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  1. Ramos last played RB in 2013. He’s exclusively played CB for 7 years. I think it’s time to remove it. He isn’t equipped to be a modern RB.
  2. This should be the case though. Too many players have these RB LB positions that just aren’t those kinds of players. So many CBs that are just CBs which is now correctly reflected
  3. Aurelien Tchouameni is on absolute fire now at Monaco. Surely at least a +3 the rate he’s going?
  4. Knowing the context of the GW I’d say it’s a fair deal but bear in mind Alberto is 29 in a couple of months (and good luck P/E him then). They both are safe on 92 and 91. Looking at your squad though Alberto would replace Muller and Correa would maybe sneak in ahead of Jota and Bailey I’m not sure you really benefit massively. Depends if you want to bring in younger players? So it’s fair if you want to lower the age of the squad. But I don’t think you need the depth.
  5. Cheers I said to the other manager could do Ocampos and JWP instead which I think is fair given his squad
  6. Marco Friedl due a rise? Played all minutes in Bundesliga reckon he can hit 88 end of season?
  7. Jean Manuel Mbom worth keeping or selling on for a better talent?
  8. Also Gelson Martins or Keita Balde?
  9. @Kieran_S91Adamu do you think his rise will come through or if it was a different edit? Hasn’t he gone on loan to St Gallen?
  10. Centre backs of high rating are notoriously difficult to find at a young age. I would imagine long term you would get better offers for Upamecano as CBs once risen only drop if there is a significant drop off in form. Strikers/Wide forwards need to be contributing consistently to maintain their ratings and so Werner is a riskier investment.
  11. I’d be inclined to keep the duo unless you need depth it’s a fair offer though I’m not too keen on Suso.
  12. Pellegrini got a shot at 92 this season with Roma?
  13. James Ward Prowse or Lindelof Thiago (very old squad at CM) or Pellegrini and Solomon
  14. @Sir Rahulis it possible to get a discord invite here too?
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