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  1. Maguire +1 really? i can't see it happening
  2. Anyone think Mahrez has an outside chance of getting +1?
  3. Vardy +1? The only thing that might stop him getting a rise is his age, but surely he deserves it?
  4. I've only conceded 33 goals this season in 25 games, not the worst but I'm not scoring enough
  5. Anyone ever had success with "Very Attacking" tactic?? I have Aguero (95) as my striker, but i'd say i'm probably one of the weaker squads in the league, but yet despite my Very attack minded tactics, i hardly score any goals, my back up striker T.Hazard actually has the most league goals for me! This is my team 433 - Very Attacking - Hard Tackling - Fast Tempo - Pressing all over - Counter Attack - Target Man (Aguero) Ederson Walker - Rudiger - Orban - Schulz Busquets Gundogan - Partey Gnarby - Aguero - Pepe
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