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  1. Cheers for flagging this thread up Dan. There are some good ideas in your post and i've forwarded them on as we are currently making several changes to the systems that we have in place (so you can say that this is good timing to flag your proposals up).
  2. Yes' date=' it's all been passed on and tweaks are being made. This area is still being worked on. This still needs adding along with a mini calendar. This still needs adding. Not sure if the UI team are aware of this so i've flagged it up. We are still working on the Player Profile and the History is something that hasn't yet been worked on.
  3. We're currently working on a bug fix that has effected the fixtures for 26 October. Once this has been fixed the fixtures will be played and fitness will be updated accordingly so that no one loses out.
  4. The relaunch is happening to all Game Worlds.
  5. It's because you could create conflicting Team Instructions and we decided that all the play style instructions were covered by other instructions such as "men behind ball" which is basically Pressing - "Own Area" and Mentality "Defensive". Re other management features we'll be continuing to look into ways to improve the match engines going forward as we want this to be a key area of the game.
  6. There'll be an option to switch between the new and old interfaces for existing managers for a certain period of time. This has been removed.
  7. The changes will be introduced to every Game World when the game is relaunched. We are also going to recalibrate each Game World to reflect the new wages. This will basically increase all club's revenue in line with the new wages. Smaller clubs will be the main beneficiaries because of the equal distribution of TV revenue. Also throw into the equation the revised stadium building and attendances as highlighted in this post and your club will more than likely be better off then they are now.
  8. The history will be added along the stats as we're still working on these pages. Many thanks for this feedback and i've passed it on. The part that i've highlighted in bold is the concern that I raised and I said that it'd be something that a lot of people will flag up. I'm flagging this up once again.
  9. This bug has now been fixed as it were looking at the old valuations and not the new ones in the back end and that is why a lot of transfers were being rejected.
  10. Again this needs putting into a separate thread as this one is to discuss the changes that have been implemented into our test Game Worlds.
  11. You're better off putting the above into a new thread for others to discuss as we currently don't have any plans at this moment to change how you enter a Gold Championship. However, we can monitor the discussion to see what ideas everyone has and review at a future date. It's best to create a new thread to discuss additional rules to Custom Game Worlds as we aren't making any changes to them at present. Again we will monitor this thread and review it when we pencil in making any possible changes. With regards to a Custom Game World owner being able to remove a manager, that won't be introduced because from experience it will be misused. This has been requested before and I think the general consensus was that it weren't going to change but i'll flag it up once more. Please see this post. I can understand your reasoning for this as we discussed having it this way ourselves but decided against it as it can upset the balance within a Game World. That is why we have decided to make changes based as laid out within this post.
  12. Cheers i'll get that flagged up with the ui team. Spotted that earlier myself re the colours and i've flagged this up. I like seeing stats as well so understand what you mean by being able to see previous seasons. This shouldn't be excluded so it's been flagged up. Hopefully this will be added going forward and to start in the form of highlights.
  13. They've temporarily been put in but aren't staying as they currently are because we are planning on putting them to the right to cover the box where the Match Report button is.
  14. The new user interface has been rolled out into our test test Game Worlds. Please feel free to offer your thoughts on it as i'll pass them on to our UI and Dev teams.
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