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  1. Best LB to buy under £4million? potential and likely to rise this season
  2. i think any formation with messi and neymar in it is going to do alright
  3. The game sorry haha Also should i sell Shabanov now he's had his rise?
  4. Anyone noticed the 433 formation is not as effective anymore and the 4231 seems to be the go to formation again?
  5. So the netherlands is getting reviewed AGAIN? what the hell is going on in the SM HQ! Still waiting for USA to be done ffs haha
  6. Should i sell E.Owsu and Z.Youssouf? Is Reggie Cannon worth keeping hold of after a move to Boavista? Also is A.Sigurdsson due a rise when they finally get round to Russia...
  7. Very useful! just Hope SM get round to doing them leagues soon!
  8. Those 2 probably going to be out of reach for me, Lamptey is TB'd till November which by the time i'll be in the red which rules out Tyler Adams completely Would be ok if the american review got started, have a tonne of players waiting for rises to make a profit on
  9. Dodo already taken and i have Mykolenko as well but seems like i've been waiting for ever for him to have his rise
  10. Any cheap RB or LB that are going to rise to 86/87/88 soon? i currently have 2 82 rated players playing RB and LB but they are not good enough for the division but i don't have a lot of cash either
  11. Ukraine been done and Ah right, reckon they'll re-visit ukraine? i have Artem Shabanov im sure he had a predicted rise?
  12. What league is being reviewed? is it Turkey at the moment?
  13. Still so sign of USA being done?? been waiting for ever haha
  14. its horrendous, a sign of the times that the SM bosses really do not care about the small community still using the forums
  15. Has the forum lay out changed for anyone else? theres now like a side bar as well as the forum? Everything seems squeezed now, i don't like it any idea how i can change it back to how it was before? 😀
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