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  1. We touched on this in yesterdays Google hangout and i'm about to do a new thread on stadium building and attendances. We need to have a certain amount of clubs unmanaged so that we can see how they operate within the transfer market. I have suggested that we create two further test Game Worlds, a World Championship and a Gold Championship, as people act differently in them compared to the English.
  2. Well this has hasn't got off to a good start as the link that I sent out has expired! I've sent those that are coming a message to advise them and i'll try and get it rearranged.
  3. One of the problems that we've seen over the years is a new manager entering an established Game World. We've come up with some improvements on how we can improve their experience. In a nutshell... We want it to be harder for a new manager to get into an existing Game World to maintain the quality for existing managers. Make it easier for new managers to get lose their club. We want it to be easier for a new manager to find the most relevant Game World when wanting to join one. Once they become an active manager, give them more slots to encourage them to become more active. Specifics... New managers (SM Rep 40-42) lose their club after 7 days of inactivity. Have to complete their SM Profile to have access to some Game Worlds. Notifications and Emails about forthcoming games. Can only join a Game World at the start of a new season or with a Game World ID. Able to see inside a Game World before selecting a club. A better Game World Search Tool. Show most relevant Game World based on how full, language, average reputation, friends, favorite club etc. Shut down empty Game Worlds. Lower users Game Worlds out of listings, get into it via a code. Generous with giving away more Game World slots to active managers. Improved Game World economies making it harder to build super squads. International management and SMFA Cups free to active managers. Please give your thoughts and feedback.
  4. I've suggested we create a second test Game World, for example a World Championship, as that's a different environment to an English one. Could even argue that we create a test environment for a Gold Championship as well.
  5. I'll just give my views on attendances and stadium building. I've been in a very old Gold Championship since day one. I'd say i've probably got one of the best squads in the Game World. During my time i've won: Charity Shield x5 Division 2 x1 Division 1 x6 Spanish Cup x5 Spanish Shield x4 SMFA Cup x3 SMFA Shield x1 SMFA Super Cup x2 Not a bad trophy cabinet and i'd say not many can match it in the Game World. So what am I getting at? In the first few seasons my stadium went from a 6,000 capacity to 24,000. However, my average attendance is only 17,759 despite what i've already mentioned. My club isn't in debt as i'm quite shrewd in the transfer market. Surely a successful club like mine should have a larger stadium and see it packed week in week out whilst i'm successful? That's what I as a manager want to see. So i'm on your side not against you. What I want to see and what i'm going to put forward is for attendances to be more dynamic. As some have suggested they should go up / down dependent on your success. As you rise through the divisions they should gradually increase to the league's average. I also think you should have the chance to expand your stadium in certain circumstances using your clubs money. Not every club should be able to do this as it should be dependent on a few factors for example your success, current stadium size, current division etc. However, I don't want to see a club with an already large stadium expand it as that'll just negate my stadium expansion in terms of closing the gap. I'm having a meeting early next week with the Devs who are working on SM Worlds and this is what i'm going to put forward.
  6. I've not seen your PM but there's a bug surrounding messages which vbulletin are currently looking into that I flagged up with Pete. My messages are being displayed but when I click to view one of them and go out it'll vanish from my inbox or likewise if you click from Inbox to Messages then some vanish. If you let me know which you'd like to attend i'll pencil you in. If anyone else would like to join us, please let me know. There's only one or two places left on each of 27 to 29 and quite a few on 31. Surprisingly no one has put their name down for 30 so it's looking like we'll have to cancel this one.
  7. There's still a few spots left for the Google hangouts that i'm organising. It's a fantastic opportunity to speak to us re our plans.
  8. I'm going to throw something into the mix here as it's to do with transfer fees, wages, prize money etc. People have to remember that the TV money that Premier League clubs get has warped football and in particular the English clubs. Look at the transfer fees that Premier League clubs pay. Some of them are laughable when you consider the player involved. It's the same as wages. I'm not going to start quoting stats about how much prize money they get either as we all know that clubs like Stoke City get more for finishing mid table than someone like Sevilla for finishing 5th in La Liga or Ajax for winning the Eredivise. So why am I flagging this up? Because I believe that a lot of people are using the Premier League as a benchmark for Soccer Manager in terms of the aforementioned and that's wrong. It's warped! You could also throw attendances into the mix. This is a good website to go to to look at attendance across Europe for this and past seasons across numerous leagues. The simple fact is there are only two leagues that are well supported and get good average attendances, the Premier League and the Bundesliga, who got averages of 36,018 and 43,014 respectively. In The French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish top flights they average 21,864, 22,051, 10,249 and 26,626 respectively and they're some of the top leagues in Europe. They aren't great average attendances and these figures are skewered if you dig into it. Take Spain for example. Bar Barcelona, Madrid, Atletico, Athletic, Sevilla and Valencia, the rest averaged less than 22,000 last season. Similar story in Italy. Slightly worse in France. Dreadful in Portugal. I won't even mention the rest of Europe! Again this has been thrown into the mix as people are using the Premier League as a benchmark for Soccer Manager in terms of the aforementioned and that's wrong. It's warped! Just something to mull over.
  9. Could you post both please as that way everyone can see what's happening - cheers.
  10. As promised we've created a test Game World as per this post. Spaces are limited to 50 managers and those that have registered to take part in our Google hangouts will have priority. The above has been added to this test Game World, so i'm sure you'll all start to see feedback re this in the coming weeks.
  11. The changes that I listed here are live within this Game World, so this is what you need to look at and provide feedback on.
  12. We've created a new test Game World called Pavillions Test Game World. Game World ID 238724. Please feel free to apply for a club. When you enter it you'll see new player valuations/wages and it's different when constructing deals. This is only on the desktop version, not the app. We will be introducing other new features over the next few weeks including a new a match engine at the end of the month. Please leave as much feedback/bugs as possible Thanks.
  13. Places are starting to fill up. So if you'd like to have a say about the developments we're currently underway with and also what we've got planned, then now's the time to register your interest.
  14. I'll be holding a series of Google hangouts the w/c 27 July. I'll be discussing out plans for SM Worlds during the hangout and you'll have the chance to provide feedback as well as raise any other subjects re the game. Those that take part will be invited into our new test Game World, were we'll be testing all the new improvements and you'll be able to help shape how these develop. If you'd like to join me, simply drop me a PM.
  15. Guys please see the above. It's a perfect opportunity to discuss our proposals with us and those that take part will be invited into our test Game World to give feedback on the proposed changes.
  16. Drop us an email at contactus@soccermanager.com or send me a PM.
  17. Places are limited so if you want to chat to me as well as some of the other members of the team, you need to register your interest quickly.
  18. Interesting reading the debate that's going on as i've just caught up. I'll try and respond to everyone tomorrow. Until then i'll give a quick update.... We're going to create a test Game World where we can introduce all of these changes as I didn't want them to just go live without our communities feedback. We've done this in the past with SM Westgate and this worked quite well. The new UI will be in there as well. We recently moved to a new HQ and someone from another local office popped in as he noticed our sign outside the building. It was brilliant chatting to someone who'd been playing SM for 8 years and listening to what he had to say about the game. This gave me the idea to start holding focus groups once a month at our We're planning on holding our first focus group on Wednesday 27th July at our HQ in Preston, Lancashire at 7pm. I'd love to meet some of our community in person and let you know what we're planning and listen to what you have to say. It'll be informal don't worry and we'll put food on as well as some beers and have a good chat about the game. Needless to say if you're interested in coming along, please drop me a PM.
  19. It's up to the Game World owner what they set the required log in to and if they wanted they could set it to 14 days for example.
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