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  1. Report it in-game as a bug and our support team will look into this.
  2. That doesn't sound right and i'll get it flagged up.
  3. Re some of those discussing players playing out of position, I think there's a thread on that already? Please feel free to continue that discussion there and i'll join in and provide a mini update.
  4. Guys I hate quoting myself but i'm going to keep doing this as this thread if going off topic once again.
  5. This has now been rolled out to everyone with 100+ reputation.
  6. Saved Tactics will be added to the new interface in one of the next updates.
  7. Report this in-game as a bug and our support team will look into and fix this for you.
  8. You mean to move the order of the Game Worlds around so you can put your favorite to the top etc?
  9. Last night it was rolled out to 200+ rep managers and the next stage is for those with 100+ rep.
  10. It's posts like this that always make me chuckle to myself as i've being playing the game since day one and am a manager just like you and everyone else on the game. So because I don't agree with your suggestion "it proves I don't care what the users want"? Really? It's called a difference of opinion on how as a manager i'd like to see the game develop. I understand why some managers want less interference as i've discussed this with numerous people in the past and i'll continue to do so going forward. However, the Chairman is in place so that some clubs don't go to ruin and that would happen if there wasn't one.
  11. Just a quick update to say that those of you with a reputation of 200+ will now have a free Custom Game World on your account.
  12. You mean typing "@Ronal..." to bring up players / managers / teams to tag in a post? If so then yes, it is on our list to do and will be added into the News Feed in the new UI.
  13. I'm going to quote myself once again so that this doesn't get lost. Also there are quite a few questions that people are asking that have already been answered. Just read back a few pages as there's answers to your questions as well as some very good posts by other forumers.
  14. I'll pass this on as it's a good suggestion. Agree it'd make it easier and i've passed this on. This has already been flagged up. This has already been flagged up and will be discussed once again in the new year. We're aware of these problems and a fix will be applied shortly. Some good suggestion and i've passed them on but feature improvements like this won't be reviewed (same as check boxes above) until the new year.
  15. We've given everyone with a 400+ rep the Custom Game World to start and the next people to receive it will be those with a 200+ rep. You'll be notified when you log in that you've been allocated one and it is entirely up to you when you create it.
  16. We introduced this yesterday and to managers with a 400+ rep and we'll shortly be rolling it out in the next day or two to those with a 200+ rep. You can read about it all on our blog here.
  17. To celebrate 10 years of Soccer Manager Worlds, we are offering members of our community one FREE Custom Game World. This is because we believe the best way to enjoy the game is playing in your very own unique Game World with your friends, family and work colleagues. When you access your account a pop-up will appear advising you that we've added a FREE Custom Game World your account. This can be created at any time via My Game Worlds by clicking the Create button. However, the following criteria must be met for your FREE Custom Game World to be created and remain open: The Game World must have at least 8 managers to unlock; Should activity within the Game World fall too low, it'll be closed but you'll be given enough notice and opportunity to invite new managers; If the Game World is populated with fake / inactive managers, the Game World will be closed. We'll never close a Game World without good reason and will always give members of our community every opportunity to keep their Custom Game World open as long as they keep to the above criteria. This FREE Custom Game World will be offered to our long standing members of our community first before it is rolled out to everyone going forward. We hope that you enjoy your FREE Custom Game World.
  18. Not sure if it's been flagged up but no harm in me passing it on to the devs once again. We're aware of this and a bug fix will be put in place in t
  19. Provide constructive feedback that we can work with and flag any problems you experience in case we've missed them and you see results like this! So you need to thank yourselves and others that have contributed to this post for the latest update. Please keep it all coming as we're listening to what you have to say and if you all behave you might even find a 2D matchday experience in your GW in early 2016.
  20. I'll get this flagged up as it looks like some sections of the forum haven't copied over correctly from the old forum.
  21. The two test Game Worlds are going to carry on as we will hopefully be introducing the 2D matchday experience into them in the New Year.
  22. A new build should be uploaded tomorrow with numerous bug fixes and UI changes.
  23. What specifically are you finding complicated as we want to iron out these things? (1) I've flagged this up. (2) Is anyone else finding this an issue? (3) I can see your point of view as I thought this at first when I saw the stars and I wanted them removing but i've got used to them now. I'll pass this feedback on though. (4) What are you specifically finding slower to do? (5) Why are you finding scouting harder / more of a chore? We're working constantly on improving the speed and when the new build is uploaded tomorrow (all being well), you'll see a massive difference and I reckon we can get it faster than the old interface. Yes, I agree re opening certain pages in a new tab as I found this useful and I flagged certain ones like squad etc up. Which others do you use on a regular basis? I've already flagged this up as I also found it very useful. (1) I've flagged this up. (2) We're aware of this. (3) This info will be added. We're aware of this and currently working on a fix. I'm not aware of this one so i've flagged it up.
  24. I've flagged this up. Cheers for that info as I were just curious as we've not had any other reports of this nature. I'll pass on what you've highlighted and IF it becomes a more widespread problem we'll look at putting something into place to prevent misuse. Re the last part of your post i'll get that flagged up. Many thanks for flagging this up and i've passed it on. I found this extremely useful as well and I raised it the other week and it'll be added shortly. I agree it can be hard to read the number in the star rating and it's even harder to see on the Player Rating or Reports page. Re changing views on the Squad page we're aware of this and it's on our bug list that we're currently working through.
  25. I'm just going to quote myself to remind people of the above (and it'll also explain why your post has been deleted because it is either off topic or not constructive).
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