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  1. Yes, and we're currently working on this as it's one of the bugs that is a result of the servers crashing last Friday.
  2. Just a very quick update to say that hopefully the SM15 match engine will be in this test Game World be the end of the week. I'll keep you all posted on developments.
  3. I'm going to update the schedule of work in the coming days as i've sat down with the devs who are working on Worlds to discuss feedback from the Google Hangouts. So you'll all know where we are up to and see a few new things added to the list which I think will be a welcome addition.
  4. I've had a chat with the devs who work on SM Worlds and provided feedback from the Google Hangouts. We're going to add new improvements and features to our development schedule based on what our community have said. Due to this we're amending our schedule and will be posting it in the coming days.
  5. Cup fixtures didn't play in some Game Worlds on 3 August. We've now fixed this bug and they're currently being played. Fitness will be updated after the games so this shouldn't impact on your next fixture.
  6. All of the fixtures in the effected Game Worlds have now been rescheduled.
  7. We experienced problems with our servers on 31 July. This meant that some Game Worlds were down for approximately 24 hours whilst we carried out urgent work to get them back online. As a result of this we have had to reschedule fixtures from 31 July as well as 1 & 2 August. They will now be played a week later as the entire fixtures are being rescheduled. This means that your club will not be playing any fixtures until the weekend of 7 August. There are still a few outstanding issues that we are working to resolve. Thank you for your continued patience.
  8. We're currently rescheduling fixtures that have been missed and this will mean that your dates for fixtures will be added shortly.
  9. From our Facebook page: "We're still carrying out urgent work on some Game Worlds because we're in the process of rearranging fixtures due to the problems with our servers. This will be resolved later today." I'll keep everyone updated throughout today.
  10. The Game Worlds that were down for maintenance are now accessible but we're still carrying out some work and this will be resolved shortly.
  11. The Game Worlds that are down for maintenance will be back up approx 18:00 BST and tonight's games are being rescheduled.
  12. I'm in the process of trying to get another update so that I know what's happening to tonight's fixtures. Re Gold Days i'm suggesting that 2 days get reallocated to GM accounts.
  13. I've been advised that this could take several more hours! Depending when they're back up on running will effect whether tonight's fixtures will be rescheduled or even put back a few hours.
  14. We're still carrying out work on the servers as they're taking longer than expected. I'll keep everyone posted.
  15. Cheers for flagging this up Allan. I'll pass this on.
  16. Hi Daniel. We used to have a Danish version of Soccer Manager but we've recently removed it due to the poor translation coupled with the fact that the majority of Danes played in English. However, IF there is demand then we will consider having it professionally translated going forward.
  17. I agree with what you're saying and that's not the problem. The problem (which I discussed in the Google Hangouts) is someone who has say a 99, 95, 94, 94, 92, 91, 89 and an 88 rated forwards. That is what people have said in their feedback and it's also what we've identified. There is no need to have all of those forwards irrespective of who they are and what stage of their career they are at. In plain terms it's player hogging. Player Concerns aren't harsh or fast enough. This is something else we discussed in the Google Hangouts and what those involved agreed on. Making them harsher and speeding up the process will sort out the player hogging problem to a degree as it will make managers think about who they actually need.
  18. From our Facebook page: "Just a quick update re the Game World maintenance. There has been a serious hardware failure at our data centre in the USA. The Game Worlds that have been effected will be back up and available at 10:00 BST tomorrow. We are having to reschedule tonight's games for those Game Worlds that are effected."
  19. Any member of SM who uses the forum should have this facility switched on. I'll ask them to switch it on as it's just good customer service (even though I am your main point of contact). Fire me a PM with the ticket no and i'll get it chased up.
  20. We're currently carrying out some urgent maintenance in some Game Worlds. This will be finished shortly and we're sorry for any disruption that this may cause.
  21. Many thanks for joining me last night. I've really enjoyed the Google Hangouts this week and talking about our plans and listening to what you've all got to say. I've said in every Hangout to date that the last thing we want to do is ruin the experience of those who manage small clubs. That is why it's important for those in our test Game World to give as much feedback as possible because this is so important in what we're currently developing.
  22. Just a quick post to say that yesterdays Google Hangout went really well. A big thanks to those of you who took the time to talk to me as it's really appreciated. Some of you like [uSER=14261]Alurcard[/uSER] are forumers and others aren't so it was good to have a mix. I hope that you found it productive as well? I've got another one tonight at 10:00pm BST which is full and then another on Friday. Unfortunately i've had to cancel the one on Thursday as somethings come up at my end. What i'll do after the last Hangout is put together a summary of everything we've discussed and post it for all to see.
  23. We have one member of our community join us yesterday that didn't use a webcam and just used the chat facility. They listened to everything we discussed and chipped in from time to time with text messages that we could all see. We then discussed those points raised. It worked really really well.
  24. A club's Chairman is always looking to maximise revenue. If it's feasible one of the options is to build a new stadium or to expand their current one. This means that they generate additional revenue and it also accommodates their new fans who they've attracted because of their success. We all know that fans are fickle. Your club's doing well and the stadium is packed week in week out. Results start going the wrong way and they start to stay away in their droves. Your club is promoted and all of a sudden new fans creep out of the woodwork and start attending games. Your clubs is relegated and these new fans go back into the shadows. This is the life of some football fans who attend games. This is how it should be in Soccer Manager Worlds. Your attendances should be based on your club's success as should your Chairman considering increasing your stadium.
  25. This is a problem whether people like to admit it or not. A lot of feedback we've received from new users are put of staying in an established Game World because managers with super squads just won't sell anyone for cash and that includes fringe players they don't even need. We're going to focus a lot of work over the coming weeks on user journeys and tutorials. This along with the other work that we've got planned will hopefully sort out the problems that we've identified.
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