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  1. Even French region did that well in advance.
  2. MATCH PREVIEW (Season 1, Turn 4) Tottenham Hotspur vs Arsenal Its never a Boring match..!! Gunners to take on Spurs at White Heart Lane in hope to earn 1st 3 points of the season. Spurs unbeaten so far in the season with win against Atletico Madrid and draws against Dortmund and Zenith; While Gunners drew with Internazional and lost to AC Milan and Atletico Madrid; currently sitting bottom of the table. Koscienly and Ivanovic both important players injured for the match that gives Spurs edge ahead of the fixtures.
  3. Guys... May be they have connected concern with trophies??!!! Just like all Arsenal players are concerned about winning trophies... Lol
  4. IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT As month of August had only 3 matches, "Manager of the Month" award will be given from September month. Performance of both August and September will be considered for 1st award.
  5. Hello Guys...!! Joined as a Swindon Town manager. Seems like my squad is too big that finance manager couldn't handle the salary... already in debt...!!
  6. nice...!! From season 2 you have to mention current squad cap of each team there to keep record of it.
  7. And.... now I afraid that 1-2 manager won't respond....
  8. Have to leave 1 of current set up... because of limited slots. Its either Denila's earn your way to 1st div or Brookfield.. :-(
  9. Ukraine is best amongst the left. Konoplayanka and Yarmolenko...!
  10. ARSENAL NEWS Branislav IVANOVI─ć has completed his move to Arsenal. Arsenal strengthen their defense further by securing service of IVANOVIC who is well experienced player and who can play at RB & CB both. Surely Bellerin is currently Hot prospects but by signing IVANOVIC; Arsenal manager wants to give time Bellerin time to develope. Mathieu DEBUCHY and Emiliano MART├ŹNEZ goes to Olympique Lyonnais in exchange deal. BYE BYE DEBUCHY & MARTINEZ... You won't be missed...!
  11. Thank god I have posted a reply on 1st page just after Pip's post. I am gonna use that post to edit and regularly update the no. of time club won the trophy and manager of the month award.
  12. 2 things. 1. if div 3 team got back to back promotion then that team deserved it and I think its still tough for that div.3 team in div 1 because all top players are occupied. 2. Rule of "selling top player due to riser in squad takes value above 400" that need to review/rethink. Manager must not loose their 94 rated player just because 85-86 rated player rose to 88-89 suddenly. Instead of that he must sell any player and bring back the squad value under 400 again.
  13. You shouldn't be offering new contract to Fellaini.
  14. suggestion - "CASH ONLY DEALS" That will bring value to the money, and it will be more realistic.
  15. And what about the other manager who are not interactive at all... Do they know these rules and will they follow these?
  16. Budget of 405 to div2,3 winner is OK i think. Let there be more competition in div 1. Because div 1 already has slightly better team from start. So I don't have problem for 405 budget to newly promoted team.
  17. Hi, Guys...!! I would like to start "Manager of the month" post if you guys want me to do. I will nominate 4 managers from Gameworld at the end of the month (from all 3 divisions); will try to give reason for nomination also. and by voting (personal message) we will decide "MANAGER OF THE MONTH" and I will post the result on the forum as well as on Soccermanager. What say??
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