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  1. Should I sell Mandzukic for 30 M?
  2. Re: What is the best deal for Ribery Okay ill do that, should I sell Mandzukic for 30M I have to full Bayern all star team atm with great youth
  3. Is this a good deal, im selling Ribery btw
  4. Re: Should I do these deals?? is nasri sahin and maria not good enough?
  5. Should I sell Ribery and Robben for this Robben = 20 M + Nasri Riberyy = 10 M + Sahin + Di Maria I already have a pretty awesome team, the whole Bayern team but I want to make a good youth team and I will have the cash to do so if I sell these older players
  6. Ok let me explain everything I already have a completely awesome squad (The full Bayern all stars) I got these offers : Ribery = 10 MIL + Sahin and Di Maria Robben = 20 MIL + Nasri Its the most the managers can offer Should I go along with the deals as I could use the cash to build a youth team for the next best players Whats ur opinions and reasons?
  7. Re: Should I do these deals?? But im getting great replacements who are all having great seasons and are all world class Im getting cash to produce the best youth team I already have players like muller gotze lahm lewan schweinsteiger kroos martinez shaqiri mandukic
  8. Re: Should I do these deals?? But im getting so much out of the transfer I was thinking since there both old its a good idea to build the best youth? I have an awesome squad already the entire Bayern super team
  9. Re: Should I do these deals?? BUT WHY? im getting all those good players and i will be able to build the best youth system Those two players leaving wont make a different will it? I still have the whole Bayern all star team with Lewan
  10. Robben = 20 M + Nasri Ribery = 10 M + Sahin + Di Maria Should I do it ? Im selling Robben and Ribery btw, should I get Nasri, Sahin and Di Maria and 30M??
  11. Robben = 25 million + nasri Ribery = 10 million + sahin + di maria Thiago = draxler and meyer
  12. Can anyone give me any names of the next big players to sign that will get massive rises players that are preferably from 75-83 who can get to 88-90s etc
  13. Should I sell Ribery, Robben and Thiago for these funds? Ribery = Di-Maria + Sahin + 10M Robben = Nasri + 25M Thiago Alcantara = Draxler + Meyer
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