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  1. Who's got Barcelona??? I want to see my EL-CLASSICO RIVAL....
  2. Anyone who wants to participate in competetive gameworld can join Brookfield Premier League - ID 7664 1 vacancy- Chievo Verona (Division 3) (Good squad comparatively)
  3. Anyone who wants to participate in competetive gameworld can join this. 1 vacancy- Chievo Verona (Division 3) (Good squad comparatively)
  4. PSV in search of some good players who can lift the team rating...!
  5. Guys... I want to join the fun. Any vacancy?
  6. Guys... Please offer me any club as soon as anyone available.
  7. Hi, can we please clarify how many max. Number of clubs from each nationality will be there? It will be helpful in decision making.
  8. This is just to go to last page from mobile... :-p
  9. I will send tonight... As I am travelling and don't have access to computer. And soccermanager is not accessible as desktop site from mobile.
  10. Croatia got their 2 clubs. So no more croatian club right?
  11. How to search someone from mobile app? I think there is no provision to search from app. Need to login from desktop.
  12. Let's Roll... Come on gunners... Sack Wenger , new manager will bring glory days back...!
  13. I think this is from Brookfield Premier league?? Bayern Munich for me... (I have msged you in the Brookfield PL)
  14. Yes... Off course it is tough, thatswhy it is exciting...! I think my YEOVIL TOWN squad is capable of promotion (Thanks to previous manager I guess ). and so other 5-6 good teams are also in competition.
  15. Great Concept of the Gameworld... Not like other gameworld where you can get Top Team by luck/money and dominate the Gameworld. Here You have to win and progress... Nice Concept really... Exciting... and want to get promotion in my very 1st season...! Good luck to all...!!
  16. Can we have a rule for max squad size in this GW? Max. squad size 30 may be... Because its quite annoying that some managers used to signs 200 random 18year old players and waiting for rating increase to get money.
  17. Disheartening to lost my 1st match as a Shakhtar manager.
  18. I have posted about this GW in one of setup where i m participating- Brookfield Premier League (59/60 full). Hope to see couple of interested manager.
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