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  1. If anyone can get Amartey in their worlds go for it. Someone with him may let him go cheap as he's not been playing. However, he played against Swansea on Saturday and looked like he filled Kante's boots nicely. Think he'll become a star! Definitely made more of an impression than Mendy so far!
  2. Only just realised this forum is back online! When did that happen? The changed forum was awful
  3. Pretty much every Leicester player is guaranteed a good rise. Morgan is very low rated, Simpson, Albrighton should all get good rises. Kante should reach 90 but probably won't. Mahrez deserves 91 with his POTY award, Vardy 90, Schmeichel 89. I could go on....
  4. What has happened to Matheus? Last season I thought he was destined for big things? Boly worth picking up for more rises then? I see he's still pretty cheap
  5. Thanks. I'll get this rise then cash in.
  6. If they're done in Feb/March then they won't get another review at season end. Think the handful of players they reviewed in October are their winter review. Very poor. Some big rises missing.
  7. Is Ferreira another from the Braga production line that will be a great prospect?
  8. I assume the couple of Eredivisie increases in October are the Dutch reviews done? This winter review leaves a LOT to be desired...
  9. Leicester should have had a lot more love. Kante and Drinkwater should have had +2's not 1's. Morgan has been one of the best defenders in the league and played every minute of every game as captain and stayed at 85. Albrighton has been on the fringe of an England call up and should have had a minimum +1. Going to watch them every week I struggle to find a man of the match as the whole TEAM are playing so well. Then the likes of Martial, who has blown hot and cold at a team that is vastly underperforming gets the same rise as Vardy and Mahrez! I'd like to think that if Leicester are in the top 4 at season end that no player will be rated under 87/88, but I'm not holding my breath...
  10. Dominik Solanke only +2????????? 1168 minutes, 5 goals and an assist and he rises from 76-78. Seriously? Some of these reviews have been ludicrous..... Unless he rises again when the Eredivisie gets reviewed. Can't understand why that's reviewed late this time!
  11. Pretty poor reviews today. Was expecting Tah to get a +2/3. Only a +1 to 86 despite playing every minute of every game. A total of 2340 minutes! Also De Blasis for Mainz. Played 1000 minutes and still only at 85. I'm sure there's many more but these were just 2 I picked out! Seems they're rushing the reviews through. They still haven't even done the Eredivisie yet and they normally come before the big leagues!
  12. Well done on resurrecting this thread Pedro. The forums have really gone to pot since they were hacked! Kante +1 Eric Bailly +3 Vardy and Mahrez +2 Albrighton +1/2 Drinkwater +1/2 Danny Simpson +1 Robert Huth +1 Wes Morgan +1 Albrighton and Drinkwater deserve +2 and also Kante but can only see SM doing +1's for each
  13. Yes. Only 1 page comes up. Needs fixing!
  14. Great. Thanks. I also notice there's a check box to automatically load the default database when you login. About time they did this. It was ridiculous having to keep manually updating it!
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