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  1. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Yes Venk... Please announce whoever PM you for marquee players. Others will also follow as I think they just check forum twice a week..!
  2. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| 18:00 BST = 22:30 IST Right?
  3. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| OK... So, Venk please post final rules... And when to start blind draft for marquee player?
  4. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| I have one doubt about the initial budget. This 150 mil is after the marquee player and other 5 draft players get signed? What I want to ask is does the value of marquee player and other 5 draft players will be deducted from that 150 mil?
  5. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Final Team managers' name need to update...
  6. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| * at least 2 Indian players must start in every league game. * at least 4 Indian players must start in every cup / shield match. Everyone must respect these rule... Otherwise he will get penalised and it will hurt the motto of the gameworld.
  7. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Specified time will favour Indians I think...
  8. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Now what next?
  9. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Chennaiyan goes to jack rils... so only two left now... Goa and Dempo...!
  10. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| welcome...! Many including me are not aware about the draft thing... But, relax... Venk will take care...!
  11. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| I have made some advertisement for ISL in my other gameworld. Hope to get remaining spot filled ASAP.
  12. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| So Venk... When we are going to kick start the gameworld? After all 16 managers joins?
  13. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Perfect, Perfect, Perfect rule for Indian Players...! Thanks Venk...! Now this Gameworld have real Indian flavour...! One doubt about other players... This 91 or lower rated player rule for 1st season only? Otherwise we will never have big players..?
  14. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Anything Venk... Anything which involves Indian players...!
  15. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Squad limit 35 and Indian player 14... These simply means that your squad cap is 21 players as nobody will play Indian players they are just useless. Can we have a rule like "other than league game, i.e. For Cup and shield game all playing XI players must be Indian...!" (or you can specify limit like atleast 5 Indian players in cup and shield games) (I am weighing on Indian players because I think this is Indian setup and Indian players should play some part somewhere...)
  16. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| when this gameworld will start?
  17. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Other Forumer "Deep Desai" wants ROYAL WAHINGDOH. He posted here but somehow his post is not appearing here so he PM me on soccermanager and I am posting on his behalf. Please consider Venk. (I think his post will appear after moderator approves it)
  18. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| Thanks iAwesome. Venk please update the list and replace salgaonkar with Mumbai Mumbai City - iAwesome Atletico de Kolkata - Vineet Agrawal Thanks Venk and iAwesome again...!
  19. Re: ||The Indian Super League|| @Venk... Please explain as I am unaware about the "draft" thing. 1. Marquee player to come as a PM- means Just PM you that I want this player. Right? 2. 5 foreign player via draft - how is that? Who will decide those 5 players?
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