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  1. Really? Pepe has a lot more goals and assists, although Richarlison is a bit younger
  2. Richarlison and kabak for pepe? I'd be selling pepe...
  3. How good can Asensio be? +1?? Would i be better off keeping pepe or do a swap for asensio?
  4. Will depay get +1? What league is due to be reviewed next?
  5. I really hope Sarabia gets +1 in the summer, he scored again on the weekend, but i think Sevilla being 6th doesn't help!
  6. Next 90/91 rated players to hit 92 or higher ?
  7. Will T.Hazard or A.Plea get another rise this season?
  8. If Dortmund win the league, which of their players will get a rise?
  9. Depends what other CB's you have? the first deal is the best one, Son is definitely in for a rise i reckon
  10. Rate these? Maier ,Ozcan, Neuhaus, Rice, Wendel, Puig
  11. I need a young LB (Under 25) that will be 90 or 90+ in next season or 2? Any suggestions? A lot i'm finding are already taken
  12. ah i see! Well brilliant thread! definitely helped me out already
  13. Only just found this thread, what do the numbers in bold on the far right mean?
  14. I need some cheeeeeeap risers, help me out people i see no threads on them
  15. Is youngster William Bianda of Roma worth keeping?
  16. Swap Wan Bissaka for Zakaria? i'd be getting the latter..
  17. Merry christmas everyone But disappointed ben yedder didn't get a rise but Sarabia did!
  18. Rate these in order? T.Hazard, V.Luan, N.Pepe, A.Plea,Brahimi I need to sell at least one
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