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  1. I've been told that I'll have news to post by the end of next week. There's just a lot of work involved behind the scenes before the developers can even start working on what was mentioned in the OP.
  2. 🚨 SM Worlds Fixture Update 🚨 Due to technical problems some games did not run. This is being fixed and all games are currently being played. Once they've finished fitness will update accordingly. We apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  3. Due to technical problems some games did not run. This is being fixed and all games will be played shortly. We apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  4. The Help has been updated re the Lack of Games concern and is in black and white for all to see: In a typical Game World, with 38 league games, a player evaluates their season at regular intervals. This usually occurs around Turns 12, 24 and 36. At each interval a player will have a 'target' number of games that they will have expected to play. Every game that a player could lose fitness in, counts towards their target. Within your squad each player's target is worked out below: Your 5 highest rated players and those rated 94 or higher expect to play in approximately 80% of the number of Turns; Players rated 92 or higher expect to play in approximately 75% of the number of Turns; Players that would expect to be in your first choice line-up and those rated 90 or higher will expect to play in approximately 65% of the number of Turns; Players that would expect to be a substitute if you selected your first choice line-up and those rated 89 or higher will expect to play in approximately 30-40% of the number of Turns. The rest of the players within your squad will only expect to play a few (if any) of the number of Turns. Goalkeepers are worked out slightly differently, with your highest rated and those 88 or higher expecting to play in approximately 90% of the number of Turns. Please note that with regards to substitutions, if a player comes on as a substitute then it will count as half an appearance irrespective of what minute they entered the match. For example, in a league with 38 games (38 Turns) a 94 rated or higher player expects to play in 31 games were they lose fitness. This could be 25 league starts, 8 substitute appearances and 2 cup games. Alternatively 31 league starts (missing 1 in every 6 league games) and no cup games. In an English Championship for example, there are 38 Turns and therefore a 95 rated player would expect to play in 31 games were they lose fitness. You don't lose any fitness in SMFA games in non-Gold Game Worlds. Sometimes you play more than one game per Turn if you have a domestic cup game. So players aren't expected to play in both and if they do then it's like a bonus game. Concerns are very manageable if you have a sensible well balanced squad and don't hog players. I've recently blogged about this and you can read my thoughts on squad management here. I can't comment on the majority of posts within this thread as insufficient information has been posted. However, where examples have been given, the concerns look fully justified. This is also the same for the bug tickets that have been flagged for my attention. Il'l give you an example of one that I looked at this morning as they were reporting that a 90 rated AM©,F(RLC) 22-year-old had developed a L5 Lack of Games concern and that they wanted this removing. I looked into this in more detail. This Game World has just moved into a new season and currently on Turn 1. Last season the aforementioned player played a grand total of zero games. In fact this player has never played for his team since he was signed. A 90 rated player expects to play in 65% of the number of Turns. Is anyone else surprised that this player eventually handed in a transfer request? Obviously this manager will miss this player because he'll struggle with the alternatives in a 99 AM(RL),F(RLC), 99 AM,F(RLC), 96 AM,F(RLC), 95 AM©,F(RLC), 94 F(RLC), 94 AM,F(RLC), 94 AM,F(RLC), 94 AM,F(RLC), 92 AM(RLC),F(RL), 91 AM(RLC),F(RL), 90 F©, 90 AM(L),F(LC) and 90 AM(RLC),F(RL). I'll stop there with their attacking options as you get the general idea. This isn't the exception but is the norm from those that have submitted bug tickets. In a nutshell they all have what i'd call a "Super Squad" and are player hogging. If anyone believes that their players have wrongly got a concern then you will need to raise a Bug ticket which can be done via Help. If you do post within this thread or the Help section, then it'd help if you posted your squad with the relevant stats. This is because others may be able to offer advice on were you are going wrong with managing your squad.
  5. The following has been posted on our blog: On 2 December, 2015, we introduced a new match engine to Soccer Manager Worlds as part of our relaunch to celebrate our 10th anniversary. We're delighted to announce that the next improvement to the match engine is a 2D matchday experience. We've always offered pinpoint tactical control of your side with a wide range of formations and instructions. Now, as well as following games via our traditional match commentary, you'll be able to see how well your players execute your instructions throughout matches with a 2D overhead view of the pitch. The 2D matchday experience is currently in Beta and is available in all Gold Championships. Please feel free to provide any feedback here and if you encounter any bugs could you please report them in-game.
  6. It doesn't matter how you lay out your suggestions for new rules and features as they'll still be read and put into a document for discussion.
  7. Cheers for the suggestions so far. Please keep them coming as all of them will be taken into consideration but please remember to keep on topic (so that your post doesn't mysteriously vanish).
  8. We're going to be looking at making some changes to Custom Game Worlds. So before we start work on this i've a nice simple question - what additional Advanced Rules would you like to see in Custom Game Worlds or features? For example you might want to be able to select a Squad Cap and be able to Allocate Squad Numbers in your Advanced Rules. For additional features you might want to be able to bolt on extra national leagues to your template.
  9. I mentioned in a blog post last week that going forward any updates to Soccer Manager Worlds will be released in versions. So the first update since our relaunch to celebrate 10 years of Soccer Manager is v2.01. The big news that I want to shout about is the introduction of a 2D matchday experience into our two test Game Worlds, IDs 238724 & 239094, as well as in English Championship 2154 (Game World ID 17658) and Gold Championship 7 (Game World ID 3065). In my post last week I explained how i'd had access to this for the past few months and enjoyed watching my Castilla's matches via a 2D overhead view of the pitch. I'm still enjoying watching my games this way and think it's better than the traditional commentary because you can see the action unfold in front of you. The 2D matchday experience is currently in Beta and if you'd like to help test it and provide feedback, please feel free to apply for a team in either of our two test Game Worlds or alternatively join either English Championship 2154 or Gold Championship 7. I'm sure you'll agree with me in that it's a massive addition to the game and will enhance your matchday experience. v2.01 also contains numerous bug fixes and improvements to the new user interface (UI). This wouldn't have been possible without your help, so a big thank you to everyone who has taken the time to provide feedback over the past few weeks. I think that with this latest update the new UI has taken a massive step forward and we're getting to the point where the old one will eventually be phased out. So please keep your feedback coming as this is invaluable. When we made changes back in December to the algorithm for calculating a player's value, it was changed to include the player's potential rating and any concerns they may have, as well as what was taken into account before: rating, age and position. However, this led to some fluctuations in a player's value and we have now smoothed this out to stop drastic fluctuations on a daily basis. We've also made the penalties for players playing out of position harsher based on your feedback. I won't go into exact detail of what the penalties are but I will say that I won't be playing a player out of position unless i'm forced to due to a lack of options because of injuries and/or suspensions! The last update to tell you about in v2.01 are improvements to the free Custom Game World that you receive when your reputation is 45+. There are numerous managers who've invited their friends to join them in Soccer Manager Worlds and take a club in the new Custom Game World that they've created. As a thank you to those that have filled their Custom Game World, you will receive another free Game World if your last one is still active when you've finished your first full season. So it's no longer a one off and you can keep receiving free Custom Game Worlds for you and your friends to play in as long as you all remain active. To make it easier to invite your friends to join you in your Custom Game World, we've made numerous improvements to the friend inviter tools, allowed the owner to offer clubs sooner, allowed accepted managers to tell their friends about the Game World and also created a news feed were the owner and friends can post messages prior to it opening. I think that with these improvements it's now easier than ever to invite your friends to join you and hopefully you'll all continue to enjoy making the free Custom Game Worlds that we're giving away!
  10. We're making numerous changes to different areas of the game and one of those is how cash injections work. I wrote about this briefly in a blog post earlier today.
  11. That sounds like a bug and i'd report it in-game so that our support team can look into it.
  12. Cheers for pointing that out. That's what you get when i'm up early hours on a Saturday morning!
  13. Soccer Manager Worlds was relaunched on 2 December, 2015, to celebrate our 10th anniversary. The relaunch included numerous changes to the Game World economy which you can read about here. Whenever we make any changes to the game we always listen to our communities feedback and monitor the impact of these changes. Due to this we have made adjustments to the allocation of prize money: Domestic Competitions Increased league prize money threefold; Cup winners get 500K for each round that they played in; Cup runners-up get 250K for each round that they played in. SMFA Cup 1M prize money for each knockout stage progression; Winner receives 20M; Runner-up receives 10M. SMFA Shield 500K prize money for each knockout stage progression; Winner receives 10M; Runner-up receives 5M. We believe that the new prize money is now more realistic and also more in-line with the recent changes that we have made to the Game World economy.
  14. You've got to meet certain criteria before you Game World opens and for it to remain open and you can read about it here. With regards to your last question you can't reset a Game World once it's been created.
  15. IF you still can't access your Game World you'll need to report this in-game as a bug so that our support team can look into it.
  16. As soon as you click Create Game World it gets put into a queue for creation and when it gets to the top of the queue it's created.
  17. It's been like this from day one and nothing has changed in this respect. I just think that a lot of people have rarely paid attention to their finances but are only doing so now that wages have increased. However, what people forget is that income generated from matchday revenue, TV etc has also increased.
  18. Create an in-game bug ticket and our support team will look into this for you. You can only change the Advanced Rules at the start of a new season before the first Turn is played. Therefore you can't change the other features that you have decided to include.
  19. We've decided to put it on staff accounts for the time being as it probably needs another weeks worth of work before we can roll it out to all Gold Managers in Beta.
  20. This still needs adding. Yes, this will be added to the new interface in a future update. I've passed this on. Cheers for flagging these up. We're already aware of these bugs and are currently working on fixes. On the desktop the players position is shown to the left of the pitch display. However, I have a feeling you're referring to the app? If this is the case when you click on a player in your XI it displays their position and also other players who are suitable to play in that position if you decide to swap them round. Nothing has changed in this respect. Sub appearances still count has half an appearance and there has been no change to how concerns are worked out because nothing has changed. What you are referring to is being fixed in an update as it's just a display error.
  21. Just a quick update (as I know some of you were asking on another thread) re making penalties harsher for those players who play out of position. Well the update was made yesterday and we have increased the penalty. So if a player is played out of position and it displays yellow on the tactics page for example, they will be penalised and won't perform to their full potential.
  22. To say you're way off the mark would be an understatement as feedback from the forum and social media is passed on and discussed on a regular basis. That is what helps the game develop and continue to develop.
  23. It's trying to get a fine line between play-ability and realism but managers should be punished harsher for continued mismanagement. If you club tips it's toes into the red before going back into the black I don't see any harm into that. However, if it stays in the red and the debt continues to increase then that is when the Chairman should step in. If anything it'd encourage managers to be more sensible with their finances if they knew there were consequences other than being unable to transfer players in.
  24. I've asked about this and were told that it's to do with the way that valuations are currently calculated because part of the formula is based on their potential. This aspect of it was rounding up their value to the next bracket and that is why you aren't seeing a change with some players. An update is being released later today and part of this is tweaks to valuation.
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