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  1. I’m back... And the legendary FFP/RC league will be making a return. Who is interested?
  2. #GriezmON #GriezmOFF not sure which we are at the moment...
  3. So realistically who are we bringing in this summer? My money is on at least 4 signings: ST - Lukaku/Belotti/Hernandez ST/Wing - Griezmann/Perisic CDM - Fabinho/Dier/Bakayoko/Matuidi CB -Keane I think if we aren't keeping Zlatan another striker will be inbound along with a wide left player. As well as this with Carrick on one year left and having sold Schneiderlin I'd be surprised if we don't recruit a DM. Keane imo is almost certainly coming back to United.
  4. I think Woodward and Mourinho have worked well together. None of Mourinhos signings for United have flopped so far and Woodward has seemed to get good fees for our players in spite of them leaving something that never happened under Ferguson and Gill. Fellaini was vital to our European success this season and practically won us the final. Without him in the squad Mourinho's tactical approach would have to have been completely different so actually unpopular though it may be I feel he is worthy of a squad place. Rojo has been outstanding this season at CB and is a huge loss due to his injury. Him and Bailly were forming a formidable partnership! Lingard is frustrating but he is tactically astute and a local lad so I think we can cut him some slack. Keane is a solid back up CB for the PL and I wouldn't fancy Sanchez. He fouled his way through the final and doesn't have the technical ability to compliment Bailly. The only forward I am confident of us securing is Griezmann his interviews in France and Paul Pogba's lack of subtlety have for me given away his desires.
  5. Manchester United Season Review 2016/17 Premier League: 5/10 Injuries held us back a bit but we just haven't been ruthless enough in front of goal. The unbeaten run was nice and gives me hope for the future but without attacking additions this summer we have no chance of progressing. Nice to see the likes of Angel Gomes and Harrop in the last game and hope to see more of them in future. FA Cup:5/10 Decent enough not massively important to us this season. League Cup: 10/10 Winners but we were lucky in the final. Europa League: 10/10 Winners and completely controlled Ajax in the final. Thought José got it spot on there and made the right decision to prioritise EL when he did. Transfers: 8/10 Bailly is outstanding, Ibra showed his quality, Pogba has started to show he can create and control from midfield and Mkhitaryan has had moments of brilliance mixed with a few poor performances. Overall though the team is stronger with them. Final Verdict: 7.5/10
  6. United have been unlucky with some decisions of late but that doesn't excuse the performances of late. I think today was the worst I've seen Rooney play, and I hope that we finally make the switch to 4-3-3 because it's painful to see Fellaini and Pogba as the deep midfield (neither being a bad player) with Rooney being the main man at No10. He's not good enough to start anymore, I'm happy for him to become a squad player (not on £300,000 a week though) and I hope Mourinho sees that his time is over. Pogba hasn't been good enough recently but he's not operating in the right positions. He's having to start deeper and really it's frustrating to see Mourinho not change this. We have the players to play a system that suits our better players but we persist with 4-2-3-1. De Gea Valencia Bailly Blind Shaw Carrick Herrera Pogba Rashford/Mkhitaryan Martial Ibrahimovic Give me that, for at least 3 games and we'd be sorted.
  7. Surprise, surprise Marcon Veratti extends his contract again to 2021... Available my buttocks!
  8. You're intentionally being blind to the fact that side had Ronaldo, Rooney, Tevez, Berbatov, Evra, Vidic, Ferdinand, Giggs and Van Der Saar... Bore off. We got there because of an outstanding attack and defence which had plenty of height in it and quality all over.
  9. I guess you are right, it's crazy how only a few years back you could guarantee world class for £30/40m and now that buys you young up and comers. I think the only way to not think of it as scary is to take into account that Pogba will make money for United and Adidas this strengthening their partnership which will potentially increase the money coming into the PL. So while fees might rise so too hopefully will the levels of funding to all PL clubs. I think out of all the leagues the PL is best equipped for this as we have a bit more money compared to La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A and Ligue 1.
  10. Like I said I don't think you can completely dismiss a list like that as being purely popularity. Messi, Ronaldo, Modric etc quite clearly there on merit so why not Pogba? The thing is would Krychowiak, Kante, Gundogan and Pjanic all be an improvement on Pogba? I'd argue not. Krychowiak is a DM (someone I admire nonetheless), Kante hasn't got the height United lack in midfield, Gundogan is another potential injury problem and Pjanic doesn't strike me as world class or even potentially world class. I completely understand that Pogba the footballer is not worth £100m in terms of current talent. I would say you could comfortably in today's market have argued £50-60m and then anything North of £75m being too steep but he is the best available player United can buy in terms of ability, age, marketability and potential and I appreciate that you understand that as many have almost refused to accept that. I am however fed up of this saga. I think it peaked around a week ago and now I'm just a bit bored of it. I know it's part of Adidas' advertising campaign and designed to build brand Pogba but it's ran its course now. The Zlatan goal was a fluff but he tried it and it went in. You've got to admire him for doing that 3mins into his debut. Valencia was stunning! Only Makele, Scholes and Kante are/were CMs and with those 3 you'll notice that they were either in physically able sides or aggressive sides. Also Makelele and Kante are much more mobile and athletic than Veratti and Scholes let's be honest is a freak of nature. I'm paraphrasing but Neville got it spot on "He's 5ft 6, ginger and asthmatic." If Pogba helps bring in more investment than his £100m fee then he is worth it. He is not £100m worth of footballing talent but you can't say United won't make a lot of if not more of that fee back off him. The thing is we were always heading towards this level of investment. I don't think that we'll see loads of £100m deals for a long while though as its a lot of money and realistically only 4/5 clubs could throw that money into one player. I don't see many clubs being in the position United are in, that of being in need of a statement player potentially world class without CL football etc. The thing is Lukaku can give you a very obvious return on investment. As a striker if he scores 20+ goals in the league or 30+ in all comps then nobody would argue he was a bad signing. With Pogba being a midfielder it's hard to come up with stats to silence everyone so even if he say got 10 goals and 10 assists many people would be unhappy even if he was contributing in other ways. Having said that Lukaku is not worth £75m as he's at best a £40m striker and he's not marketable enough to add on another £35m. I don't care anymore what the club do with Fellaini but Januzaj I'd rather loan.
  11. I'd certainly agree with Modric off that list. I also agree Pogba is the best available option. This is part of the problem I have with people who suggest we could do better for £100m. I genuinely cannot think of another player who would feasibly join us for that fee and be as good as if not better than Pogba. I don't think you can completely dismiss it as a popularity contest, I see it as an indication of how the footballing world views the talent available.
  12. The context of you post is who is the best available. By suggesting what would happen if United offered £150m for Kroos it is perfectly reasonable for me to assume you rate him as a better player and therefore better fit. Out of interest who do you think is the best suited in football right now (don't worry about availability)? And then if you don't mind who do you think is the best available option? Just throwing it out there Pogba was in the FIFA World XI this year along with Modric and Iniesta. That to me says quite a lot.
  13. It might sound silly but if we just want experience I wouldn't mind Ashley Williams as a back up/ bit of experience. He did a very good job for Wales at the Euros and has been fairly consistent now. Mustafi for me is not someone I would desperately want tbh. I think we've got enough younger players now in defence and so the only reason to sign anyone new is for experience or high quality. Currently IMO he has neither despite statistically being a top performer. I wouldn't having thought about it actually want Manolas but Bonucci would be my muppet signing. I think really there isn't much available at the moment. I wouldn't have minded Stones but Mourinho doesn't seem keen anymore and with Bailly, Smalling, Blind and Jones we have a decent set of players. Plus I'd rather we give some promising academy players a chance like Axel Tuanzebe.
  14. I'm not discarding him in English football... We are debating who United should/could sign to solve the midfield problems now. We are only talking about signing one player. My argument is that currently Manchester United's midfield is lacking height, strength, technical ability to move a ball out of central midfield and a degree of defensive awareness. if we can only sign one player in CM we need someone reasonably defensively able, physically strong and athletic and technically gifted/ creative. Now Veratti ticks two of those absolutely but isn't physically strong enough or tall enough to add to United's midfield, which regardless of what you say is very important in PL football unless your entire team is Barcelona or you have other players to compensate... Paul Scholes is the most gifted English footballer I have ever seen play but he also had an absolute nightmare next to him in Roy Keane for a lot of his career to do the physical side for him. We also had fantastic defenders arguably the best ever around to ensure United had enough to accommodate this little genuis. He is nothing like Veratti as Scholes was a goalscorer and dictator of play the likes of which I doubt England will ever reproduce. So mentioning him as a successful smaller player is completely missing the point. He was slightly taller than Veratti and unquestionably a far superior player. Veratti is 5ft 5 no PL player has succeeded in CM that is his height. They have all been slightly taller and it does make a difference. I am in no way saying Veratti is a bad player or that he couldn't succeed but I am saying he would not sort out United's problems on his own. I have more faith that Pogba, a player with the 3 criterion I outlined above, could do so. Let me be even clearer. If I can only pick one of Pogba, Veratti, Alaba or Kroos to join United, Pogba is number 1 as he ticks the boxes and offers marketability. If however I get to choose 2/3 players then Alaba, Pogba, and Kroos/Veratti would be my preference.
  15. Except Alaba isn't superior in every aspect of his game. Alaba is only superior defensively which you would completely expect from a LB/CB/CDM. Creatively he's not as good as Pogba, he can't dribble like Pogba and I'm sorry but I don't think his passing has as much invention as Pogba which fundamentally is what is lacking at United. Alaba would be a great addition to United but in isolation his signing would not be as helpful as Pogba IMO. I would love to see both arrive in an ideal world but given the choice it has to be Pogba. Veratti is not the closest we could get to Roy Keane as currently no player comes close to him. Veratti is a very talented player but how he would cope in the PL concerns me especially if he was surrounded by Schneiderlin, Herrera and Schweiny. IMO we've been lacking physically in the midfield and while Veratti puts himself about reasonably well for a man of his stature he is nowhere near as physically imposing as Keane was or Pogba will be. The reason no one has bid on him is probably down to his contract which was extended in Feb this year till 2020. Pretty clear sign to me he doesn't want a move and to be honest why would he want a move to United right now? Pogba has family links in Manchester and affection for the area (I'm sure the copious amounts of money help). Also marketing is at the moment the only reason this current United is one of the highest earning clubs in the world which means we can afford big deals. Bear in mind we've no champions league football this year too! While we have Carrick we have someone who can sit in front of the back 4 and dictate play. What we need is a physical and technical player to bring the ball out of midfield and also do a bit of the defensive work too. This is something Pogba is perfect for.Also if you feel United need a player who can unnerve physically why on earth would United buy Kroos for £150m surely that would be an even bigger waste! The fact is that there is no perfect player like Keane out there to come along and fix United but what is out there is a young, strong and technically gifted player who has the potential to dominate games week in week out given the right coaching and direction. While that doesn't instantly fix us it makes us a heck of a lot stronger now and potentially does fix the midfield in the longer term. While there are many players I would love in a United midfield many of them are not available or would not join United but one of them will and I for one, regardless of fee or others opinions am very excited at that prospect and believe that actually the club is bringing in the right player given the options. Daily Mail? Unless you think its outstanding I'll give it a miss. Funny how you've kinda done the same with Veratti... Kante is 5ft 6 (so not 5ft 5) and a completely different style of player to Veratti. Kante is a work horse who runs for days and could intercept a comet heading to earth. Veratti doesn't have the natural physical traits Kante has. He isn't very quick, doesn't tend to get about like Kante and relies on technique to do well. I stand by my point that I would expect someone like Veratti to not fix United's problems.
  16. I think the first part I've quoted from you is a very valid argument as to why someone like Pogba is much preferred to any of the other midfielders that have moved this window. You look at Pogba and think there is a player who can make something happen and cause problems. Last season I would argue Shaw, Martial and Rashford were the only ones during the season teams were concerned about. Going into next season you now have those 3 plus Ibra, Mkhitaryan, Rooney under Mourinho and now Pogba. Instantly those names instill a bit more fear in other sides and helps take pressure off the individual as they can look around and see quality that can make the difference. The last time we had this kind of attacking threat was Rooney, Ronaldo, Giggs, Tevez, Berbatov, Evra and Scholes. I'm not saying we're there yet, but we're certainly heading towards that direction rather than backwards. I do however disagree with you on TV money. One of the reasons clubs like Everton can hold out for more money is the guaranteed income from licensing. More than knowing City need an English player or CB, Everton know that £50m isn't going to make or break them.
  17. I don't understand how anyone could suggest Verratti or Alaba as a viable option for United? I would not prefer Alaba to Pogba as Pogba is the "specialist" Mourinho wants. Alaba's versatility would see him being used as Jack of all trades. As for Verratti he's a terrific player but he's never going to leave PSG as they would flat out refuse to sell him. Finally and I hate to say it but he's 5ft 5. I cannot think of a single midfielder that short that has succeeded in the PL. In a midfield three surrounded by height he could cope but you'd need Veratti and Pogba for that to work. Pogba is a much better fit for United's needs and even if he flopped he would still have been the better choice as he fits the profile we need. What you're also missing is that Veratti and Alaba do not have half as much appeal from a marketing perspective so we would be less likely to recoup a fee from them. Essentially if you wanted to sign all three that's a great mix of players but Veratti in isolation or Alaba in isolation I feel won't be what United need.
  18. Pretty much exactly what Di Marizo said yesterday. Nothing's been signed yet but then important part of that tweet is "who announce first" which implies something is happening just not today.
  19. The stats are encouraging when compared to other midfielders of high quality especially when you consider he performs well on all fronts not just standing out in one. What is particularly nice to see is the dribbles, assists and goals. We've needed a player to carry the ball out of midfield and produce something and Pogba looks to be just that. Combined with the intelligence of Mkhitaryan, movement of Martial and bad ass-ery of Zlatan I think we've got a very big season ahead. First time in 3 years I think we are genuine title challengers.
  20. Firstly Sky Italia aren't reliable when it comes to reporting the only Italian I trust to report transfer news correctly is Di Marzio. Secondly never in the history of transfers has a players wage been included in his overall cost. The only reason people are trying to report it that way is to make the deal look worse than it is. Essentially as sad as it is, people are trying to add in the wages out of jealousy. If we were to add in the wages of other players at clubs it would look equally as bad for every single player as weekly wages are rarely sub £140,000 for big transfers. Essentially it's not the fee, and it's not what it's actually costing the club to purchase Pogba. If we start down this route then plenty of players have cost well over £100m and therefore this isn't even a big deal. The only reliable source I know has said £220,000 per week and £92m to Juventus and around £18m to Raiola. So Fee: £92m Agent: £18m Contract: £220,000 per week (length TBC but I would assume he will move on after 3 years.) £92m + £18m + £34.32m = £144.32m That to me is obviously a lot of money but not inexcusable when you factor in how marketable Pogba is and the fact that he is literally the only player of the exact profile/type that Manchester United need at the moment. I guarantee from deals alone with added sponsorship we will make that money back and then some! More than anything completing this transfer makes a very firm statement that Manchester United will get top targets. Bailly, Ibrahimovic, Mkhitaryan and Pogba are all improvements to the first team and arguably (bar Bailly) the best talents around. Pogba and Mkhitaryan were the top rated players in their leagues racking up tonnes of assists and say what you want about the French league but Ibrahimovic's 50+ goals is no small feat. I wasn't as positive going into last season or the season before as I felt we were lacking in places but in terms of a first team now I don't see too many areas to develop. If I'm being hugely picky another RB, an athletic squad CM and RW wouldn't go amiss but I don't see many teams better than the following: De Gea Darmian Smalling Bailly Shaw Carrick Rooney Pogba Mkhitaryan Martial Ibrahimovic
  21. That is such a made up fee it's ridiculous!!!! What's the source Ash do tell?
  22. Except they aren't al options and the only player I would want at United over Pogba off that list is Modric.I would love Alaba almost equally though. I think you're clutching at straws a bit here though arguing Marchisio, Guardado and Enzo Perez in particular. No chance Adidas have pretty much confirmed it just google their latest Pogba Bla Bla video.Genuinely delighted that we finally have the exact CM we've needed a strong tall skillful and creative player but obviously the fee is high. What I would say though is that from a marketing perspective Pogba is a huge name rivalled only in the future by Neymar IMO (who I think actually has less global appeal).
  23. Just another quick one on Pogba... I disagree that he is not marketable. He's young, European with African descent and has a unique style that can help build a brand. I know Adidas have already identified him as a key marketing asset for the coming years. Also United need creativity more than anything. Last season we were defensively sound and were able to control possession and the game for large periods. We lacked in our final delivery and while Pogba is erratic at times we can afford to have that kind of creativity in the team. I'd rather see Pogba try something clever that doesn't come off than watch 90mins of keep ball. In terms of the transfer its done. Higuain to Juve all but confirms it. Question is will anyone else arrive?
  24. Judge me if you must but Giggs leaving his assistant manager position is something I genuinely don't see as such a big deal... His retirement from playing was incredibly emotional and he got every plaudit and fanfare anyone could possibly muster (deservedly so). He was undoubtably one of the greatest players in the premier league and a United legend but now we are looking at the 2nd chapter of his footballing career and that is management. From a management perspective he has overseen nothing less than abject failure and so I mourn his passing out of management at United no greater than that of Moyes or LVG. He has not, for my money, contributed enough to the club after retirement in his managerial and coaching roles. At the end of the day he was offered every role possible in the club but not the manager's job and I actually find the fact that he has left because of that hilarious. How on earth he expected to be considered for the biggest job in English football with so few games and such little overall experience is beyond me! Ryan Giggs had no right, no reason and no claim to being the next United manager and him leaving the club to manage elsewhere presumably is the right move for everyone but should have been done sooner and we shouldn't have had a media circus of his old mates saying how great he would be. Now he has the chance to actually go out and prove he's got what it takes and come back in the future having earned the right and I hope he does. So am I sad? No, because he hasn't really left United. It will always be his footballing home and he will regardless of his personal exploits always be loved for being the stringy Welsh kid that did it all. Because Chelsea fans are full of class... See the above post, he's leaving as an assistant manager, completely different to his retirement which was a noteworthy event. Ryan Giggs was an excellent servant to the club as a footballer but as a coach he's done nothing to warrant admiration. Pogba Seeing as I have a few minutes I'd thought I'd weigh in on this too. Two things really: If you think United have no chance of signing Pogba you're deluded. If you think United have a chance of signing Pogba over Real Madrid you're deluded. For me it seems pretty clear Mourinho wants to make him his star signing and the £80m /€100m fee is ridiculous BUT he is exactly the type of player we are missing right now. So when I see posters saying we could get 2 or 3 signings for that money my question is this; who could we buy that would do that job for us and what other 2 signings would you make? As far as I'm concerned there is no other high profile midfielder we could go for right now (though I'd love to see Kante come in - won't happen). IMO it simply comes down to this, is he what we need? Yes, so we should buy him if possible. The problem is that if Real Madrid offer fees as high as us and wages then I can't see why Pogba would come. That being said I'm 100% convinced Real Madrid would have to sell someone to make room because I don't see Kroos, Modric and Pogba as being a workable midfield three at any club. Essentially if I go full muppet mode I am excited, even if it highlights how terrible it was to lose him in the first place.
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