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  1. I've had a cash offer for Chukwueze, £27million, i have a weak squad and could really do with the cash to invest but i want to hold on to good young players with potential, should i sell? or is he not really worth holding on to after being injured for months?
  2. Used to play KJC games for years when i was a kid, robbing my dads cheque book to pay for it, he never ever noticed!
  3. The site has been funny for a few weeks now, shame we will never get an answer
  4. How do we deal with blatant cheating in a GW? Many of us have reported trasnfer deals as illegal but SM see nothing suspicious even though it blatantly is!
  5. Rodrigo de paul, Johnathan David, Nkunku or Malen? all just become available
  6. I'm in a game world where i don't have a lot of money ( Around £2million) and i don't have a very good squad compared to the rest of the division Any good risers i could buy??
  7. I need a cheap LB that will rise to 87-89 soon, Any recommendations ?
  8. What instructions do you use for 4321-B?
  9. Best under 18 DM excluding Camavinga and Gravenbach
  10. Feels like i've been waiting forever for the USA review
  11. Best LB to buy under £4million? potential and likely to rise this season
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