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  1. 11 hours ago, elbonel said:

    Ahien Muñoz or Federico Dimarco?


    10 hours ago, Emy Ionescu said:

    Hi guys,

    1. Matty Cash of Emerson Royal?

    2. Foden + Reyna + Araujo/Diop/Barrenetxea/Sulemana/Simakan for Pedri Gonzalez + Ansu Fati? Would y give any of these combinations for the duo?

    I would give Foden, Reyna and Barrenetxea for the duo

    4 hours ago, MFarhan said:

    Need suggestions on 85-88 forwards who may get +1/2/3 this season. Not the obvious and hot ones like Greenwood, but players that are just not hyped that much, yet very solid ones with good potential. 


    Sanabria, Moffi, Barrow, Deulofeu, Lookman Kean, Vlahovic, Raspadori, Scamacca, Pjaca, Gakpo, Shomurodov, Arthur Cabral, Pinamonti are some of them

    1 hour ago, WolfTargaryen said:

    Saul or Jorginho

    Saul or Sabitzer


  2. 3 hours ago, riccardopc said:

    if anyone has some time to spend... what about theese players in nex review? (if you prefer just do those you know)


    Courtois stay

    J.GIMÉNEZ stay 


    D.ALABA stay 

    L.GORETZKA 80% stay 20% +1

    G.JESUS 80% stay 20% +1

    j,felix stay

    F.DE JONG stay 

    K.MBAPPÉ stay

    J.NEYMAR stay

    L.SANÈ +1

    M.DE LIGT stay

    D.UPAMECANO 90% stay 10% +1

    J.KOUNDÉ stay

    F.VALVERDE 55% stay 45% +1

    Y.TIELEMANS stay

    T.HERNÁNDEZ Stay/+1

    R.JAMES stay 

    N.ZANIOLO stay

    V.JÚNIOR 80% +1 20% +2

    C.HUDSON-ODOI stay

    D.VLAHOVIĆ  70% +1 30% +2

    M.KEAN stay


    G.RODRYGO stay

    P.NETO stay

    Hamed TRAORÉ stay
    Eljif ELMAS +1
    Bryan GIL stay
    Noa LANG +1
    Nuno MENDES +1
    Albert SAMBI LOKONGA 60% +1 40% stay
    Éric GARCÍA +1
    Yéremi PINO +70% +2/+30% +3
    Jamal MUSIALA +3
    Dominik SZOBOSZLAI +1

    A bit too early, things can change but this is what I foresee

  3. 2 hours ago, Kieran_S91 said:

    Hi guys,

    Many of you may or may not care, but I’ve decided to take a step back from SM and the forum for the foreseeable, that means no swiki report unless someone is willing to take it on.

    This is due to personal reasons and over gradual time, lack of interest in SM that has become very stale and boring to me.

    Maybe speak to you guys again in the future, and who knows I might pop in every now and again.

    King regards, Kieran

    Hope you will come back mate, the forum will miss you

  4. 5 hours ago, MFarhan said:

    Is Silva Walace(87) from Udinese a solid 87? Does he have any chance to rise in future? I'm in a CGW and can get him for cash. He'll be my third highest rated player. Should I do it?


    I think his max rating is 87/88, but take him. I have dine the same in a CGW

    5 hours ago, FourTwo31 said:

    Osimhen or Ferran?

    Osimhen is on fire 🔥 

  5. 38 minutes ago, Nameless said:

    When he is fully fit does it look like he will regain his place? Seems like giving youths good amount of time is a priority under Spalletti?

    Yes, he will. Zielinski has got great dribbling skills and last season has been outstanding for us; Napoli can play with both 4-3-3 and 4-2-3-1 and probabilly all players will rotate, but the starting XI should be a 4-2-3-1 with Anguissa and Fabian in the midfield and Zielo behind Osimhen ahead of the duo

  6. 7 hours ago, Nameless said:

    Can any of this happen in the nereast upcoming review - 

    Cuadrado -1 Nah

    Pedro Goncalves +1 Maybe

    Azpilicueta -1 Nope

    Meunier -1 too soon

    Dumfries +1 yes

    Florenzi -1 deserves it

    Pessina +1 yes

    Hysaj RB removed nope

    Romagnoli -1 in June 

    Lovato no rise yes

    Random rise for Matheus Martinelli yes

    Ney ney (Neymar) -1 not if PSG goes on in CL

    Kehrer -1 Nope


    12 minutes ago, RhysMorgan said:

    Sancho or doku+konate

    If you are covered on the wings take the duo 


    1 hour ago, PokerDaddy said:

    Mingueza for my Digne+5m


    I have Nuno Mendes for next season as a back-up for Robertson my starting LB. Mingueza will be a back-up to TAA.


    Good deal or?

    Mmm, Digne will develop concerns more easily but atm is much stronger than Mingueza, I wouldn't 

  7. 4 minutes ago, jcarr6 said:

    Have Arthur Theate but wondering if someone like Thierry Correia maybe a better choice? Theate just got a move to Bologna so could be big. But at the same time, Correia is playing week in week out at Valencia.


    Anyone seen much of either? Any advice?

    Atm Correia has played more than Theate and has played in a better club. The problem is that yesterday Correia got injured and I do not know the extent of the injury. If I were you, I would wait for the next Bologna match and see if Theate surpasses De Silvestri in the hierarchies

  8. 1 hour ago, Hrodulf said:

    They don’t impact fitness but they do throw you off as the game will show everyone ready to go and at 100%.  It sucks but you have to set your lineup after the friendly again.  

    I thought the friendly had tired the players, because they were 100% of the form for the friendly and after that they are very tired. The reality is that the game puts too many games in a short time, as Kieran said

  9. 4 minutes ago, Nameless said:

    I hope you saw sharkdan's post above. It is not the same thing. 

    The club is popular and it was all fine before SM went down. 

    What you are saying is Inter Miami stuff. It's whole different problem. 

    If you do p/e internal deal only then club's name show up. Else all cash deal shows "null" in my manager-transfer tab/section.

    This problem before only concerned clubs like Juventus u23 or Inter Miami. Now it concerns every team, even Arsenal will be indicated as null when Patino signs for my team (🤞🏼

  10. 46 minutes ago, thorgan lesar said:

    I have a little list of players who are in for a big rise this season in Belgium...
    Still I want to warn you anything can change still. It's still way too early for predictions but they are rated under 70...

    So cheap risers upcoming...
    ○ Ameen Al Dakhil (67 --> 76)
    He's currently doing well at Standard De Liège and I see him still playing in a couple of weeks / months...

    ○ Martin Wasinski (68 --> 76)
    He's only 17 years old and is playing because some are injured or not able to play. It's possible his rise would be smaller then now, but he's making quite good impressions.. Probably will get more chances..

    ○ Jackson Tchatchoua (67 --> 78)
    Another youngster from Charleroi SC is Tchatchoua.. Needs to work on his assists but is more sure of his position in the line-up of Charleroi then Wasinski.. He could be very interesting.

    ○ Edgaras Utkus (70 --> 78)
    His rate isn't under 70. There are other players with 70 who could rise quite good but Utkus is playing 100 % of the playing time. That's quite strong from the Lithuanian.

    ○ Abdul Manaf Nurudeen (67 --> 78)
    First goalkeeper from KAS Eupen. Haven't a clean sheet het but the average is quite well. 67 minutes a goal isn't that bad in a team like Eupen. If he can do more clean sheets and an average of 70 minutes a goal he can rise to 80, but for the moment 78 is possible.

    ○ Boris Lambert (65 --> 77)
    Another young player from KAS Eupen who's playing 50 % of the playing time at the moment in a team with a cap of 82. It's still waiting if he will play more but possibly a very nice rise for him too...

    What about Manuel Osifo? 

  11. 8 minutes ago, Hrodulf said:

    He great for the unmanaged, but I avoid high priced goalies like the plague.   Right now my best performing keeper (over 7) is an 86.  

    Goalkeeper ratings are completely random:

    In my teams my GKs are:

    Buffon 6.43

    Mendy 6.15

    Meret 6.38

    Meslier 6.18

    What you can understand is that the lower the overall of a goalkeeper, the higher his average will be 😁

  12. 42 minutes ago, Nameless said:

    Going by this stats De Gea is having his best season after going down to 91.

    This means all of us were asking the wrong question. 

    So I will be the first will Meret get -1?

    I don't understand if your are joking, but if not I think you have never seen a Napoli game, if ever he will get +1 when he returns from the injury next month

  13. 2 hours ago, thorgan lesar said:

    Enes Sali (15) of FC Farul in Liga 1 of Romania is author of a very aggressive entry. Choices sometimes made without looking up, too individual, but he has some really very impressive qualities.

    📈 No rate
    ⏱ 13 % of the playing time (total: 5 games)

    His ball handling is very interesting with a high touch frequency, very lively and his body feint game in full race is also remarkable. A talent to polish. What he shows so far in his entries is really very, very interesting.


    He was added one or two weeks ago, good talent that reminds me a bit of Ounas, and still very cheap. I uploaded also an image for him on soccer wiki 😁

  14. 2 minutes ago, thorgan lesar said:

    Can I have some more opinions please ?


    Gnabry, Manè, Chiesa, Coman, Ferran, Joao Felix 

    21 minutes ago, Bog Idriz said:

    hello, i recive bid for my klosterman = nico elvedi and leon bailey

    Should i accept it? 

    Thank you



    I would accept


    1 hour ago, Lost soul said:

    What if I’m getting Ansu/Gravenberch + Dest/Konate/Fofana?


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