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  1. Re: Steven Gerrard - Unfair Rating I think if liverpool win the league this season and him and torres continue there fantastic partership then i think they will both rise, Especially if they both do well in the world cup (or are the ratings changing before then?)
  2. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Who to sell out of these if any? Kevin PEZZONI Ferrie BODDE Darren PRATLEY
  3. Re: ONYEWU, Oguchi I bought him after his move to Milan, a mistake?
  4. Re: U21 future world XI All them players going to be future stars?
  5. SOCCER was rocked last night after a mega-rich sheikh revealed his family is poised to pour millions into . . . lowly BANGOR CITY. Cash ... Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan Gerallt Llewelyn The billionaire Arab - whose uncle owns MANCHESTER City - said he owed it to locals to "give something back" after going to university there. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, 26, declared he was not put off by the Welsh minnows' average crowd of just 400. The economics graduate insisted as he returned from oil-rich Abu Dhabi to pick up his doctorate: "I don't see any reason why my family wouldn't w
  6. Re: Inconsistent 352! Well i played a friendly against 2nd place and won 1-0, Malouda still playing rubbish though but Eto'o and Torres both got 8 even though none of them scored Would i be better putting Kuyt on the left?
  7. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread The summer leagues dont have players high enough for me, i need minimum 85 rise to 87/88
  8. Re: Inconsistent 352! Well i used to play Gerrard in the middle but Malouda was playing ***** so i shoved gerrard there and seem to go on a bit of a run, but then started losing again It's such an inconsistent tactic, i havent really tried anything other than 352 Maybe i can try swap malouda for a LM/AM
  9. Re: Players to keep hold of!! Glad i came accross this thread, Very helpful! Just wondered is there any 85ish rated players i should buy that might rise to 87/88 this season?
  10. Re: Inconsistent 352! What about passing? keep it as short and tempo as slow or fast? Ill give it a go in my next match
  11. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread My Bangor City Squad, 8m to spend! FOSTER, Ben Ln Gk 26 87 £5.1M FRATTALI, Pierluigi Gk 23 78 £1.2M SOLIMAN, El Hani Gk 24 60 £31k SCHENNIKOV, Georgi LB 18 83 £3.8M HRYNCHENKO, Andriy LB 23 80 £1.9M NAUGHTON, Kyle RB/LB 20 83 £3.6M MUSCAT, Manny RB 24 75 £487k GRANT, Rhyan RB/DM 18 70 £10k OTAMENDI, Nicolás CB 21 86 £5.3M MARTINEZ, Matías CB 21 82 £3.0M BURDISSO, Guillermo CB 20 82 £3.1M BELLUSCI, Giuseppe CB 19 82 £3.1M CHESNAKOV, Volodymyr CB 20 80 £2.1M JAKOVIC, Dejan CB/DM 24 75 £487k BUSCH, Beau CB/
  12. This is my current Liverpool starting 11 and subs (352 formation) Reina Carragher Skrtel Chiellini Makelele M.Rodriguez Mascherano Alonso Gerrard Torres Eto'o Subs Kuyt Arbeloa Aurelio Malouda Fellaini HARD tackling ATTACKING mentality SHORT passing MIXED attacking style SLOW tempo pressing OWN HALF Counter attack and Men Behind ball! Im currently 10th in my custom set up, But i have one of the best teams in this league, but just cant get it right tactically ive scored 62 but conceded 51 I was considering switching to a 4222 formation as my defence would be more solid
  13. Re: 80-85 rated players There not going to rise into the high 80's though are they? Im after players who will rise to 88 at least
  14. Re: 80-85 rated players Thre only rated 80 you think they would reach high 80's?? What about hendry thomas and james scotland both signed for Wigan?
  15. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread You might wanna ask each club at a time, nobody will be bothered to look through all your squads at once and tell you what to do
  16. Re: 80-85 rated players Any other players anybody? ive got 19m to spend now!
  17. Im onthe look out for some 80-85 (who will rise to the high 80's) rated players to improve my Bangor City squad, i only have 13m to spend at the moment and not a big ground so wages cant be too high Ive looked through the next predicted rating changes but there dosent seem to be alot rising above 85
  18. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread You say get rid of juninho, when is his rating likely to drop?? Can you reccomend some other right backs? yes i only have 1 GK, i dont know why either??
  19. Re: Which Part To Improve From My Squad Thread my Lyon Team, 11m to spend LLORIS, Hugo Gk 22 90 £7.9M GROSSO, Fabio LB/LM 31 91 £5.1M KOLODZIEJCZAK, Thimothee LB/LM 17 73 £214k REVEILLERE, Anthony RB/LB 29 89 £5.0M CLERC, François RB/RM 26 89 £6.3M GASSAMA, Lamine RB 19 83 £3.7M CRIS, Marques CB 32 91 £4.6M HANGELAND, Brede CB 28 89 £5.5M BOUMSONG, Jean-Alain CB 29 89 £5.0M VERMAELEN, Thomas CB/LB 23 88 £6.3M MENSAH, John CB/RB 26 88 £5.7M FAURE, Sébastien CB 18 75 £578k JUNINHO, Pernambucano CM/AM 34 93 £3.6M KALLSTROM, Kim CM/LM 26 91 £7.7M MAKOUN,
  20. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? i cant believe Rhyan GRANT rose 5 and is worth 20k less for me now! Shall i sell him or does he have a bright future?
  21. Re: Your View on the new season! You really think Wigan will go down?? I agree on Rooney but i dont think he will be the best player in the league, He will play alot better than last season without tevez and ronaldo Torres top scorer yeah thats nearly a certain innit?
  22. Whats everybody's view on the new season? Who will win the league? Whol will stay up? Who will be the shock team? Any players you tip to shine this year?? Anything, post it all in here
  23. Re: Premier League 09/10 [Fantasy Football] My Team Goalkeepers Reina Sorensen Defenders Terry Ferdinand Hangeland Espinozia Duff Midfielders Gerrard Murphy Essien Fletcher Neville Forwards Torres Agbonlahor Vokes As you cann see im relying on not getting any injuries to my starting 11!!
  24. Re: *New Wigan Sensation - Hendry Thomas* i bought him today
  25. Re: Big risers (money makers) Your best going round the different threads yourself, gozgooz summer one was good, simple enough to read all the risers but some other threads post loads of bio's of players aswlel
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