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  1. The old user interface (UI) will eventually be phased out in 2016. However, we'll only do this once we've fixed the bugs that have been flagged up and implemented the feedback we've received. So please use the time in-between to get used to the new UI and also provide constructive feedback that we can use to help improve it for everyone. If you'd like to discuss the revisions to stadium building and attendances, please use this thread and i'd recommend that you also read this article. If you'd like to discuss player positions, formation changes and the new match engine, you can do so here and here. If need help re any of the above, please post within the Help section of the forum. All of this information is currently being reiterated on social media and we'll continue to do so and i'll also copy / paste this message every few days as a reminder to our community on the forum. We'll also be letting everyone know in-game via messages in the coming days. Due to all of this, any posts going forward that are off topic and not related to the new UI will be deleted.
  2. Stored Tactics is available to all Gold Managers in the old interface which everyone has access to. It will be adding next week to the new interface as well. This is off topic and you're welcome to create a new thread about this but there are no plans to stop using Soccer Wiki. Cheers for flagging this up. I've passed it on.
  3. It's not just in this thread as it is happening in others as well with members arguing with one another, not being constructive, spamming etc and it's getting tedious having to read through it all whilst trying to pull out the useful information which i'm trying to pass on. All that is does, not just for me but for others as well is put them off reading and replying to a thread.
  4. (1) I didn't know this was a problem? Why would you want to limit that? (2) Again I didn't know this was a problem? Linked to (1) in that you want to limit people? Again why would you want to limit as no one has flagged this up before and I don't think anyone has since your post? (3) Makes sense and i'll flag that up. (1) Makes sense and can see why it'd be useful so i've flagged this up. (2) Again makes sense so flagged it up. (3) Not sure if that has ever been the case. Agree the chat could have a few tweaks to it as sometimes you forget which Game World that person is in. It's not practical to keep two interfaces up-to-date going forward.There's going to be lots of notices over the coming weeks advising managers to start trying the new one because the old will be phased out. We're also going to encourage them to provide feedback so that we can make changes before removing it. Plus the 2D matchday experience has been designed for the new interface and will be introduced all being well in January. Yes, that is correct as our priority is bug fixes and make changes to the new UI based on your feedback at the moment. (1) There are separate threads about changes to formations and where players can now play here. I'm not going to get into a debate on that subject as there are quite a few posts in that thread as well as this one that pretty much sum up my view on the subject and why AMs can no longer play as wing-backs etc. (2) The google hangouts that I held during the Summer were to let members of our community know about the upcoming changes and for you to provide feedback. Everything that I discussed has more or less been implemented. (3) It presents a new challenge to managing a smaller club. Some will take on that challenge but the majority won't as they like to manage ready made teams. If anything it should make managing a smaller club easier as you can pick up more bargains. Also if you have an eye for talent you will thrive with the changes because you can pick up new players that are added to the database or those that are breaking through very cheaply. When they make it their valuation will be a lot higher and you'll be laughing. You are also contradicting yourself with this: "Interface, buggy as hell, nauseous to look at and uneccesarily complicated. It's like something out of cbeebies. Why would someone come up with that and more importantly why would decisionmakers agree that its good? The only way people would think that's good is if they don't spend any time looking at it. - The biggest problem of all is that you are not listening to the feedback, complaints, rants and suggestions of your customers. You have a duty to listen to their frustration just like any customer service team of any company. Deleting posts of people complaining is like hanging up on someone complaining in the real world." You are contradicting yourself with this because you are starting to become insulting not just to me but to others that actually like the new interface as well as those that have designed it. Ask yourself this, would you come on and respond to someone who is insulting and/or abusive or adds nothing constructive that can help improve the game for all members of the community? I've always said that if people offer constructive feedback then I will respond to them and nothing has changed with that. Also we do listen to all constructive feedback and not all of it can be implemented. 1 (a/b/c) The old interface will be eventually phased out for all members. Those who aren't using the new one yet have plenty of time to give it a try and provide feedback so that we can make the necessary changes. 1 (d) That sounds like a bug. Report it in-game as a bug and our support team will look into this for you. (2) We're aware of the majority of the issues that you've flagged up but others we aren't so thank for you flagging them up. We're currently working our way through the bugs and you'll see improvements on a daily basis and even more so on Monday when a new build is released. (3) There's a separate discussion here and here re formations and players. (4/5) Some good points raised and I can see the reasoning behind them and were sat here nodding at some of them whilst reading them. I've flagged these up to the development team to review. (6) Prize money and matchday income has also increased. I'll do a separate blog article on this next week just like I did for stadium building and attendances. (7) These will be added back in in the coming weeks. Yes, I agree that's very annoying and i've flagged this up. Re the colour of the interface you can switch between a dark / white theme via the cog icon.
  5. There is a very useful website for looking at attendances called European Football Statistics. I urge everyone to go and look at that and see average attendances for leagues over the years as well as individual clubs. Look at Serie A last season for example, how many of the big boys sell out their stadium? It's a very interesting website and one worth bookmarking.
  6. Interesting discussion as I keep popping back to read it and see what everyone's view is but can I ask you put the bickering to one side as it can put people off reading and/or joining in the debate. The changes to formations will not be changed and as I said in another thread the penalties for playing players out of position will be harsher in the coming weeks.
  7. An Advanced Search will be added to the new user interface next week Briann as we want it to be as easy as possible for a manager to find a club to manage.
  8. What device and browser are you using? Is there any chance of providing a screenshot?
  9. The rules haven't changed as it's still the case of IF one manager or less is in it and it's administered by the SMFA then it'll close at the seasons end. If this is any different in your game world, you'll need to report this in-game as a bug so that our support team can look into and fix this problem for you.
  10. Making players unavailable to transfer has been taken out of the game Iain. You can read about all of the changes here.
  11. Their starting fan base is bigger than yours - it's as simple as that.
  12. There is a new blog article up about the changes to how stadium building and attendances now work: http://socm.io/hj
  13. Create an in-game bug Raz and our support team will look into this problem - cheers.
  14. If you believe this to be a bug you need to report it in-game via the bug system - cheers.
  15. We're working on an Advanced Search for Add New Club Sean and this will be added (all things being well) by the end of next week. I've not been able to receive PMs for some months and i'll get one of the devs to look into it once again. Even though I don't reply to all posts I read what everyone posts within the Game Development and Help sections. This is because there is some very good ideas and debates that can help improve the game and the same goes with what people ask within the Help.
  16. We're currently putting together a schedule of work for early 2016 so any threads like this will be looked at and monitored so kudos for creating it. I've got my own view on the subject of contracts and will post it tomorrow.
  17. The Italian, Spanish and Portuguese forums should be added next week. If there's any delay i'll update you.
  18. Could you report this in-game as a bug so that we can look into your Game World to see what's happening - cheers.
  19. Please re-read this thread as it's already been covered - cheers.
  20. Guys i'm just having another clear up of this thread since I last did so. Therefore if your posts i'll apologise in advance. Also could you please post about player ratings, positions etc in the player database section. Likewise if you're asking for help please us that section of the forum. If you want to discuss any of the improvements in detail please create a new thread within Suggestions & Improvements. This is because a lot of things are going to get missed in this thread as it's literally become a free for all. Edit: Also there is a lot of information within this thread so please have a read through it because some of you are asking questions or posting things that have already been covered.
  21. Which interface is "jumbled up"? The old or the new one and any pages or areas in specific? Regarding player positions and changes to formations you can discuss them in this thread. The new match engine has been implemented and we're carrying on working on it and a 2D pitch has been put into an early test cycle but this would only be available in the new interface. The glitch you have mentioned is a display issue and will be fixed shortly. A Game World will only close IF it has one or less managers and it is administered by the SMFA. I'd hazard a guess that you were the only one in your Game World and a new manager has recently joined? That was the plan but when we looked into it in more detail we found out that it wasn't technically possible and would cause all sorts of problems going forward. With regard to the example you have given I can't comment on that as numerous factors are taken into consideration as it's not just a case of the highest team rating will win all the time as managers would soon get bored and leave. The feedback that we got from our community was that managers just went on to the New Players page and gobbled up every young player going without knowing much about them. Have a scour around the forum and you'll be able to read this for yourself. On the app new players that are added to the database are only displayed for 24 hours. This has always been the case and it has now been implemented into the new UI. That way it will benefit those managers who spend the time scouting as they'll more than likely know that a player will be added and will keep an eye out for them. Puma7 has already covered some of this in that IF you spot a young talent early enough then you will reap the rewards and he has given a few examples. Re income we have increased prize money along with how much money enters an individual Game World. We will monitor this and make adjustments if necessary.
  22. Could you please report this as an in-game bug so that our support team can look into it - cheers.
  23. I've flagged this up as well as other messages notifying you for example that you've broker a club record etc.
  24. I've managed years with a very small squad of around 15 high rated players and the other 7 being mid range ones. Just rotate wisely and i'm not afraid to throw in a few low rated youth players if my schedule gets busy or injuries / suspensions hit. Everyone is different though and i'm sure if you posted in the Help section you'll get lots of good advice on your squad. It's been changed so that you are presented with a Game World ID to give to your friends. I understand the rationale behind it as a lot of people were complaining that it was misused. If I could find the thread re that I would do but i'm sure Omre(?) might be able to dig it up. If you continue with your success then your stadium will continue to be expanded at the start of each season as per the info in this blog article. However, i'll write a separate article with info on how stadium building works and publish it in the coming days.
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