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  1. isnt this a private gameworld??? so that owner can control who is incoming manager?
  2. Nice work Pip..! Good pictures and write up..!! where is voting result of Div 1,2,3 winners??!!
  3. Guys...!! All the best to all... Lets make this one interesting gameworld by Following rules strictly... One more thing... We can't even do player exchange deal with external untill under 30 player squad cap right?
  4. Yes, No problem with that rule. Infact many customs keep this rule. For keeping unmanaged side reasonably strong and attractive.
  5. ha ha ha...!! just checked that you have got only 3 managers in entire gameworld... still an achievement...!
  6. I think we should wait for everyone to apply... may be we can delay the opening day??
  7. Ha ha yes... And we already have participation of Bangla Peep right?
  8. Everyone will loose their mind when they see atleast 2 of Messi, Ronaldo, Zlatan, Aguero, Thiago Silva, Hinguain/Bonucci, Neuer, Hazard available for grab in next season...
  9. ARSENAL NEWS * Arsenal failed to land BREEL EMBOLO, and Atletico Madrid successfully secured his service. * Lazio was in search of new Striker and manager was aware about the unsettled situation of Danny Welbeck and made the approach by offering Felipe Anderson in return. Arsenal manager was happy to let Welbeck go for Felipe Anderson. We wish Welbeck a good future and hope Lazio got a service which they were hoping from Welbeck. #welcomeFELIPEANDRSON
  10. I was using forum from my mobile... And thought that I made some mistake and layout got changed... Lol
  11. "you can not sign new player untill squad below 30 players" That means no usual bidding war... In stead we will see selling spree... !!!
  12. Guys... Can we add 1 more rule?? "Player exchange deal not allowed. Only cash deal" That will be more realistic and will bring value of money back in gameworld.
  13. Barca, bayern and real will have 600+ millions squad... I wonder what they'll sell??!!!
  14. Good rules to start... New ManCity manager already has strategy in mind...!
  15. I want Man City...!!! Forget about relegation I am gonna win the league....!!
  16. I want a good DM.. currently have Xhaka...
  17. Why "must sell to external clubs?" The team has to loose its best player and that too for a cheap value? For e.g. if ManCity got relegated then they must sell aguero... Aguero's value is lets say 45 mil then external clubs will offer around 45 only. But if he allows to go in the gameworld, may be other manager can offer 60-70 mil for him. That way mancity can use that fund to rebuild its squad.
  18. Guys... Should I buy Juao Moutinho for Welbeck+8-10 mil?? (Moutinho is external player)
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