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  1. Re: benzema or silva? david silva or thiago silva? either way accept it (unless you need Benzema as a striker) If its for David Silva DO IT David Silva is widely regarded as the best player in the PL atm and he should rise to 94 these changes and maybe higher by the end of the season. If its Thiago Silva DO IT he's a fantastic solid CB and should rise to 94 in the not too distant future. Hope that helps
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Dont think hell rise but hes doing quite well there. Aquilani suits Italian football much more then the PL and has played much better then when he was at Liverpool. Hes stable on his current rating but hes not due to rise IMO
  3. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Really depends on who isnt at a managed club cos in an older gameworld you wont be able to buy players from managed clubs for cash. If you can list some young players not at managed clubs 87-90 and older players 90+ I can give you help on who to buy out of those available. Without seeing whos available its hard to give advice especially in an old gameworld as most talented players get bought.
  4. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Is it a newish gameworld?
  5. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... 1.Garay 2. Miranda 3.Chygrnskiy Roysten Drenthe (hes been outstanding for Everton)
  6. Re: Who Will Be Next Alex Fergison To Manchester United! lol one where they spelt the name of the person being discussed correctly
  7. Re: Too Many AM/WING I would really realy suggest buying some CM/DM players though as soon as you can because youre team as you know is way too AM/Wingery and does not have the solidity to win games. Your initial back 4 is fairly good but you need to have cover for these players. Your midfield is actually weak. The players you have are very good but you need some CM/DM desperately. (if your on a budget try get Aaron Ramsey as he will increase these changes form 86 to 87/88). Wing and Am is fine obviously and Upfront maybe buy one more CF or FWD (but not Wing/Fwd you want a FWD/Wing). Hope that helps
  8. Re: Too Many AM/WING Id go for 4-5-1 Szcezny in goal Garpar RB Dominguez and Lovren CB and Walker LB Hazard and Ayew on the Wing posistions Eriksen and Airton in the centre (put an arrow on airton moving him backwards) Pjanic in the AM role and Damiao up front as the CF
  9. Re: Too Many AM/WING What is it you want help with? Do you want suggestions for formations or who to sell from your team? Its not very clear what you want help with (I will help once I know what kind of help you need)
  10. Re: Barcelona B. Loan returns. You cant recall them because these are real life loans to Barca B. Any real life loan in the first season cannot be reversed. All other loans between managers can be reversed though. Also I wouldnt sell all the players on loan in the Barca B some of them have good futures.
  11. Re: rafael van der vaart 1 most likely dont think he'll drop by 2.
  12. Re: rafael van der vaart Unfortunately no :/ He deserves to be a 93 IMO but since his drop from 93 SM has become less generous with rises and so Van der Vaart wont rise. Plus if he rose then they'd have to raise Modric too so no he wont. Still he is very solid at 92 and a great player.
  13. Re: Michael Essien? 94 is still an incredible rating there is no point selling him unless you can get Busquets.
  14. Re: Michael Essien? he could drop but hed still have a high rating so no real need to get rid of him unless you can get a good replacement.
  15. Re: Rooney Deal. Yes, Hernandez will never reach and rating like Rooney's and Neymar though many believe is an amazing prospect he hasnt proved himself in a big league yet and so his future isnt certain till he moves. A lot of brazillian players flop in the big leagues but florish in brazil so basically get rooney as he is a proven 95 player and could get 96 back after this season.
  16. Re: Rvp deal.. Fantastic deal do it!!!!
  17. Re: need help to get back to winning ways 3-5-2 cesar alves lucio subotic de rossi ozil fabregas modric van persie rossi dzeko
  18. Re: mascherano trade offer no keep mascherano. Nagatomo might get a +1 to 89 but gerbo is like 78? You would be mad to accept that Mascherano is a 93 that offer is no where near good enough
  19. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Haha just explaining my point sorry.
  20. Re: gotze=smalling=jones Gotze could well be a 95+ player he is magnificent on the ball. Smalling 93/94 defender. He is very very good but is unfortunately not as good as... Phil Jones 94/5 maybe higher fantastic just fantastic solid dependable and good going forward with a good pass on him too. Fantastic young player. As much as I love Mario Gotze and as high as I rate him He is an AM/Wing and there are always going to be very good AM/Wing in football. High rated defenders are a rariety. Smalling and Jones will be high rated defenders and overall more valuable to you.
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