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  1. Ziyech is 23, Dembele is 19. Ziyech was reviewed 7 times, Dembele 3 times. You do the math why RIGHT NOW Ziyech's rating is bigger than Dembele's.
  2. So the last update was in November. So apart from rating changes which are done by soccerwiki, there is nothing happening in the game. No communication from admins and devs that we were promised. Is this game sadly dying?
  3. Something needs to be done to stop managers from ignoring transfer offers. Maybe a small pop up window with options "accept", "reject", "negotiate" or "stall for 1 day" because I am tired (and I am sure I am not the only one) of putting offers in and active managers doing nothing about it until the game automatically rejects an offer after two weeks.
  4. ID 216786. Competetive gameworld, cannot buy from unmanaged clubs so plenty of good squads available.
  5. I need to get one thing clear. Both Kimmich and Weigl soon gonna hit 90. So, will they have concerns as soon as they get 90 because they haven't played enough games (for a 90 rated player) when they were 88 or does the counting for number of games needed for 90 rated player only start after they get 90?
  6. Can we get any sort of explanation why is this happening?
  7. No ratings review two days in a row. What's going on?
  8. - ability to change league size, remove or change clubs. - ability to ban/remove managers from clubs.
  9. Player concerns are getting out of hand. Am I supposed to have 11 good players and then a bunch of 75s so I can make everyone happy? How can I manage concerns if I have matches every two days and I can't start the same player due to low fitness? There's no balance now.
  10. So my main opponent in the title race is still using 3-5-2 with full backs as centre backs and Ronaldos (who gets 10 rating), Bales etc. as wingbacks and keeps winning. He now has 10 wins in a row.
  11. Guys, I dont think you are giving the new UI a proper chance. After few days of using it, I like it much more than the old one. Few tweaks there and there and it will be great, just try to use it more. Ive seen a lot of the same questions why we cant have them both. I think it is because they are very different and it requires different coding or whatever the hell happens there and it is hard to implement new updates or something like that. It is much more than a different theme. My take on what could be improved: . In the yellow star rating should be written in black font. The green
  12. At first it was confusing but now I like the new interface. There I said it. Also want to have a laugh at the guy who said that it is ridiculous that he no longer can use full backs as centre backs in 3-5-2. Lol
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