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  1. I prefer the youth side personally. I think De Ligt is a good CB of course but you have so much potential on the other side that if you waited another season you could be using them in bigger deals without losing all at once. De Ligt isn’t moving past 92 anytime soon whereas Garcia will move to 87/88 soon Reinier will be a guaranteed 90+ player soon enough and Ferland Mendy will be first choice at Madrid and likely to rise to 92 or higher depending on their season. You would be massively overpaying so keep what you have!
  2. Lafont + Lukebakio for Ocampos Lafont is behind Neuer and has level 3 concerns Lukebakio is my 5th best winger but looks good this season and last? If I reject this deal I feel I’m committed to Lafont
  3. Militao is a bit stuck but a good option for me though Grimaldo is the best of the bunch. Fullbacks are notoriously difficult to find at a good age 90+ and he’s very solid on 90. I’d imagine with the right move he could rise to 91. Rebic is another solid option but again many players like him are around and for me Andre Silva is the weakest purchase you could make.
  4. Pereira, Wan Bissaka, Cancelo, Milenkovic. Pereira is the best mix of current talent and age AWB is a solid 90 who could rise to 91 or higher at United, Cancelo is good for versatility and Milenkovic is just the biggest risk in my eyes.
  5. Personally I’d keep Mane. Coman is essentially useless to you as you have Pulisic and Sancho as younger better alternatives and Valverde isn’t enough on his own to warrant a sale. You’d be weakening your side for no good reason. Mane isn’t ancient is still at a great side and could move to another big club in future. You’ll still get 3 years out of him at a high rating and when he declines you already have great players to take his place.
  6. Personally Tierney. Could easily move to 90 this season and I always find it harder to have a solid 90+ LB than anything else.
  7. Locatelli and Jimenez for Immobile? Reckon he’s safe on 93? Don’t need Locatelli as I have Aouar and Koopmeiners Also Insigne + Matic for Pellegrini? Insigne would be the No10 and Matic would be depth at DM behind Rabiot. Thanks in advance
  8. Muller Pogba Koke Coutinho If you were asking who to sign though I’d go for Pogba. Will retain more of his value than the others and I think the rest are at their peak whereas Pogba could rise if he has a top season and one day will likely move to compete for CL football. Plus next season I see him playing a big role in France’s Euros
  9. Pellegrini = Draxler + Azpilicueta + Max Cash Pellegrini starts for me at No10 so Draxler would be the replacement and Azpi would be my best RB/LB and equal best CB. Draxler isn’t a starter for PSG but I think played enough to keep 91 and still plays for Germany so fair deal?
  10. There’s no guarantee of Edouard but he’s not needed or used by the other manager and they have a younger higher rated CF in the youth team. I guess the safe option is Reguillon and youth as at least he’ll definitely be a LB for a while longer despite two ratings lower. Thanks for your help!
  11. There’s no guarantee of Edouard but he’s not needed or used by the other manager and they have a younger higher rated CF in the youth team. I guess the safe option is Reguillon and youth as at least he’ll definitely be a LB for a while longer despite two ratings lower. Thanks for your help!
  12. Coutinho 100% Honestly stick with Pogba. Saul won’t rise more without moving, Lukaku is likely near his peak and Dybala too. Unless Inter start winning Serie A. Keep Pogba and review in December.
  13. I’m quite happy with my RB options for now I have Corona (Jesus not Virus) and Celik so it would purely be for LB. Im worried Cancelo could lose his LB ability. Im negotiating the other youth player to be Odsonne Edouard
  14. Big dilemma. Normally I have a good sense of deals but I can’t tell if this is ok or not. For context very competitive league and I’m desperate for a LB. I have only Vertonghen and no good youth coming through in the position. There is only Felipe Luis at external 90 rated but at 35 he’s not a long term option. Rodri is my best player value wise. Rodri = Rabiot + Reguillon + a youth player Rodri = Rabiot+ Cancelo Rodri = Azpicuelata + Costa + Draxler Thoughts?
  15. I’m back... And the legendary FFP/RC league will be making a return. Who is interested?
  16. #GriezmON #GriezmOFF not sure which we are at the moment...
  17. So realistically who are we bringing in this summer? My money is on at least 4 signings: ST - Lukaku/Belotti/Hernandez ST/Wing - Griezmann/Perisic CDM - Fabinho/Dier/Bakayoko/Matuidi CB -Keane I think if we aren't keeping Zlatan another striker will be inbound along with a wide left player. As well as this with Carrick on one year left and having sold Schneiderlin I'd be surprised if we don't recruit a DM. Keane imo is almost certainly coming back to United.
  18. I think Woodward and Mourinho have worked well together. None of Mourinhos signings for United have flopped so far and Woodward has seemed to get good fees for our players in spite of them leaving something that never happened under Ferguson and Gill. Fellaini was vital to our European success this season and practically won us the final. Without him in the squad Mourinho's tactical approach would have to have been completely different so actually unpopular though it may be I feel he is worthy of a squad place. Rojo has been outstanding this season at CB and is a huge l
  19. Manchester United Season Review 2016/17 Premier League: 5/10 Injuries held us back a bit but we just haven't been ruthless enough in front of goal. The unbeaten run was nice and gives me hope for the future but without attacking additions this summer we have no chance of progressing. Nice to see the likes of Angel Gomes and Harrop in the last game and hope to see more of them in future. FA Cup:5/10 Decent enough not massively important to us this season. League Cup: 10/10 Winners but we were lucky in the final. Europa League: 10/10
  20. United have been unlucky with some decisions of late but that doesn't excuse the performances of late. I think today was the worst I've seen Rooney play, and I hope that we finally make the switch to 4-3-3 because it's painful to see Fellaini and Pogba as the deep midfield (neither being a bad player) with Rooney being the main man at No10. He's not good enough to start anymore, I'm happy for him to become a squad player (not on £300,000 a week though) and I hope Mourinho sees that his time is over. Pogba hasn't been good enough recently but he's not operating in the right positions.
  21. Surprise, surprise Marcon Veratti extends his contract again to 2021... Available my buttocks!
  22. You're intentionally being blind to the fact that side had Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Berbatov, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Giggs and Van Der Saar... Bore off. We got there because of an outstanding attack and defence which had plenty of height in it and quality all over.
  23. I guess you are right, it's crazy how only a few years back you could guarantee world class for £30/40m and now that buys you young up and comers. I think the only way to not think of it as scary is to take into account that Pogba will make money for United and Adidas this strengthening their partnership which will potentially increase the money coming into the PL. So while fees might rise so too hopefully will the levels of funding to all PL clubs. I think out of all the leagues the PL is best equipped for this as we have a bit more money compared to La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue
  24. Like I said I don't think you can completely dismiss a list like that as being purely popularity. Messi, Ronaldo, Modric etc quite clearly there on merit so why not Pogba? The thing is would Krychowiak, Kante, Gundogan and Pjanic all be an improvement on Pogba? I'd argue not. Krychowiak is a DM (someone I admire nonetheless), Kante hasn't got the height United lack in midfield, Gundogan is another potential injury problem and Pjanic doesn't strike me as world class or even potentially world class. I completely understand that Pogba the footballer is not worth £100m in terms of current talen
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