Piotr Zielinski and trains with him to try to learn as many things as possible to become a great midfielder. Two or three years ago he had height problems, as he was only 160 cm tall, but in recent years his physique has developed great and has become the prototype of a modern midfielder, endowed with technique and physicality. The problem is that in Italy talented young footballers hardly find the space they deserve, but given the emergency in midfield (Lobotka, Zielinski and Demme are injured) Vergara will probably be called up in the next games and who knows if he can not find even a few important minutes in the first team. I saw him play recently in a friendly and I was impressed, good talent.
  20. HaHaHaHa you have to be a famous comedian in England, you are too funny
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