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  1. I'm very tired of my team...I am very sad because every year at a certain point of the season we are always very cose to our objectives, but finally we don't achieve them. I should have followed golf and not football
  2. Suarez, Trippier, Savic, Llorente and Carrasco
  3. Sorry, I didn't express well my question; I can't loan out these players because my president doesn't allow it, what are the rules about loans and why can't I send them out even if I have lots of stronger players?
  4. What kind of player do I need to loan out Osimhen, Vinicius, Foden and Leao?
  5. First app on the pitch for him yesterday! He broke the record of youngest player of Serie A at the age of 15 years, 9 months and 1 day, great youngster and probabilly will be a must buy!
  6. Osimhen has scored 4 goals in the last 6 games and he's becoming more and more important for Napoli, do you think he can rise to 90?
  7. I think only Stones will get a +1 and maybe Dybala -1, the others should stay
  8. What do you think about Andreas Christensen? Would you keep him or try to sell and buy something else like Maguire, Sule, Hermoso etc.?
  9. Hi! Long term would you keep or dell these young players? It is a competitive GW. Thanks in advance Stanislav Magkeev Youssef Maleh Nedim Bajrami Caio Alexandre Giuseppe Di Serio Angel Jimenez (Granada) Pavlo Isenko Lucas Chevalier Gabriel Slonina Emmanuel Ochoa Dimitrije Kamenovic Svetozar Markovic Daniel Hoyo-Kowalski Andrea Carboni Ladislav Krejci Konstantinos Venizelos Jens-Lys Cajuste Danny Leyva Warren Bondo Veljko Nikolic Peder Meen Johansen Mohamed Diomande Ismaila Coulibaly Gabriel Veiga Enzo Le Fee Daan Huisman Cardoso Christian Mohamed Tourè Kevin Paredes Antonio Cioffi Ajani Burchall Yodilan Cruz Tjas Begic Joscha Wosz Joan Cruz Franco Tongya Arnor Sigurdsson Tim Lemperle Salim Ben Seghir Loizos Loizou Lautaro Morales Arnaud Bodart Roman Evgenyev Finnur Palmason Anel Ahmedhodzic Matthew Bondswell James Sands Ovidiu Perianu Vanja Vlahovic Tomas Suslov Danny De Wit Dany Mota
  10. Sinisa Mihajlovic, who made Gianluigi Donnarumma the first Goalkeeper of Milan when he was 16, is ready to give a chance to Wisdom Amey in Bologna, an Italian defender born in 2005! Keep an eye on him when he gets added
  11. It's difficult to imagine how Serie A and European leagues will become, and in paeticular how the next World Cup will be. I hope at least that the stronger players can play for their national teams
  12. I hope they will play Super League so that I won't see Juve and Rabiot play in my league anymore
  13. How good do you think Stevanovic of Manchester City is? Should I sell Rovella to sign him?
  14. Two questions: 1)Some good risers for 2.4 millions or less? 2) How much will Singo rise? I expect another big rise due to his average permormance of 6.97 and the minutes he has played this season Thanks in advance!
  15. Adolfo Gaich is doing well in Benevento, today he scored the winning goal against Juve. He should rise in the next rev and I think he can become even more important next year, keep an eye on him
  16. Predictions on next Adil Aouchiche's rise? Would you keep him or try to get a better talent and sell him?
  17. Can you recommend me some rising CDs under 6 mil of value? Like for example Ibanez and Botman, who are unavailable atm
  18. Hi everyone! How much money will I earn winning 5th division in a rich economy GW? I would like to buy Lozano in my Spezia but I have got only 3 millions
  19. He's not performing well in Milan, while was sensational for Brescia; I think he did not deserve 89 yet for what he did this year, so I think we'll wait one year at least to see him reach 90
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