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  1. This argument is lasting too much... Respect the ones who have written for long time in the forum and try to avoid any future argument. We are all equal and we just express our points of view on different spots of the same passion, let's finish this diatribe and keep talking about Soccer Manager and soccer.
  2. Fun fact: In my school there is a 18 years old Italian - Ucranian boy who played for the Primavera of Parma and Milan as a central defender, but his career at high levels was hampered by injuries (now he plays in Promozione, the 6th division of Italy). He says that at 13/14 years old he has played several matches against Sudakov and says it wasn't too difficult to steal him the ball. If it's true, it means that Sudakov must have risen a lot since he's now on Euro 2020's list while the 'defender who stole him the ball' is playing the summer tournament of his secondary school in a province of Naples!
  3. A bit OT, but it is the best place to ask Can someone explain me why are there so many GWs in which you can't offer to external or unmanaged teams? Is it a default SM setting?
  4. It was in the first half of the season; in the second half he has scored almost one goal per game
  5. Great performance by Barella, but my MOTM is Immobile. It's difficult to find a player who hasn't played well tonight for Italy ๐Ÿ˜
  6. I can't believe Bernardeschi is on the pitch while Politano is at home... P. S. Beautiful start from my Italy!
  7. Euro 2020 predictions... Winner: France 2nd place: Portugal Dark horse: Ukrain Top scorer: Harry Kane Best player: Antoine Griezmann Best U-21 player: Jadon Sancho Not very well known player to surprise: Berardi
  8. Papetti, Gvardiol, Vitinha, Filip Stevanovic or other similar players. Or on the other hand I can sell him to buy a other riser such as Tommaso Augello and reinvest money in August.
  9. Thanks for the mention mate! Sebastiano Esposito and his brother Salvatore are two very talented players; I think that Sebastiano could get important gametime in Serie A, but probabilly Inter won't give him a chance, so I hope he will play on loan in a team like Venezia or Salernitana; As regard as Frattesi, I believe that Sassuolo will give him a chance with the probable transfer of Locatelli to a big club; Empoli has always churned out talents, I watched several games of Bajrami, Ricci and Parisi and they are very very talented. Next year they can face a more competitive league and I believe that Samuele Ricci among the others is the most talented player and more likely to transfer to a big club soon. (I hope Napoli will buy him and Parisi, since we need a Left back and a central midfielder); Dany Mota has been spectacular for Portugal in Under 21's Euros and has had a great game time in Monza even if there was Competition from players like Boateng and Balotelli, so he is ready to Step up to a more competitive league; Bettella and Okoli were on loan from Atalanta and both had a great season. Considering that the defense of Atalanta isn't too solid, they can consider the idea of give them a chance (Bettella more likely because unfortunately in Italy young players Almost always start to play on high levels at 21/22 years old) Papetti is a great talent, I saw him play since 2019/2020 when Brescia was in Serie A; he's been linked with Fiorentina and I hope the next year will be the last for him in Serie B; Maleh is very talented and probabilly is very underrated, he has the potential to be a starter in Fiorentina next year, but I believe (and I hope for his game time) he will play another season on loan in Venice. I haven't seen much about the others so I can't judice them well at the moment, but all the players I mentioned before are very talented players who can get a chance in Serie A soon. I would also mention Gianluca Gaetano 78 -> 80/82 who is linked with Salernitana and who could get an important game time in Serie A next season and Marco Carnesecchi 82 ->83/84 who has a great future in my opinion
  10. Keep Lucas Tuta after his rise or sell him to buy better talents?
  11. He should rise to 90 in the next review
  12. I would have picked Politano, Pessina, Cragno and Mancini rather than Raspadori/Bernardeschi, Sensi, Sirigu and Toloi
  13. Yes, Gnabry is younger and has a higher rating
  14. Rensch, Goncalo Inacio, Augustin Alvarez Martinez
  15. They have a 38 years old manager and they have played a beautiful football last year! I hope they can keep on loan from Fiorentina their young midfielder Maleh and I'm very curious to see how they will play next year in serie A
  16. I believe he will let Davies rest before important matches and will play in the cup, so he will probabilly have a little rise next year
  17. Keep or sell Cade Cowell, Jonathan Gomez, Jayden Nelson, Moses Nyeman?
  18. Chukwueze's stats in LaLiga are too poor for a +1 to 90 so he won't rise
  19. Di Lorenzo +1? If not, any RB around 90/91 who will rise?
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