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  1. Just a quick heads up to say we're aiming to get the new desktop UI into both test Game Worlds in the coming days. I'm also going to look at giving some of you access to the new app that we're working on. The app isn't finished but it'll give you an idea of the look and feel.
  2. We've fixed the problem that some of you were experiencing when logging in. Everything has returned to normal. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.
  3. We're experiencing a few problems with some Game Worlds in that managers are just seeing a blank white screen when they log in. We're currently investigating this problem and it should be resolved shortly.
  4. That doesn't sound right. I've flagged it up with the devs to look into.
  5. We'll be introducing a new user interface imminently to both test Game Worlds as per this post. Your feedback on this will be invaluable as we won't put it live until we are all happy with it.
  6. This hasn't been added into SM Worlds yet but it will be when we relaunch the game next month.
  7. One of the areas of work that we are currently working on which we posted in the Development Schedule post is Stadium Building & Attendances. You can read about how it currently works in the Help under the articles titled Stadium Building and Attendances. Based on our communities feedback we are going to make several changes to how this works so that smaller clubs and those coming up through the divisions can remain competitive. This is because over time some managers for example have built up a small club and turned them into a powerhouse. However, the success isn't reflected with their stadium capacity or attendance. The maximum capacity of 24,000 is being lifted as we want attendances to be more dynamic and based on your success. This means your fan base will dictate any increases to your stadium which will be made by your Chairman at the start of a new season. It will not cost your club any money as the Chairman will pay for this. So how will fan bases work? Well each club has a set fan base when a Game World is created. This fan base could increase over a period of time dependent on your success. However, the fan base will never increase to more than the club with the highest fan base within your league. Likewise just as a fan base will increase, it can also decrease if your club is underachieving.
  8. Yep it's a bug and it'll be fixed shortly.
  9. A combination of factors are taken into consideration [uSER=1105]craig[/uSER] for example a club's average squad rating compared to when the Game World started.
  10. You can read about recent changes to Chairman investments within this post.
  11. Just a very quick update to say that the above has now been implemented into our two test Game Worlds. It'll be tested over the coming weeks with the aim to putting it live to everyone late Summer.
  12. Just another quick update albeit a big one. The match engine from Soccer Manager 2015 has been transferred into the two test Game Worlds, ID 238724 & 239094. I know this is what the majority of you have been looking forward to since the dawn of time so the wait is over.
  13. Cash injections by your Chairman have always been in Soccer Manager Worlds and they only happen at the start of a new season. However, we have changed the threshold as it was very strict. It is now more generous and gives cash injections to clubs that are in a noncompetitive state.
  14. We are happy to announce the launch of our new SM Blog. It will contain football news, articles on up-coming players, tactical analysis as well as a whole host of other football related content. We also want members of our community to contribute with articles about the game, whether it's about your Game World, your success or anything else you'd like to write about. Please drop me a PM if you'd like to help out. Want to visit the SM Blog? Click here. Don't forget to bookmark it.
  15. ​[uSER=1105]craig[/uSER] [uSER=6721]Noisy[/uSER] drop me a PM. [uSER=90840]Sir Rahul[/uSER] i've justed replied to yours.
  16. I thought it would be better to expand on the work that we're currently undertaking so you have a better idea and it also includes some changes as well as new work based on the feedback on our forums as well as the Google Hangouts. I think this is quite a detailed summary and it's a lot for you to take in and digest. So grab yourself a brew, sit back and read on... Multiplayer Design Description MATCH ENGINE Engine The improvements made to the backend Match Engine in the Single Player game will be ported back to PHP and used in the multiplayer game. Overview of the engine improvements: Formation balancing - improved the results obtained with modern formations. Player Ratings have an exponential value in a match, so the better players will be even better for your team. Added more formations such as 4-2-3-1 narrow and 4-4-2 narrow diamond. Also made some alterations to existing formations so that they perform better in the match engine. Made player position penalties harsher. Examples include fullbacks not playing as well in a 3 man defense, wingers not playing as well one position infield from the wing etc. Removed some player / team instructions / styles that were covered by other options that have been left in. Attacking Style means there is an increased contribution from your midfielders against the opposition's midfielders and defense on the designated side of attack. Some examples of the effects of this are: An opportunity to exploit a 3 man defense as they score poorly for left and right sided defense, so playing with wingers will be successful; Trying to play down the middle with less midfielders in the centre than the opposition will worsen your midfield contribution to attack. Selecting a Playmaker will skew the attacking style slightly based on the playmakers position. Passing Style “Short” improves defense slightly, worsens attack slightly. “Direct” improves attack slightly, worsens defense slightly. “Longball” bypasses the midfield vs midfield “battle” and produces a slightly random result - works well for underdogs, quite random in success for better teams against worse teams. [*]Tempo “Slow” improves defense slightly and reduces fitness loss slightly “Fast” improves attack slightly and increases fitness loss slightly [*]Pressing “Own Area” improves defense slightly and reduces attack slightly “All Over” improves attack slightly and reduces defense slightly. [*]Mentality As before - self explanatory [*]Tackling Style As before, increased aggression = better defense at expense of increased changes of cards. [*]Improved match stats such as possession, corners and shots and player match ratings that are produced. UI / Commentary The score centre will be an improved to look more like the single player one (if there is time to do this). The commentary improvements from the single player game will be moved across (if possible, needs looking into) SQUAD SIZES / ECONOMY Player Values The algorithm for calculating a player's value has been changed to also include the player's potential rating and their morale, as well as what was taken into account before: rating; age; position. The players potential rating is the same value that is worked out on a daily cron and used in the single player game. As a player's morale decreases, so does his value. This should help stop “player hogging” as players who are not played and develop concerns will now also lose value. This should also help smaller clubs pick up better players for cheaper than their value and increase that value as the players morale increases. Player values will be the same for all clubs looking at the same player, meaning big clubs can compete for players again. There is a small range from the minimum bid possible and maximum bid possible. To increase the emphasis on cash in the game, clubs with more cash have a greater max cap to bid for a player. Players are also worth the same when offering in part exchange deals. There is no longer one chairman valuing a different from the other. Player Wages Player wages are being drastically increased for better players, this should help stop “player hogging” and force people to sell top players they are not using. Player Concerns Player concerns can no longer be bought off. Player concerns will remain with 5 levels of concern, and run 3 times a season, meaning a player would finally leave a club after 1.66 seasons (if seasons are 3 months, then after 5 months). MANAGER ACTIVITY Transfers Transfers auto collapsed after 7 days instead of 14. Increase the number of loan players you can take in from 3 to 5 players. More intelligent loan / transfer bids from AI teams. Clubs will only make bids for players that would actually get game time, needs to look at squad and decide. Can only do cash-only deals for players at unmanaged / external clubs. Can no longer set players to unavailable or set a minimum fee. Logging In Remove Holiday Mode. Keeping the number of days you have to log into a game world to be every 30 days. Have it so that a team plays worse when you are only logging in every 30 days to keep the team. Reduce player ratings passed into match engine when not logging in at least twice a week. CHEATING / SMFA Cheating When caught cheating, there will be no deals between the two managers for a week. The SMFA won’t block transfers now as the player values have been adjusted to prevent unfair deals / noobs getting fleeced. Allow them to send a support ticket in which will be read by human. NEW USERS / GAMEWORLDS Game World Search We have devised an algorithm which will calculate a rating for a Game World based on how active and social the game world is. A more social Game World has friends that are all friends with each other (more deeply linked). Higher scoring Game Worlds will appear higher on Game World searches / listings. Game Worlds will also be grouped by a language so that english speaking players will be directed to english speaking game worlds etc. Game World search is also getting a redesign which is beyond the scope of this document. Game World Reputation Game Worlds that have 15+ active managers will be classed as a “High Reputation Game World” and will only be accessible to users with a reputation of 42+. These Game Worlds will not show in searches or be available to new users unless they have been given a referral code to get in. “Low Reputation Game Worlds” will be classed as Game Worlds that have been created for new users specifically, or Game Worlds that have dropped below 5 active managers. These Game Worlds will be the ones accessible to new users. It is hoped that by keeping new users away from “High Reputation Game Worlds”, the quality of these Game Worlds will remain high, and it also means that Game Worlds that are dying and become “Low Reputation” will be given a shot in the arm by flooding new users in when they get to pre-season. “Dead Game Worlds” will be closed down when there is only one active manager left in them. New Users New users (Rep STADIUM BUILDING / ATTENDANCES Stadium Building The max capacity a stadium can be built to is currently 24,000 which is not enough for smaller clubs coming from lower divisions to remain competitive. This will be either be increased to a more realistic value. Attendances Revise the algorithm that calculates the attendances a club receives so it's more line with their current success.
  17. Pavillions Test Game World 2 has been created, Game World ID 239094. I'm going to restrict entry so that no more than 50% of clubs are managed. This should give us a clearer idea of some of the changes will impact due to it being a different environment do an English Championship.
  18. Not entirely sure where the best place is for this thread but i've taken a guess and say it's here. I'm in the process of setting up a blog for Soccer Manager. It'll be a good opportunity for me to update everyone re all things SM as not everyone visits the forum, uses twitter / Facebook etc. I thought i'd also be good to make it more interesting and mix it up with football related articles as well (probably why i've chosen this area of the forum). So the question is would any of you be interested in contributing to it? You could write about whatever you wanted, whether it's a scout report on a specific player, a match preview / review, tactical analysis, experience on SM, article on your Game World etc.
  19. Just another quick update to say that i'll be creating a test World Championship tomorrow morning. As soon as it's made i'll post the Game World ID. Anyone is welcome to join but I don't want it to be more than 50% full.
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