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  1. SM really have turned their back on this game. Alot of the popular gameworlds are overrun with cheats. SM are bang on when coming to penalise subscription paying customers from speaking out against cheats on the newsfeeds by banning them but the cheats themselves roam free. Theres some good customs out there that act as a kind of refuge from bad vibes going on on the premium gameworlds. The best customs however need a one or 2 rules which can only be brought in as a gentlemens agreement but theres always one prepared to spoil it. I got to be honest though. It does feel like in here that t
  2. They've done away with ratings to finally put the nail in the coffin of 250+ player squads. Finally we can get on with soccer managing instead of putting together an investment portfolio. Who needs a squad cap? This is genius.
  3. At last. Now at least big squad managers are being encouraged to get involved in long time stagnant transfer activity whether they want to or not.
  4. This is a very pleasing sight to be honest. I know plenty of managers who would happy to see so much blue on such a squad. Bravo to SM says me
  5. All I can say on this subject is its not my experience but my top players are always first on the team sheet. Speaking broadly about Concerns they dont seem to be going far enough at present. One of the 250 player squads in my gameworld has only 30 players on concerns and none of those are anywhere near first team. One of those on concerns is a 73 rated youth yet there are over 100 youths with older and of higher rating. It all seems random to me.
  6. What am I missing here? I have a squad of 50 players and I experience no concerns. Im hearing that managers not playing players stand to lose them. This is well over due. If this was happening to me Id take it as a challenge. Freeing up players that arent playing I totally agree with. The changes have brought one or two more cash deals between managers but ratcheting up concerns could really ignite long stagnant transfer markets.
  7. Alot of the talk of squad caps comes because of these 100/200+ player squads. I thought with the changes we might see managers culling these squads. I only play in the most popular GC and to date these mass culls aren't occuring within the bigger squads. Theres one squad I know of in particular has over 200 players he has many 23+ years old players hes allowed to get level 2/3 concerns that are from obscure leagues never likely to make it big time. You think to yourself why doesnt he offload them but time after time he'll just wait until they go level 5 concern and lose them that way instead.
  8. It is infuriating that all free agents seem to go to the same clubs but thats not a new thing. Since the changes they just now go to a different small group of clubs. There needs to be a greater distribution of players. SM Steven bangs on about researching players but theres little point in that if one or 3 teams are bulk buying free agents on mass. Every team in my opinion should have a Super bid which beats all other bids but they can only use it once in a season. You'd have to be selective in your choices then and stop this game ruining speculative bulk buying.
  9. Im all for sackings. Evicting cheaters sounds like a thoroughly good idea. Theres a section of unscrupulous owners this will go to their head so I suggest 1 or 2 sackings per season for game owners so managers arent sacked on a whim. Limiting the sackings might give a more considered approach.
  10. There definately seems an effort to create a gulf between the big and small clubs. In fairness big clubs clout in SM is greatly diminished and small clubs have flourished. In GC1 there is a team whose real life stadium is under 10,000 yet sits aloft the top of their division with 250 players with the biggest wage bill in the setup. Traditionally big teams like a Tottenham languish seemingly unable to compete. It has gone mad. The changes have gone too far though. I thought I had a sensible squad of around 40-50 players but even that is too many if I want to break even.
  11. I cant believe theres not been a round of 'Chairman Investments' to see teams through this transition period. I know it only supposed to happen at the start of the season but surely it should have happened at the same time of the changes. You hear so many managers hit hard on finances.
  12. Ah yes. The old transfer stalemate where 2 teams submit exactly the same bid. All to common these days. Seems a no brainer to me. Surely the team with the least players gets their man. The route to first team is more clearer. If teams want to win an impasse. Sell players. The gameworlds a better place. Simples.
  13. I dont understand this. If theres a bid you dont care for you ignore it. Ignorance is common place in my gameworlds. Mes thinks some peepz need to get with the programme.
  14. Not sure about this Schalke Tax on loans. Are small clubs not suffering enough with these changes without having to pay the Schalke tax to the big boys. The Schalke Tax also gives an extra income stream to hoarders. I thought we were trying to move away from that type of management game. Salute you on the player contracts idea. Smashing. Its anti hoarding and offers small clubs a plethora of out of contract players to choose from. It could be just the shot in the arm this game needs.
  15. Ive noticed that when bidding on players 5 or 6 rival max bids are exactly the same? I wonder how it is decided who gets the player? Id like to think a decision is based randomly but knowing SM it probably decided by who has the most Russians. Or even more unfairer. Who has the most money.
  16. Id heard that the option to make a player unavailable was being withdrawn. Yet in my gameworld there are still many teams with whole squads still unavailable. Have you had a rethink or is this change to come soon?
  17. If you mention the term 'Squad Cap' in any particular thread over 50 times it auto deletes. Probably.
  18. One of the better changes. Well overdue.
  19. Turn 16 and despite me not playing my top players, only level 1 concerns. Its a brave new world of daring new fonts but somethings never change.
  20. True enough. Far too easy to have a 250 player squad and be pretty much unaffected by concerns.
  21. I dont get it. Why would folk hoover up loads of lower rated players if the 'riser game' has been made redundant? Wheres the incentive? This sounds good to me. No monetary value rises til say 82. Finally the end of 250 player squads.
  22. You may have missed the point SM are trying to make. These changes are for the most part pro the big club. Afterall big club managers create far more revenue for SM than Torquay United managers and their like. Theyll not entertain any restrictions on big clubs. Im not in favour of the the small club bubble. The 250 player squad full of risers model can indeed be profitable but it shouldnt be the way. Its so unrealistic. Smaller squads and smaller clubs able to sell their players for significantly more money to generate more money for smaller clubs
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