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  1. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread LoL I made the same comparison when I saw it, highly doubt it but makes me wonder if anyone saw my post somewhere else and copied me
  2. Re: Which ex-player would you want back today? Henderson's been brilliant this season for Liverpool, and mascherano mostly plays defence these days doesn't he. Try to watch some football and not just highlights (although even highlights will show you some brilliant passes he's made this year)
  3. Re: Looking for European League writers.. Interested, have a massive passion for the game and I an FA qualified coach, feel free to pm me me if you don't want to post details here
  4. Re: Luis Suarez Rating How comes fernando torres at his peak for Liverpool was 96 but suarez who is better or at least on the same level as torres was at his peak for Liverpool. I feel the last generation of stars were makes a lot more generously than this one. Need consistency imo.
  5. Re: Luis Suarez Rating I can't be arsed to make a long old argument but I just signed up to say when fernando torres was at his peak for Liverpool he was 96. I feel suarez is performing better or at least on a level to what FTorres was at Liverpool. I'm not sure why the ratings aren't consistent, the last generation of footballers seemed to get really generous ratings whereas now it seems different. Some ratings I just don't understand, flaming being 89 for example, one of the most important signing of the summer and helped arsenal to top of the premier league. 89 really? Just because he hasn't made many assists or scored many goals, that's not his job is to defend and arsenal have one of the best defensive records in one of the hardest leagues in the world.
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