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  1. I want to start by thanking you guys for allowing the switch back to the old UI. I have been on SM since 2008, I’m a Gold Member and I log on multiple times every day so I hope you can take what I have to say into consideration. One the of the things I liked about SM since you introduced the single player game (SPG) was the clear division between the SPG and the MPG not only in terms of gameplay but in terms of appearance. I feel like this is an important factor in keeping both sides interesting, having that clear division. If you are a player like me who doesn’t care too much about one or the other, that delineation made you feel as if you could stick to the one you like without having to feel like you’re in the other. This has now been totally ruined since you introduced the new UI. Personally, one of the main reasons the SPG did not appeal to me was specifically because of its UI so to have you incorporate a similar sort of thing into the MPG is quite depressing. This brings me to my main criticism for the new UI. As already mentioned by many users, the new UI is way too cluttered, too big, claustrophobic and way too in your face. For a user like me who frequents SM multiple times daily, this has had a huge negative impact on my gaming experience making it way more of a chore. It is just too much to take in, why must everything be so big or need a whole new window to be devoted to it? What made the old UI better was not only how different it is from the SPG UI but because of the minimalistic approach. The small pop-up windows to view a player’s info, the Match Previews, league table info etc. were better because you simply did not need to devote a whole page to view all that info. It was easy to navigate and didn’t need to be in your face like that. That goes for the Squad page and pretty much everything else. I am sure users and developers alike want to streamline and improve the UI and on this note you guys have taken a step back by going with the flashier and bigger is better approach. The last thing you want to do is make the experience more taxing and this is exactly what you have done. LESS IS MORE! A MINIMALIST approach will make the experience less of a chore rather than a barrage. Here are some further points: News Feed: The News Feeds both GW and Club alike are the first things managers want to see when they access a club so as mentioned by many already, please make this more of the focus of the page rather than relegating it to the bottom. Club/Manager List: The clubs list does not need to be that big and take up that much space as it is not as important. Making it smaller and returning the option to offer clubs to managers would be better. Match Preview Pop Up Window: The old Match Preview pop up window was one of the most interesting things about facing a new opponent. Turning it into a whole new window and getting rid of info like stadium capacity and weather etc has just killed that. Honestly, the MP from the old UI was perfect, all it needed was additional stats Club Notifications: could you also add that to the club list drop down menu that way users don’t have to navigate back to the club pages list to see which clubs have notifications or try and remember all their clubs that have notifications. This has been a thorn in my side for the longest and I’m sure many would agree. Club List Drop Down Menu: every now and then some of your clubs listed gets cut off on the side of the screen so this needs fixing. Also, I don’t really understand why you guys decided to start listing the clubs from starting from the bottom going up. A return to descending order would make more sense. Chat Box: I noticed that the other day when someone initiated a chat with me I couldn’t see what they wrote. Most of the little bubble containing the text was cut off for some reason. Calendar: The old calendar where you could see up to four days was great because it allowed you to plan two matches ahead but it was small and up in the corner so it wasn’t too intrusive. Please consider working this into the new UI. Pop-up Windows: Please consider bringing these back. Having to constantly navigate through pages is unnecessary when the info such as Player info for example, can come up as a pop up window on that same squad page. Match Preview Window, Past league winners window, league table in depth window etc. This is an example of how you guys have regressed by taking away features you didn’t even realize were very useful already and made the experience smoother. Size: Everything as I mentioned before is just too big and in your face. The new UI just barrages you. Making everything smaller would be easier on the eyes and less of an onslaught. Perhaps you guys did this because you made the new UI require a full window view? I don’t think the new one size fits all approach is very good. LESS IS MORE! I appreciate the fact that you guys have to balance attracting new members while keeping the older ones satisfied. It is not easy but it does seem that a large part of the community agrees on a lot of issues. This is all for now but please consider what I have said. Thanks
  2. this has been an issue for the longest time which SM has failed to address despite many users asking for it. I am in setups where managers are only interested in hogging hundreds (yes hundreds) of players, inviting their friends, then selling them at inflated prices. This causes prices of players to get inflated and it forces you into having to stockpile players too like an arms race or something to be able to compete. A squad cap is definitely needed for standard GW and there should be options for Custom GW on what the cap should be and if it should be on or off.
  3. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development @Shelbourne Personally I don't have any issue with the concerns; in fact I think they are necessary. "selling off players like Xabi, Pirlo etc" is a gross exaggeration. I've been on SM for a while now and just like you have had to deal with giving younger players games. If you can't rotate your squad and give them the games then I think that is a problem on your side. There's no reason you should have to sell off the likes of Xavi etc to accomodate young players. Cup matches and substitute appearances count as well so unless you have a ridiculously huge squad, I don't see why this should be an issue. Concerns are needed to counter the managers who horde players, especially youths and deprive others of players they never play only to wait for their rating to go up then sell them and inflated prices. And there are a lot of managers like this on SM which drives me crazy so I can't really agree with your complaint.
  4. Re: Anything and Everything on SM Development I appreciate how SM put in place the "concerns" feature as there are some managers more interested in hoarding players than actually playing to win. However, the option to increase a player's wages in order to lower his concerns has created some issues. I'm talking about managers hoarding players, never rotating their squads so they end up offering players with concerns higher wages multiple times to keep them. This completely distorts reasonable wages and makes it hard for another manager who actually cares about his budget to buy a player. Yesterday in one GW I play in, I saw Schmelzer, age 25/6? rated 91 on wages of 400,000. Yes, FOUR HUNDRED K wages. I think most would agree that that's just madness and should not be allowed. One of my clubs, I made the mistake of not looking at the players' wages before I took over only to realise later on that nearly half my first team is on wages of 100k plus. About six or seven players when only two of them were rated 95 and above. I have Vertonghen and Courtois on 100k apiece and now I'm trying to offload them all and find replacements. What I'm basically suggesting is that SM either limits the amount of times you can increase wages for players with concerns, put a cap on the amount or just get rid of the feature completely. I've been on SM since 2008 and managed a bunch of clubs and I have never once had to increase wages based on player concerns unless I took over a club where players were on the verge of leaving. It would encourage managers to rotate rather than hoard players making it difficult for others to sign these players. It would also be nice to know exactly how much in terms of wages you'd have to pay a player when your making a bid for him as well
  5. Re: Stadium Building Stadium building would be a massive boost for those of us running on deficits or losing money every turn. But more fundamentally, it would be nice if SM looked at the attendance issue as well. If you are successful and winning trophies left and right and finish consistently near the top of the table, your stadium should be full every match day, especially if you are a small club. With some of my clubs I still can't get a sell out crowd even though I always in trophies and finish in the top three. It's very frustrating and unfair to think of all you've won and the money you are still losing cuz your stadium is not full
  6. Re: The Minor Improvments Thread SM really should change the Create a Gameworld page. I am specifically talking about the page where you input clubs into divisions after you've bought a Custom GW. This tedious business of having to input clubs by clicking on every link could be much better to facilitate this, especially if you don't have such a fast internet connection and you have to input a lot of clubs. Twice, when trying to input all the clubs I want, the page has either died on me cuz of my internet or the stupid site logs me off automatically then I have to start from scratch again at the least you could put a SAVE feature. So I can input some clubs, leave and come back and continue. Even better would be also totally redoing the page so it wouldn't be a link you have to click (in my case 100 clubs so 100 links). This would make it so every time you have to input one club, you don't have to navigate pages twice. Remember, this is an international site. You have people from all over the globe on SM and in some places, internet sucks and makes tasks like this very frustrating. I'll go cool off now after having wasted over an hour and try it again later and hopefully I will be able to get the gameworld done
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