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  1. Rate these T.Hazard, V.Luan, N.Pepe, A.Plea Also is Unai Nunez worth getting? Can't think of any other young spanish CB's to sign with a lot of potential?
  2. yes 451 worked, i used hard, direct all over pressing and attack down left flank
  3. I'm struggling so bad with my team in one Game world i haven't won a game yet and i'm bottom of the league i just can't beat anyone! Any tips on what formation and instructions to play? my defence is mostly 89/90 players, my midfield has 2 93 rate CM's and 90 rated AM/Wingers and i have 2 92 rated forwards so i'm not too bad in attack maybe its my defence?
  4. How to counter a 433 with a team a lot better than mine? Thinking of using 451
  5. Been offered Grimaldo and Ziyech for Partey Shall i get the duo or keep him?
  6. In that case, how can i do better in a league where every team is better than mine? i'm bottom of the league
  7. cheers man! already have Chukwuze and can't afford the others
  8. Anyone have any cheap risers for me? just taken over mansfield town in a GW and money is tight so need to raise some cash, thinking at least +5 in the next review
  9. Do tactics even make a difference anymore? i remember when i first started playing this game many years ago you'd see loads of smaller clubs causing upsets because of tactics but it's not been the same recently
  10. i've had both, messi up front and ronaldo AML 433
  11. isn't kramaric more likely to get +1 than Luan though?
  12. Rudiger or Dier? is it worth keeping rodrigo caio as well, i know he was linked with AC milan in the summer but nothing since!
  13. only because Dortmund are playing well Would Sommer be a better option?
  14. Eriksen for lemar,pickford and d.Sanchez/Cancelo?
  15. Saw a few of you said sell partey for someone who was asking a few pages back i have him as well but don't really have another right back, it's a competitive GW should i still sell? any alternatives that are not likely to be already taken?
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