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  1. Re: Oxford Till I Die Is it not clear enough that I support Bolton Wanderers?
  2. Re: Oxford Till I Die Haha, well... in fairness to us the first goal Barrow scored was from a freekick that never was, the second was a penalty that never was, and the third was.... well, a pretty good goal really. We did spent much of the match with 10 men as well after a horrible two footed lunge.
  3. Re: Oxford Till I Die Sadly not. I support the lesser team of Oxford that recently lost to Barrow AFC.
  4. Re: Oxford Till I Die Hey there Tevez, I'm going to take a wild stab in the dar here and make the presumption that you're a United fan.
  5. I'm Oxford Till I Die! .... and I'm new here. So just thought I'd stop by and say a big hello to you all.
  6. Re: José Kléberson Yeah, don't get him.. big waste of money!
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