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  1. Hahahahahahahaaha! Luke Shaw panic buy!!! How on earth is signing the most talented young English defender at the time a panic buy. The reason we let Evra go is because we knew we had Shaw coming in? Panic my left cheek. As for Martial he was also not a panic buy. The club had extensively scouted him and had found a player fitting their profile, young, high potential, quick and technically gifted and went for him. He's done better than many on here expected but that doesn't mean we panicked to bring him in. Both signings were well scouted and well thought out. Definitely not a panic buy. Marouanne Fellaini and Juan Mata I would accept as panic buys.
  2. I honestly hold very little hope for this forum if you genuinely believe that Bailly is a similar style of player to Vidic. Vidic was never composed on the ball but he didn't have to be because he would win it no matter what. He had IMO a scarily insatiable appetite for the physical side of the PL and IMO is one of the greatest CBs the PL has ever had. Also as much as it pains me to admit it Vidic could not cope with someone like Torres who had pace to burn whereas someone like Bailly who is quick is much more physically able to deal with that kind of threat so to say they are similar is incredibly bizarre to me. In short: Vidic was slow but solid, Bailly seems athletic and yes aggressive but not in the same way right now as Vidic's aggression was calculated and ruthless and Baillys from what I understand can be a little erratic (inexperience more than anything IMO). Bailly is not a Vidic like player so while I don't often say this your opinion is wrong and the fact is that they are not similar. That doesn't mean I'm not excited to see him develop under Mourinho, I am, but I think it is far too early to say he is anywhere near a Vidic like player especially when their physical traits and play styles are completely different. I do agree however that it will be a shame to lose him to the ACON every 2 years will be annoying IF he becomes an important player for us. As for Fosu Mensah I think he's a terrific prospect and the signing of Bailly IMO confirms that Mourinho is looking at him as a DM or RB more than a CB which is again very positive. I think he has the technical skill and physical presence to be a solid DM for us and if I'm honest that's where I'd more immediately like to see him tried out. However that does depend on who else we sign this window.
  3. Absolutely nothing like another Vidic. Not sure if you saw him against Liverpool this season but he was immense but nothing like the brutish and aggressive nature of Vidic who would throw himself at anything. Bailly from what I have seen (limited I will admit) is physically suited to a Mourinho CB and I'm glad we've gone for him as it give us a new dimension at CB.
  4. Confirmed via Spanish radio. In short: IMO good signing and the right kind of player to be looking at. Quick, strong and not too shabby with the ball. Definitely not having Blind at CB then!
  5. Kind of funny that you missed out the best DM Mourinho's ever used in Claude Makéléle (only 5ft 7"), it's not like the role is named after him I would have thought that my listing of CB pairing under Mourinho would have cleared up the whole Blind debate by now but again Blind's height has never really been the issue for people it is his playing style that suits a possession based team but seeing as Mourinho has rarely placed much emphasis on a Barcelona style approach to the game it would be very odd to see Blind as his CB or even his DM. The only instance where Blind's 1 inch difference to other CB's is an issue is from set pieces (insert joke). Now the reason he would not be a starting DM is because again Mourinho usually likes to have players like those listed below: FC Porto Costinha 5ft 11.5" - If I remember correctly he was very much a tackling and hard working DM and a lot more physically aggressive than Blind, certainly not a playmaker. Chelsea Makéléle - 5ft 7" - Pretty much N'Golo Kante on steroids. Great work rate, quick, intelligent with some of the best positioning from a midfielder I've ever seen: arguably the perfect CDM and always physically able despite his height. Inter Milan Zanetti- 5ft 10" and Cambiasso 5ft 10" - Zanetti obviously a terrifically intelligent and hard working player who often popped up as a DM for Mourinho due to Maicon being at Inter at the time. Again physically built like a horse and could run for days (there's a reason he was called the tractor). Cambiasso again worked incredibly hard and was not afraid to tackle. Physically very able as well as having the added technical ability to act as a deeper playmaker. Real Madrid Xabi Alonso - 6ft 0" - A slight deviation from his traditional DM but Alonso still put in a shift for his side and as we know didn't mind putting in some hard tackles. Obviously known much more for his playmaking from deep he still had a tactical intelligence with his defensive positioning. Chelsea Matic - 6ft 4" - Physically dominant, aggressive and able to carry the ball out too. His passing was even very good compared and again he worked hard. A bit slower than your average Mourinho DM but his added physicality made up for it. Manchester United Blind - 5ft 11" - High work rate, low aggression, excellent interceptions and decent playmaking Schneiderlin - 6ft 0" - High work rate, fairly aggressive, good interceptions and decent playmaking. Carrick - 6ft 2" - Low work rate, excellent playmaking. Now on paper all three have aspects that Mourinho looks for in his DM however all 3 lack something too. For Mourinho his DM is arguably one of the most important positions and we have issues with all three players at our disposal. For Blind it has to be his lack of physical aggression. He is very intelligent and an excellent interceptor of the ball but he doesn't have the same speed in tackling to cover quickly, he does however historically cover a lot of ground when in a DM role. So arguably he makes up for his lack of speed with positional awareness. Schneiderlin has had a poor season but under Mourinho I think he has the most chance of becoming his DM. He has most of the attributes when he is playing well to be that kind of player. He's not the quickest but I'd argue he is more aggressive at winning back the ball compared to Carrick and Blind. Carrick for me is unlikely to be our DM under Mourinho, he is too slow and his age now is a problem. An excellent playmaker and very good for when we need to control a game but I feel Mourinho will want someone with more urgency in the tackle. It will be interesting to see what Mourinho does but short of signing N'Golo Kanté I don't see a DM around that would improve significantly on our current options. My main concern having looked at the midfield is more having someone to be a ball carrier (dribbler) in midfield with some strength (essentially a Pogba type player). Having thought about it though I think a very good offer for Kanté with Mourinho at the helm wouldn't be a bad idea seeing as he is IMO the closest thing to Makéléle I've seen in the PL for a long time. Makéléle the after thought... Also nobody thinks Blind is a superstar, but equally some, myself included, do appreciate that you don't need to be a caveman to be a good CB in the Premier League as long as you are in the right system. Blind as a CB under LVG's possession football, success, Blind under Mourinho at CB, I don't see it personally. Blind is not powerful, nor is he aggressive but he's excellent positionally which is IMO more than half the battle. The best DM's have the tactical awareness first and foremost combined with the physical ability, be that strength, speed or aggression. Now the problem Blind has is that he is a very intelligent footballer but he does lack the physical side that would turn him from a good to an outstanding player. Nobody thinks he's Maldini don't make things up.
  6. RE: Is Blind very good or not? He's slow and weaker than most and doesn't fit the traditional mould of CB in the PL BUT despite that he's been a great success for United there and I can only think of one reason not to include him as a CB and that is set pieces where, and I will concede this point, he is not as effective but I think people are seriously overrating the difference between someone being 5ft 11 and being 6ft 0. (Queue jokes about size mattering and an inch) I've seen him week in week out at OT and I don't see how people argue he's always physically dominated (he's not) or that he's not quick enough (he is). When one on one I've rarely seen a player ghost past him and even in aerial duels he often tends to be able to recover the ball once it is on the ground. He makes up for his physical weaknesses with a very sharp mind and tactical awareness and is an excellent passer from the back. He has on several occasions played excellent passes that bypass the midfield and reach strikers creating a speedier transition and faster football at times. I don't see the need to get rid of him. I do however understand that Jose Mourinho will not want a slightly shorter defender in the PL. If you look historically at his management selections his main CB pairings have always been a 6ft and 6ft 2 player alongside each other (google it if you don't believe me!) with his Chelsea 2nd stint being the only exception as Cahill if 6ft 4" FC Porto Carvahlo 6ft 0" Jorge Costa 6ft 2" Chelsea Carvahlo 6ft 0" John Terry 6ft 2" Inter Milan Samuel 6ft 0" Lucio 6ft 2" Real Madrid Ramos 6ft 0" Pepe 6ft 2" Chelsea Cahill 6ft 4" John Terry 6ft 2" Manchester United Chris Smalling 6ft 4" Daley Blind 5ft 11" I suppose the biggest difference here then is not really the height or size of Blind, which we've already established is only 1 inch difference, but it is that Blind is a defender completely unlike any that Mourinho has ever trusted. He has always had tacklers and physically decent men and does not like them to act as playmakers. So from this perspective I can completely understand why Mourinho might wish to replace him even though Blind is a very good CB IMO and his reasons for doing so would be perfectly acceptable. In conclusion, I don't think that this makes Mourinho an inept manager I think he just knows the style he wants and he wants his defenders to prevent goals above all else.
  7. I don't see us signing 5 new players 3/4 yes but not 5 first teamers. I don't really think we need 5 tbh. I'd be happy enough with a CM, Wing and ST if they were quality additions. Pogba would be ideal but it's never happening in a million years.
  8. Ok so say I humour you all with this idea of 5 signings in one window (something I doubt will happen) I genuinely struggle to come up with some realistic names. I think there are only a handful of players that fit the requirements others have laid out so I would argue if we're going to say 5 we might be looking for players like: CB - Varane, Stones, Oxford Varane is at a good age with plenty of experience but I think he might be playing us to get a better contract. Likelihood 5/10 Stones again good age and Mourinho likes him but I think he's less reliable than Blind so more one for the future than a starter which for the reported fees £40m etc would be silly. To be honest I think there's more chance of him moving to Manchester City where he'd be a starter and working under a manager who would appreciate his passing quality. Likelihood 2/10 Oxford, young with decent potential and a good physique might be a nicer alternative for a lot less? Likelihood 2/10 DM - Matic Matic is only here because no-one springs to mind and I think realisticaly Mourinho will try and sort Schneiderlin out before signing anyone. Likelihood 1/10 CM - James It stinks of a Mendes transfer but I don't want it to happen and I sort of doubt it would. I really do think there is a dearth of candidates for CM that are remotely plausible. Likelihood 4/10 RW- Joao Mario, Sane, Mane Mario is someone I know very little about but I keep hearing his name banded about. Likelihood 3/10 Sane decent young player with pace possible. Likelihood 3/10 Mane good little player IMO but not sure what Mourinho would think. Likelihood 3/10 ST - Ibrahimovic, Benzema Ibra I think is most realistic out of all listed. It would seem to be the most natural fit for the player to come to a top English club to prove himself rather than semi retiring at a poor league which doesn't seem his style. 7/10 Benzema is someone I don't think Real will be too unhappy about losing but I don't see it happening despite report. 2/10 To be honest I think RW and CM are almost impossible to predict but I would argue that next season we could feasibly line up like this: De Gea Valencia Smalling Blind/Varane Shaw Schneiderlin Rooney James/New CM New RW Ibrahimovic Martial I do think another CM, Wing and ST will come but who the winger would be I don't know!
  9. Rooney has not been a sudden revelation in midfield though? I think he is very lucky that Mourinho will want to get the best out of him and has always wanted to work with him because I don't think he'll be part of a solution. He has hit diagonal balls with varying degrees of success and yes I will permit you that he has had one very good game in midfield against Bournmouth. I do not think his FA Cup performance was anything other than ok and the only reason is his dribble and cross resulted in the Mata goal, the rest of his play was below what I'd expect for someone on £300,000 a week.
  10. It was dismissive but my point stands. Schneiderlin and Schweiny are different players but as a DM Schneiderlin has been less successful than Schweiny as a CM when they have played IMO. Schneiderlin may have played more but I can't criticise him too much for being injured, no more than I can criticise Shaw. I stand by my ratings. RVP needed to go and that was 100% the correct decision and Hernandez has probably found his level now in Germany. He was a great super sub and definitely needed replacing one sold as we have been woefully short upfront since his departure but at the same time we wouldn't have seen Rashford this season IMO with Hernandez at the club. Nani was far too inconsistent he had an outstanding season but he's not a top winger. James Wilson I was dissappointed to see him out on loan. I think he showed promise and would have liked to see him get some cup games. My non United fan friends echo this reaction. I am happy that we will have him as I do believe we can win titles under him my only concern is the longevity of his reign. Varela and Fosu Mensah deserved to be ahead of him at the time and put in some good performances. I've seen Blind and Smalling week in week out and this whole 'forwards target Blind' idea is a load of rubbish. Don't believe what you read watch what you see. Blind has been fantastic against pretty much every striker in the league. RE: LVG the whole point of having a thin squad is that it means youth players get the chance if there is injuries. That's kind of the whole idea behind youth development, you trust them to fill in the numbers when needed. Our LB and RB were subbed because in our system they do the most work. Blind is shamefully one of our better deliverers of the ball also his lack of height means there is no point putting him in the box. The free kicks annoy me too. It's somehow very good because our CB's have been very good. He is a CB, he had been all season and he's performed consistently well all season. I can't think of one example when Blind has been dominated in the air that has lead to a goal. Schneiderlin and Rooney really isn't mouthwatering unless the thought of it has given you brain damage when you think we used to have Keane and Scholes. We definitely need to add to the defence, but not necessarily a new first choice CB. So you want a new CB, DM, CM, RW and ST in one window? All of them first team players too? Other than Ibrahimovic at ST I don't see any obvious candidates for CB, DM, CM and RW. Who would you go for? ... Yup
  11. Probably because I've watched United all season at OT and believe Schweinsteiger, when fit, has contributed more than Schneiderlin who has been poor defensively and offensively. I would suggest not dismissing someone's opinion entirely based on one disagreement especially when I rated one 5.5 and the other 5.3 this is hardly a huge gap but also factors in untangibles. I know for example Schweiny offers us experience that Schneiderlin will never offer us. That has value IMO. Why for example would you argue Schneiderlin has had a better one? I would argue Schweinsteiger has been better due to the following: He offers us experience of CL success, WC success and League successes. He is a winner and we lack those kinds of leaders. He did not cost a lot of money. He, when fit, has had a few decent performances showing what we might have on our hands. Injury has been his biggest issue I would argue Schneiderlin has been worse due to: Poor defensive and offensive positioning when playing in both a 2 man midfield and 3. Higher fee = greater expectation. He has let us down more. He already has experience of the PL and yet seemed to be completely out of his depth against opposition. He too has had injury woes. The important thing to note is I do not feel either has had a great season, for me Schweiny edges it because I feel his experience may benefit our younger players in the longer term.
  12. Ben C's Manchester United 2015/16 Season Review Good afternoon and hello again. With United's footballing season well and truly over and lots of exciting speculation arising over next season's campaign I thought I'd offer my two cents on United's performance throughout the season. First up we'll take a look at the transfers of the season and judge their success or failures to adapt to the demands of the Premier League and Manchester United. Transfers Darmian 5.7/10 A promising start to the season soon turned out to be smoke and mirrors from the Italian international. He definitely has the legs for the Premier League but his attacking contribution and delivery from crosses has been poor which has resulted in Antonio Valencia looking like the better suited RB option (I am aware Valencia is an awful crosser). He has by no means been a failure though as there are signs of a solid defender there and maybe having gained a full years experience of the Premier League he may prosper but for me Matteo has a point to prove next season if he wishes to remain a United player. Schneiderlin 5.3/10 Another signing who appeared to be exactly what was required and fell short of expectation. Similarly to Darmian I don't think he's a write off but he will have a big job convincing fans next season that he can be our midfield's box to box player. Schweinsteiger 5.5/10 He came in to bring some experience and first team quality and he has brought the former but not so much the latter. Another player who has had an average season with flashes of quality. The main concern is how well he will cope with the physicality next season having been injured a few times this year. He is an intelligent player and I do have hopes that he can bring a positive influence especially for any younger players we look to bring through but he's not played well enough to consider him a success. Depay 5.2/10 I must admit I had concerns before he arrived but felt that under LVG's tutelage and with Ryan Giggs around to offer advice we might have been onto a winner. He has produced one of the best wing displays I've seen from a United player against Midtjylland but those moments have been a sad rarity. Despite 7 goals and 5 assists in 45 appearances he's simply not been good enough and is one of the few players I think Mourinho will be taking a long look at moving on next season. I don't think Depay is an awful player but I think he has really fluffed his lines this year. A partnership with Luke Shaw seemed to be developing early on and I don't think Depay really has found his feet since then. IMO that is more down to the quality of Shaw being so high that it made Depay look better rather than Depay losing confidence. Again I think he's worth giving a chance to but I can't see Mourinho being a fan of his. I hope that the return of Luke Shaw will enable Depay to develop down the left hand side again but he now faces competition from Martial who I would not look to drop in a million years. Martial 8.6/10 I love it when I am right, I really do and I am so glad that I looked at Martial objectively as an athlete rather than worrying about his price tag. I said at the start of the season the transfer made sense; going for a young pacey, mobile and technically gifted player over an older player for me was the right idea then and this season has confirmed it. He has been without a doubt the best signing this season and our best outfield player. He genuinely excites the fans with his confidence and talent and I really am looking forward to watching him next season build upon an already impressive 17 goals and 11 assists in his debut season! When you consider he has spent 95% of his time on the wing and he has only recently turned 20 we look to be onto a winner here. I don't think we could have expected much more of him for his debut season and given how the side has struggled for goals his influence has been vital and his consistency a blessing! Injuries Another season where injuries have torn our team apart. There is a lot to be said on the impact this has on performance just look at Leicester City for example. I wholeheartedly feel that if Luke Shaw did not pick up his horror injury we would be comfortably in the top 4. He would have easily gained us an extra point or two along the way and I believe above all others that injury has cost us dearly. I think we've been incredibly unlucky to not have had the consistency in our side but I guess without them we would not really have seen some good youth prospects come through too. Marcus Rashford obviously comes to mind as a beneficiary of this situation as well as CBJ. Goalkeepers 9.0/10 Our GK situation this season worked out perfectly. Keeping De Gea was vital for any chance of top 4 and he has been outstanding again. If we can keep things how they are next season I will be delighted. No complaints here. Defence 8.2/10 I'm not convinced on the likes of Rojo but Smalling, Blind and Shaw I feel are a more than capable combination that when fit could form the basis of a title challenging side. The fact we have conceded so few goals is testament to Smalling and Blind's partnership and I do believe they compliment one another very well. I would be hesitant to break it up now but I do feel another CB would be good as back up or a long term player for the club. Obviously defensive injuries have had an impact on our results but by and large we have dealt well with what's come our way. I predicted at the start of the season that we should be defensively in the top 3 with Smalling and Blind and I'm glad to see that come true too! Essentially defence is arguably our best area. Midfield 6.1/10 Here's where I feel we've had a few issues, again mainly down to injuries. Schweinsteiger and Schneiderlin haven't been at the level we expected and Herrera has been incosistent. Carrick's age is starting to show a bit and in the wide areas we are struggling for quality. I don't mind Lingard, Depay etc but they aren't at the level of a United winger. Martial has of course been fantastic but really we should be looking to move him central in the future. The fact that Rooney has decided to drop back concerns me, I don't think he's as good as the media are making him out to be in a central midfield role and I worry that his lack of pace and dynamism will cost us for the sake of keeping the Rooney brand alive. £300,000 a week is a lot for someone who won't be dominating games. Attack 5.4/10 Bear in mind this rating comes from the whole season in which we scored an embarrassingly low amount of goals. Even with Rashford and Martial this has been a huge weakness especially early on in the season. With Rooney resigned to midfield we don't have any senior striker in the squad, Ashley Young upfront tells you all you need to know. The odd thing about this is that it has been a very concerning aspect of our season but also a promising one. The emergence of Rashford has given our attack a little more movement and a lot more pace making us more of a threat. Premier League 4.0/10 Considering the injuries I don't think we've had an awful season but in the Premier League we have failed. Chelsea had an awful season and ours was a failure but not a total disaster. We have been below expectation and that is unavoidable but also there are a lot of reasons for it. I cannot deny that I am hugely disappointed to have no CL football but equally we have been without key players like Shaw for large chunks of the season. Defensively fantastic, offensively poor which has only recently started to change. If Leicester can win the league though, no amount of injuries can excuse us not at least gaining that 4th place. Champions League/Europa Leauge 2.5/10 One of the hardest pills to swallow is nose diving out of the Champions League and being knocked out by Liverpool. I don't care that they lost the final, they still embarrassed us on a European night. There were a few highlights on the way but this is one of the worst European attempts from a United side I've seen in a long time! FA Cup 9.5/10 It might just be the freshness of the result but we have done well to win the FA Cup. We have shown a lot of character to come back against West Ham and also Palace and while our run in was by no means the hardest it feels great to have another cup for the cabinet. I don't think there can be many complaints here if any. League Cup 0/10 We were hopeless, next... Louis Van Gaal 6.0/10 Right I'm going to get a bit of stick but... he's not been as bad as people make out. It's not his fault he lost Shaw, who looked an absolute beast of a player up until that injury and genuinely excited me when he was playing. I think he's done a great job of making us defensively sound but of course he has made mistakes with the attacking side of things. I think given the personnel at his disposal there aren't many options for him which is ridiculous given the money we've spent and I do believe like I did at the start of the season that we should have brought in another attacker. The fact is though he's taken us from 7th with an ageing team to 4th and then 5th with our first trophy since Sir Alex left and with a much younger fresher side and let's be honest what is the point in being in the CL if we are going to be out in the group stages? The team he's built will only improve with age as we have a lot of players not yet at a traditional peak age. I think even if he goes he has helped to lay down the foundations massively. You always build from the back and without him I think we would have lost De Gea and I don't see how Smalling and Blind would have been such a success. Yes we should have made top 4 this season but we've won a trophy and got a lot of youngsters through too who will make either nice squad or first team additions and LVG's policy of youth is a good one. Having said this I do believe if Mourinho is available now then we should and will take him. We will lose LVG in a year anyway so it makes no sense missing out on a successful manager now for him. Player of the Season David De Gea /Martial Goal of the Season Martial vs Liverpool Verdict Failure Despite the cup success we should have aimed and achieved top 4. Anything less is failure. I expected and wanted a top 3 finish but injuries have not enabled us to do that. Regardless we've failed to meet our objectives.
  13. If people feel the same as you Closer I will create it, with help of course.
  14. For what it's worth this is in no way an I told you so opportunity more a sincere offer of both help and in no small way apology for the failure of the previous version. I look forward to hearing your concept and will decide whether it is worth releasing this GW (which I suspect it is not). And to anyone else involved in the previous FFP I am sorry for how things turned out and my behaviour. I hope that in this coming set up we can work together on something that might even help revive a fledging forum.
  15. I would more than happily put the ideas I have had up for grabs within the set up you are creating, I am not as keen to run my own rather help someone else run it. Seems no point in running two similar concepts at once, so if you want any input from me let me know. I can try help you understand a bit more how FFP's have worked historically, their pitfalls and how to base the financial systems (which have had to be altered due to the change in player values) and take a look at anything you've developed too to offer some advice?
  16. After a long absence from GW management I am wondering if anyone is interested in reviving FFP or RC. Looking for managers and people to help with setting up. Let me know if you're interested.
  17. I am preparing to create a new GW based around RC/ FFP anyone interested?
  18. This is the problem you aren't focusing on a clear gulf in quality instead you think of potential which is a ridiculous way to value in SM as a base stat. Let managers decide how much potential a player has. In real life James Wilson would not walk into most sides in Europe Pirlo would. James Wilson 80 20 £2.8m Jose Pozo 77 19 £2m Pirlo 92 36 £3m SM seasons don't last a year you can get 4 seasons maybe more out of Pirlo. There is no reason to over value these young players it just means that small clubs can't afford them anymore so the only way to play is to get a big club and make them bigger. Like I said this is aimed at new players to make more GWs rather than making existing ones better.
  19. Been a member on SM for nearly 10 years and to be honest my experience of the game has been great except for customer service. Now please don't take this the wrong way but there has been a clear lack of communication and choice for customers who have spent time and money creating new sides and maintaining old ones and I know many friends and fellow players who have already given up becusee of this. This latest change has come about ignoring a lot of feedback from the people who matter most: existing customers. I used to recommend SM to whoever would listen but now I won't. The new features and changes are aimed at new users and new GWs. The changes have destroyed the functionality of many older GWs mainly due to the rises in player values. Now I'm faced with the prospect of either abandoning all current GWs and starting over or just leaving all together. The aesthetics of a game don't bother me, the change of layout isn't bad and will have teething problems to start with but the idea of increasing price of players in existing GWs has overnight completely changed the balance of my teams and how I can invest in future. I am not a player who has ever hogged and I always try to balance out a squad with age and youth even in top GWs I'll happily have the 30+ players but now the incentive is to buy youth who have astronomical values. But even then it doesn't work out right because Andrea Pirlo 92 rated is worth £3m and Jamie Vardy 87 is worth £3.7m and Danny Ings is worth £8m! Now managers will focus even more on the wrong number, age, over rating because SM is telling them that being younger is better than being obviously better!
  20. Thanks for working hard at the rules but I do have a question. Why does Bayern get a 50% free player for promotion and Man City only get £15m to a striker for finishing 2nd again in Division 1. We've consistently performed above expectation whereas Bayern should at the very minimum be in Division 1? I really do appreciate the hard work guys I just think there seems to be very little reward for me finishing 2nd place 2 seasons in a row with let's face it a squad that isn't as good as Barcelona, Bayern Real Etc?
  21. So Season 1 2nd place and Season 2 2nd place. Very good showing from Manchester City to consistently be competing but next season to quote LVG 'WE GO FOR IT!' Hopefully Season 3 we will be able to add the star quality our side is missing to really challenge for the title.
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