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  1. Re: Boca Juniors - who can i sign ? lol sorry here it is http://www.soccermanager.com/squad.php?clubid=499336
  2. Re: Boca Juniors - who can i sign ? sorry lol http://www.soccermanager.com/squad.php?clubid=499336
  3. Re: Boca Juniors - who can i sign ? sorry for the inconveniance do you think you could help my "new" ajax Info Nat Player Pos Age Rt Morale SM Val Chair Val TB AvP App GS Ctr Sal As MoM YC RC Ft Con Int OSPINA, David GG 19 85 Okay £4.9M £6.4M - 6.27 15(0) 0 2 yrs £20,250 0 1 0 0 R 100 - HEIJBLOK, Erik GG 29 80 Terrible £1.4M £1.0M - 0.00 0(0) 0 4 yrs £11,400 0 0 0 0 R 100 - VAN DUIN, Marco GG 21 74 Terrible £341k £190k - 0.00 0(0) 0 3 yrs £7,400 0 0 0 0 R 100 Int VERMEER, Kenneth GG 22 82 Terrible £2.9M £2.7M - 0.00 0(0) 0 3 yrs £11,250 0 0 0 0 R 100 - LUC
  4. what club could i start off with that has a history of very good young players e.g arsenal,ajax etc the club does not neccesarily have to be big thanyou for reading the post if you feel you can add any suggestions please do regards nathan
  5. Re: Boca Juniors - who can i sign ? before anyone post's i have just quit as manager of boca as i feel i could with a young sqaud to start off with sorry for the inconveniance Nathan
  6. Re: Hi Fellow Forumers ive read through the forum guide so i know where to post and create a new thread thanks for youre reply do you think you could help my other thread in who to sign Thread : boca juniors - who to sign? any help is much appreciated regards nathan
  7. Hi fellow forumers i have just joined the forum in order to expand my current football knowledge and help to expand others My aim : i will give my best advice to those who are need , so feel free to ask me about anythink i hope within the future i can be a recognised member of the forum and by aimng at this i will try to achieve as much as i can on here A bit about me age - 15 support - chelsea, ac milan ,ajax best knowledge - upcoming stars , anythink to do with my favourate clubs and giving advice thankyou for taking the time to read my post Regards Nathan
  8. hi all i am fairly new to sm and i need some advice on my ajax The aim - i want to build a young team ,full of upcoming stars and then sell them in the future for higer fees to raise money for my club The problem i am facing is my current sqaud Move players from your senior team squad into your youth squad if they are 21 years or below. This will enable you to organise your squad better. Players can be moved between the two squads freely throughout the season. Limit Displayed Players Show positions: GoalkeepersDefendersMidfieldersForwards Rating between: 6065707580859095 and 999590
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